Who Can I Trust?

Many people still ask…how do I know which group to join, teachings to embrace, or person I should trust, believe in, and/or follow? 

First, you can never be wrong. No matter what you do or choose, you will simply create something that allows you to define more clearly what you do want, and you can then create that. Take life lightly. Care, but not that much! 

When you are READY, you will attract into your experience, and you can and will “see and feel” the Truth in a “teaching” and/or the “power” of a “teacher”.

When you are not ready (too caught up in intellect, mind, thoughts, ego, instead of heart “feelings”) you MIGHT not see/feel Truth or the power that is being made available to you! If a thief met a true “saint” all he would see is what he could steal from him/her! He would never be aware that he was in the presence of a “saint” and that his life COULD be transformed forever! Even though being in the “saint’s” presence could be transformative, he would have no awareness of his own transformation. Thus he would reap no benefits. 

If a poor man on a remote island was given 1 million Euros, he might have no awareness of what Euros or money is and the value of what he was given. He might burn it for heat! He might take the “money” and use it to make a roof so he would not get wet! 

One must be ready and have awareness of the value of what one is receiving to truly benefit. Many of you have been given more gifts than you realize. You have everything! It is just your lack of understanding this Truth that is holding you back from making all your dreams come true and being more joyous and blissful than you could ever imagine. 

The books, the audios, the training, the Success Mastery Course, the events, meetings, seminars, webinars etc, all are designed, among other things, to increase your awareness of what is already inside you, yet dormant, and awaken it! The “energy” in all the training, not the intellectual knowledge, activates your dormant power and awareness. Without the “energy”, the training is just interesting intellectually, but lacks the true power to transform. 

With intellectual knowledge, you just “know about” things, but you do not truly, personally experience them, so you never really KNOW. Most of us have no awareness of what needs to be transformed within us, or what we are “wrong” about. When you come into contact with the true “energy” (pure love), you are transformed in the way you need, but might not expect. You are never the same. 

Based on your own awareness level, you will be able to “feel/know” what “training etc.” is right for you. There are a few things to consider when choosing who/what to embrace, but always follow your feelings and what you FEEL is right. You cannot make a mistake anyway, so do not worry! 

Life is a journey with many detours, just have fun and enjoy your adventure! 

Questions you might ask or things to look for in people who do  success or self-improvement training. The answers are some indicators that a person is not fully “plugged in” to Source and not coming from LOVE. These are indicators that the person is still caught up in mind, thought, intellect, ego and their training lacks the power to transform:

  • Do they show a lack of appreciation?
  • Are they still reading books or do they believe they don’t need to, because they know it already…a low teachability index (the Dalai Lama reads every day and says he learns something new every day!)
  • Do they operate, think, talk, act out of fear, lack, worry, anxiety, concern etc?
  • Do they speak condescendingly and show conceit?
  • Are they critical, judging, condemning and finding the imperfections in things and people?
  • They believe in absolutes, and THEIR understanding of right and wrong, good and bad are the ONLY correct viewpoints.
  • Are they very concerned with how others view, think and talk about them?
  • Are they very concerned about how others live their lives, and without being asked, are obsessed with trying to “change or fix” others to THEIR “correct” way of living and beliefs?
  • Are they attached to the body and to material things?
  • Do they have a need for prestige, status, acceptance, power, control over others and all conditions around them?
  • Are they revengeful, unforgiving, arrogant?
  • Have a fear of losing what they have?
  • Concerned with what they have and what is “theirs”?
  • Focusing on analyzing, intellectualizing, over thinking, instead of following their feelings?
  • Afraid of making a mistake and being wrong?
  • Must make others wrong and themselves right?
  • Self-righteous?

And the list can go on. You see, all of the above are fear based, not love based. When a person is acting from an abundance of fear (they might have lots of love too, but enough fear to show itself), they are really acting from lack of personal experience and knowingness. Fear is always based on this ignorance. 

Love them, as they know not what they do. Make sense now? 

Look at yourself and do a little self-analysis with the above list. I am sure there are things you can improve on. Be happy right now, as no matter where you are, you are perfect. If you choose to be in more of a state of love than fear, then go for that, but remember, you are still perfect right now the way you are (hard concept to understand).

…Not that anyone is “perfect”. Consider also that no one is perfect that is still in a body! 

Remember too, that you CAN, and are encouraged to learn from everyone! Many of these people who show many of the above traits are still very well intentioned and might have great information. 

The truly life-changing experiences YOU will have that will help unleash YOUR unlimited, dormant power however, will ONLY come from those who are the opposite of the above. Simply take each characteristic above and think of what the opposite is. If you find a person with THOSE traits (or close, as no one is perfect!), you might be on to the real deal. 

The ultimate test is how you FEEL about the person or group and what EXPERIENCE you get from that person or group.

Look at yourself too! 

Love, not fear (lack of love) is where the power comes from.

Until next time…

you are loved… 


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  1. Medija says:

    Jemi shum falemnderuese dhe mirenjohese per mesimet qe na i mesoni dhe me te vertet jemi ata qe mendojm se per çka mendojm çka krijojm me mendimet tona dhe e shohim se me te vertet jemi te fuqishem Ju faleminderit

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