Who You Really Are


Over the years, I have left messages on these blogs trying to explain “who you really are”, and how everything is in fact “one”.

The reality is that “you” are not just your body, YOU are nonphysical “energy” that is an extension of the “one” energy/consciousness that is “everything” in the Universe.

YOU are pure consciousness. YOU are pure love.

This concept and reality is impossible to describe in words. How can I describe to you the taste of a new fruit (that tastes like no other fruit), if YOU have never tasted the fruit? How can you describe snow or ice to a native who has lived on a tropical island without TV, or radio, or the internet and has never seen ice or snow and does not even know what “cold” is? How could you explain ice is water that turns as hard as stone and is “cold” when those concepts are something they have never seen or experienced?

How can I or anyone share with you the “other realm” and what having the “veil lifted” allows you to fully experience?

How can anyone explain what it is like to have complete knowingness, understanding, awareness and consciousness of how everything “really is” (it is nothing like you see with your eyes or experiences with your 5 senses)? There have been several books written by those who have become “enlightened/SELF-realized” who attempt to share this knowingness about wholeness, oneness, how everything is the same “energy or consciousness” and all connected.

Unless you have “been there” and fully experienced it yourself, it is impossible to fully grasp the true reality that is beyond all human comprehension. However, there is a book that is very unique. It is called “Dying to be me” by Anita Moorjani. The foreword is written by my friend, the late Dr. Wayne Dyer. He talked about Anita in his wonderful book Wishes Fulfilled. Anita’s book is fabulous. It is a very easy fast read.

She tells her story of having her body consumed from head to toe with stage 4 cancer, having all her organs shut down, and going into a coma (virtually dying). Her body was so ravaged by the cancer she had only hours to live. Yet she “came back” from her coma (after having a near death experience in the “other realm”). She was fully and miraculously healed of her cancer in just a few days! Her case is one of the most amazing spontaneous healings ever recorded. Her case is fully documented and verified.

She describes the “other realm” and “who you really are” in beautiful detail. This book will have a powerful positive effect on you. It is inspiring and uplifting. I highly encourage you to read this book. What she describes is what those who are SELF-Realized or “enlightened” have experienced and continue to experience while still in their bodies. She had the veil lifted for a short time and had the chance to experience the oneness that has been talked about by gurus and sages for thousands of years. She experienced first-hand what it is like when you “drop the ego” and become one with the Universe, have complete knowingness, awareness and consciousness.

She came to full awareness of who she (and we all) really are. She experienced the full unconditional, non-judgmental love that IS the entire Universe.

Read this book. This will help you on your journey. You are not reading this by accident. You are here because you are seeking “something” and you have “asked” the Universe for an answer. Here is your answer.
Much love,

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