Who Is Kevin Trudeau?

Who is Kevin Trudeau?

Kevin Trudeau, the NY Times #1 bestselling author, is one of the most unique, controversial, and impressive Success Stories in American history. 

For the last 3 decades, Kevin has been known as:

  • one of the most prolific # 1 NY Times bestselling authors of all time
  • inspirational/motivational teacher and speaker
  • a “multi-billion dollar International business tycoon” 
  • a “marketing and business genius”
  • a fearless Free Speech, Natural Health freedoms and consumer advocate
  • a “whistleblower” who has exposed corporate, media and government corruption 

His critics have called him everything from a snake oil salesman to fraudster.

The US Government has been trying to discredit and silence him for decades, making undocumented, unsubstatiated and false allegations about Kevin relentlessly.

The mainstream media simply parrots the Government untruths and lies about Kevin. 

The “tech giants” , TV and radio have been censoring Kevin for decades. 

The over 100 million supporters of Kevin however, know the truth about Kevin Trudeau. 

They say he is real, genuine, and authentic. Those millions of people who have benefited from Kevin’s works tell the “real” and true story of who Kevin is. 

You can read some of their stories and testimonials here. 

Today Kevin is a:

  • Philanthropist
  • International #1 NY Times bestselling author of 6 books (50 million+ copies sold)
  • Speaker/teacher/trainer and expert in The Law of Attraction, and “How anyone can turn their dreams into reality”
  • Spiritual leader
  • Humanitarian
  • The #1 “Success in Life” coach in the world

Kevin teaches people through his books, audios, videos, online training, live training, and written courses how to be Happy, Healthy and Wealthy.

Kevin’s expertise is unique: it comes directly from personal experience; the observation of the personal experiences of others; and tapping into the “Universal Field”. 

The main areas Kevin teaches on are:

-how to attain happiness; inner bliss; peace; joy; fulfillment; certainty; knowingness -Enlightenment and SELF Realization

-how to make money; attain riches; become financially rich; develop wealth

-be physically healthy with “Natural Cures”/anti-aging and longevity secrets

-manifest all your dreams and desires

-how to create the life you have always wished for

-Be; Do; Have whatever you want

Kevin teaches many “secrets” that are not taught by anyone else, in any format, anywhere in the world (except some ‘secret societies’).

Kevin empowers the powerless.

He is a voice for the voiceless.

And a  “Champion” of the “Little Guy”.

Kevin helps people become more self reliant and self sufficient. 

He helps to release untapped potential in ways never before taught to the masses.

Mr. Trudeau has now dedicated his life to helping people all around the world improve their standard of living and quality of life in all areas. Kevin’s main focus is helping people attain their goals and dreams, and most importantly, achieve inner peace, joy and bliss by sharing love and compassion to all humanity. 

Kevin is dedicated to a life of selfless service to humanity.

Kevin will continue to expose government, mainstream media and Big Tech censorship, suppression of Free Speech, and corruption.

Kevin is dedicated to serving humanity.

He desires to increase in the world: 

  • social and financial equality
  • love and compassion
  • understanding and acceptance

Mr. Trudeau will continue to help bring an end to racism, social injustice, prejudice, hate, misinformation campaigns, censorship, and “Fake News”.

Due to Kevin’s extraordinary spiritual development and exhibited “mental and energetic powers”, Mr. Trudeau has been given many titles by people that know him well including: Guru; Enlightened; SELF Realized; A Perfected Spiritual Master; Sage; Seer; Psychic; Channel; Clairvoyant; Medium. 

Mr. Trudeau does not comment on these “Titles” other than to say:

“I am nothing special. I am a humble servant and student. I am what you know that I am. I am the same as you. The only real difference is my awareness and consciousness of what I am and who I am. You can attain this awareness and consciousness as well”.

 Kevin also states that:

 “God (or Source; Consciousness; The Universe or whatever term you choose to use) dwells within everyone equally. God is in us, AS us. The same Divine light that is within me, dwells within everyone. I am aware of it. We are all an expression and extension of the same ONE consciousness/energy that is all things.”

A partial listing of Mr. Trudeau’s many past accomplishments include:

  • #1 NY Times bestselling international author of 6 books (over 50 million copies sold) including “Natural Cures They Don’t Want You to Know About”, which was #1 on the NY Times list for 26 weeks in a row 
  • Founder of the American Memory Institute, which became the largest memory training school in the world with over 5 million students worldwide, and author of the book and home study course “Mega Memory” 
  • Founder of the TruStar Global Media group which included: Golf TV UK; Shop America (a TV home shopping channel in the UK); YOU TV (inspirational TV channel in the UK)
  • Host of the Kevin Trudeau Radio Show (estimated over 100 million listeners worldwide)
  • Co-Host of the Debbie and Kevin Show (both on Radio and TV)
  • Called “The Infomercial King”; A marketing genius; America’s marketing guru
  • Claimed by experts:  “One of the greatest mass communicators of all time”
  • Built a multi-billion dollar global business in over 150 countries
  • Consumer, natural health, and Free Speech advocate
  • WhistleBlower and Exposer of corporate and government corruption
  • Philanthropist who has given away much of his fortune over the last 30 years
  • Author of over 100 courses including: The Success Mastery Course; The Science of Personal Mastery Course; Your Wish is Your Command; How Anyone can Millions: The Money Making Secrets They Don’t Want You to Know About
  • Motivational/Inspirational speaker with over 5 million attendees worldwide
  • Spiritual leader
  • Channel; Intuitive; Energy Healer
  • Dubbed “Mr. Enthusiasm; Mr. Motivation; and Mr. Positivity”

Kevin was born into a lower middle class blue collar family (his French Canadian father was a union welder and his Italian mother was a full time wife and homemaker, both with only a high school education). Kevin grew up on “the wrong side of the tracks”. 

Kevin was told early in his schooling that he had a learning disability and a speech impediment. Although bright with an extremely high IQ, Kevin had little interest in high school, almost “flunked out”, and barely received a high school diploma. Kevin never attended college. 

In the early 70’s Kevin met a successful man he would call his “Uncle” and who would be Kevin’s first and most important mentor. This man was a member of a global “secret” organization known as “The Brotherhood”. Kevin’s early “induction” into this very private organization was where he was trained and exposed to the “Secrets of the Global Elites”. This is where Kevin received his “real” education.

Over the following years Kevin was taught “The Secrets of Success” and how to:

  • release the power of the mind
  • “move” energy
  • manifest and create what you want in life
  • make millions and get rich
  • develop perfect physical health
  • control emotions and rid the mind of body of negativity
  • the secrets of karma and the law of attraction
  • how the world really is run and controlled
  • And much more.

Kevin would go on to read over 5000 books and attend hundreds of seminars, workshops and training programs on these subjects. He also studied in depth quantum and atomic physics; how the mind works; yoga; tai chi; chi gong; and many other ancient methods and systems that produce health, wealth and happiness.

Kevin also studied ancient teachings and manuscripts that relate to spirituality including:

-The Jewish and Christian Bibles

-The Zohar



-The Vedas

-The Mahabharata

-The Ramayama

And many more ancient spiritual texts.

Kevin’s mentors and teachers over the years (that he knew personally) include:

-Ed Foreman (2 time US Congressman, known as Mr. Terrific)

-Charlie “Tremendous” Jones

-Zig Ziglar

-Swami Muktananda

-Swami Gurumayi

-Pat Robertson

-Kenneth Hagin

-Kenneth Copeland

-Dexter Yager

-Brian Tracy

-Jay Abraham

-Earl Nightingale

-Oral Roberts

-Swami Satchidananda

-Grand Master Tsai

-Sifu Shi Yan Ming

-several others who were major and key mentors, but who must remain anonymous

Kevin is not “religious”, but is deeply spiritual. 

He loves everyone without condition and exception. 

Kevin is pure compassion, consciousness and understanding. 

Kevin is “fully awake, aware, and conscious”. 

Kevin’s core knowing is:

“We are all the pure and perfect expression and extension of “God’s” love and light. 

Just as “God” is love, so is everyone. We are all pure love, light, and consciousness.”

Kevin’s message to the world is:

“Everyone has unlimited and untapped potential to create the life they choose, as well as Be, Do and Have whatever they desire”.

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  1. GAURY says:

    Ah, Mr Kevin Trudeau, quel Grand Homme, depuis que j’ai écouté ses 13 CD, j’ai une autre vision de la vie, :l’appréciation, la positivité, la joie de vivre,….
    Merci infiniment de tout cœur Mr TRUDEAU. LONGUE VIE À VOUS.

    1. Karim says:

      Merci infiniment a Kevin, pour le nouveau départ de la Vie dans ma vie.merci.

  2. Razeakhar says:

    King come back again

    1. jodi says:


  3. Lorina JoY says:

    Kevin Trudeau is the real deal! After 20+ years of studying and learning from many guides and Guru’s, (Tony Robbins, Abraham Hicks, Wayne Dyer, Dr Joe Dispenza, Dr David Hawkins, Lynne McTaggert and many many more), KT’s teachings, to me, are THE MOST important, cutting edge information with infused positive energy in the world on the formula for success in ALL aspects! His trainings provide easy to understand and assimilate information/wisdom that really does attract and manifest into your life ALL that you want to Be, Do and Have! My life is a great testimonial! I just moved into my dream home last month! … Kevin Trudeau has given and still gives so much time and energy toward raising all consciousness – benefiting humanity and the world! … (including giving up his freedom on our behalf and going to prison for many years, https://kevintrudeau.com/the-facts/) … He offers a FREE program called Your Wish is Your Command which with just that information alone provides so much wisdom one could improve their life dramatically with just that program! Take the rest of the training and I’m sure that you will never regret a single dollar or minute invested, I sure don’t! His Mission and Vision (found online) are genuine – from his heart, and is s a club everyone will want to be a part of no doubt. He IS creating a huge shift in the field benefiting everyone of every age, ethnicity and country. He is a great leader and someone that I look forward to following into this new world that we are evolving into now and in the future.
    If you listen to his training, read his mission/vision and dream for the future (starting NOW) and consciously apply the teachings, you WILL see for yourself!
    Many blessings to you, and may you never be the same…
    ~ Lorina JoY 🙂

  4. Yasin says:

    Thank you kevin for ever thing

  5. Antidius says:

    Thank you so much, Kevin Trudeau!

  6. Benjamin Hartmann says:

    Thank you Kevin, KT is a true mentor I highly value all what he created
    Gin is the best community and training for me
    Merci <3

  7. Rosa Olga says:

    Gracias Kevin pot tu aporte tan importante

  8. Gaetan says:

    J’ai commencé par écouter KT en 2012 quand quelqu’un m’a offert. L’opportunité d’écouter “votre désire est votre ordre”, j’étais stagiaire dans une petite entreprise au benin (Afrique de l’ouest) .. Je gagnais moins de 100$ par mois et vivais chez la belle mère de mon grand frère. En appliquant votre désire est votre ordre, j’ai monté une petite entreprise de commerce, ensuite un bar restau (qui aujourd’hui est l’un des plus populaires au benin) , aujourd’hui un hôtel en construction au benin. J’ai rencontré la femme de ma vie… Je suis plus heureux, j’ai voyagé en Amérique et j’ai pleins de projets en développement. Je sais et j’ai la certitude que je peux être, faire et avoir n’importe quoi et tout ce que je veux. Je vais rencontrer personnellement KT un jour et lui dirai de vive voix combien il a été bon pour moi.
    Infiniment merci KT

  9. Kacou Carlos says:

    Je suis fière de moi, parce que je suis suis fière de toi. Pourquoi ? Parce que je serai toi si tu le veux. Mes salutations à vous.

  10. 923123364 says:

    Gracias gracias gracias Kevin

  11. Freddy says:

    Salut,merci de savoir sur Kevin,comme on dit j’ai gagné mon salaire et reçu ma lumière.penser à nous Africain pour bénéficier de ces enseignements à un prix raisonnable.j’ai dit:.

    1. Grant Timmers says:

      Amen to that.

  12. Simplicio Demavivas Jr says:

    I enjoy your work for humanity.

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