When a Person is in Alignment

Who do YOU really want to be?

There are really only 2 emotions: fear and love. Really there is only love. Lack of love is fear. There is only light – lack of light is darkness.

Think about this.

The more love or light a person has, the more power they have, the more freedom they have, the more energy they have. The more love a person has, the more bliss and peacefulness they have.

Think of this…when a person is in alignment with who they really are, when they have less ego, mind, thoughts and more awareness of the spiritual/energy nature of all of us, when they have surrendered to God/Universe, they generally exhibit the following traits: (consider yourself as well, and which traits you do have now and want to have!)

– Supremely fearless, confident yet humble (they KNOW there is nothing to fear…EVER!);

– Blissful, joyful; happy, at peace, centered, tranquil, serene, fun, loving, lighthearted, laughs and smiles a lot, speaks positively, never critical or judging or condemning

– Accepting of all people and things, forgiving, compassionate, understanding, cares but not so much, sees beauty in all people and everything without condition and without exception. Worry, stress and anxiety free, allowing, resistance free, has ultimate knowingness, has no attachments to people or things and lets others live the life they choose.

– No or very little “EGO”…a still, quiet mind

– They love and accept all people without exception and without condition

– They see God and perfection in all things, conditions, situations and people

– If they have lots of material things they are not “attached” to them

– They have no needs, just mild preferences

– Their very presence uplifts all around them; clears, lightens burdens and heaviness; transforms those who are ready to accept the “presence” and the gift

– No matter what the conditions, situation or circumstances, they are still blissful and at peace and they see God and the perfection in everything. They always find the gold.

– They take 100% responsibility for everything in their world

– They blame no one

– They take life very lightly. They are easygoing, relaxed, at ease, at peace and harmony with himself, others and the world

– They do not care what others think or say about them

– They do not feel bad when others attack them or say negatives things about them

– Their “energy” permeates and changes all physical material matter that they come in contact with. “It” permeates all their words, writing, books, audios, videos, and can even be picked up by looking at their picture. It can be picked up by just thinking about them. This “energy” and/or being in their physical presence or getting a hug, can in an instant, awaken our own dormant energy; power; light; love and allow the seeds of greatness in all of us start to grow! Even objects they “owned” or used or lived with can be infused with their energy and that energy transmitted to others who touch the object.

– They are constantly in a state of appreciation and thankfulness.

– They are still growing and learning

– They are childlike in many respects

– They have let go, and released all resistance, thoughts, ego and the mind

– They are totally forgiving

– They love themselves

– They love their enemies (and realize they have no enemies)

– They are never jealous or envious

– They are always thankful of others and give credit to all those who taught them and went before

– They know they are not “special”; they know all people have Divine power within them

– They make no excuses or justifications and do not spend time “explaining” things to others to get approval

– They give no advice or try to change someone unless asked

– They live, act and think based on love rather than fear…they trust God (Source/The Universe)

You cannot only learn much knowledge intellectually from this type of person, but you can, more importantly, be transformed by continued contact with this type of person.

There are many more traits of course. These are just a general overview. No one is or will ever be perfect while they are still “human” (with a body).

Is this the kind of person YOU want to be? Is this the kind of person YOU want to learn from? Look for these traits in others you choose to “learn” from (although you can and should learn from everyone), as when you see these traits (generally) you have found someone who can awaken YOUR potential and energy and help release YOUR ability to become who you truly want to be.

The truest test, however, when deciding who to “follow”, is how you FEEL when you are with this person, learning from them, or just “being” with them in an energetic way. Always follow your feelings, not your intellect or thoughts. When you are ready to receive, you will attract this person or several of these people into your life, at the perfect time (I have attracted 3 in my lifetime.) You might not know it when you meet them or when they appear, it may be years later that you have the awareness and understanding of what you attracted. You must be ready to accept and receive the “energy” not just the intellectual knowledge. You must be in a state of allowing, surrendered to the Universe (God), and most importantly, willing to change (have a high teachability index: willingness to learn and willingness to accept change).

This is why we always say, read books, listen to speakers, learn from teachers, attend seminars/workshops etc. with discernment! Always trust your feelings and your heart. You all are pure, perfect love. You simply need more awareness, understanding, belief in this truth and you will THEN KNOW you have complete dominion over your entire world, life and experience.

And you CAN make all your dreams come true. When you KNOW this….you THEN DO easily and effortlessly manifest all your desires, wishes, and dreams…while being blissful and joyful at all times.

Much love…and deepest appreciation.
See you at the top!

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