Free Kevin Trudeau

What You Can Do

If you feel that what has happened to Kevin Trudeau is wrong…

If you REALIZE that the reality of this situation affects YOU and ALL of us all over the world…

If you desire and are willing to do your part

Then please –

Take a moment now and write a heart-felt letter to President Trump today. 

Be sincere.  Tell him how you really feel! 

With one decision, and the stroke of his pen, he alone has the authority to set Kevin free.

All it will take is ONE person – just ONE person to actually REACH HIS HEART!  That person could be YOU!

Regardless of what you may think of him, President Trump is HUMAN and so yes, he DOES have a heart.  And it is only by touching THIS part of him, that he may be sufficiently moved to actually MAKE A DECISION!

Search your heart for the right words.  No one else can tell you what the “magic words” are that will touch Donald’s heart. But if you look within, and ask this question of YOURSELF –

“What are the right words, the right feelings, that will reach into Donald’s heart and soul and cause him to make the DECISION to SET KEVIN TRUDEAU FREE IMMEDIATELY?”  

Ask yourself this question with sincerity and intention, and you WILL get an answer.  

Then don’t hesitate.  Write to President Trump immediately.

Write or print 2 copies and send them to the following 2 addresses:

President Donald J Trump
The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Ave N W

Washington DC


President Donald J Trump
Mar-a-lago Club

Palm Beach  FL


Send your letter with blessings, and perhaps YOU will be the one to set Kevin free…

THANK YOU for your assistance and care!

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I’ll be sending my support! I wouldn’t be the man I am now if it wasn’t for you KT. Thank you for exercising your 1st amendment and doing this fight for us! You could’ve been silent about all this and live off what you had but you’ve made the greatest sacrifice for us all! This is the least I can do. Much love!

I do not understand why KT is in jail. I think the judge might have been a little envious and gave him a hard time. There are so many gimmicks out there and if you are foolish to par take or get involved, it should not be the fault of the person who is making these books. Just don’t buy them or buy into the product. KT has done more good than anyone else I have ever been known to have. I am studying his programs and I am so disappointed in the way the system is works that I feel KT should be released or given a time with probation. I need him to be able to encourage me and provide resourceful information to enable me to navigate in this universe we live. He makes a lot of sense and what may or may not be the truth, it is up to me to deceide whether I want to act out on it. It is not KT forcing me to do anything . They are suggestions and approaches to live a fruitful life. If it were not that then the only question I have is why are these l people coming to him for help? Obviously they are in need of some support and KT could have the answers. Don’t incarcerate him any further we need people like him in the world to help us sort this all out!

I used to follow KT on infomercials before you tube and intrrnet were the norm. I have Natural cures one and two and debt cures they don’t want you to know about. I know that today peo people are just beginning to embrace the information Kevin gave us way back then. The fact is the government and pharmaceutical companies lose big money if we become healthy and stay healthy and so I know they had a really good reason to want to silence Kevin. I woke up wondering if maybe he was out of jail by now. It’s 337 am on March 14th 2019 and my Google search is telling me he’s not. This is a sad shame. Am I wrong or have people commited murder and done less time and even walked away? The United States of America is a place whete we have or should have Freedom of speech. I read the judge didn’t like that he used the word “easy” and maybe it’s not because easy for some is not easy for others but doesn’t and author have the righr to decide what he wants to say? Doesn’t the readee have the right to decide what they feel about the content. There is alot of trashy content out there and KT ???? are filled with helpful resources to guide you to better health, some of it will work for one person and not another Thats common sense. Wishful thinking maybe that someone would read this and think the only righr thing to do is release this man to his family, his friends, and to the world. I hope and prayer that someone in power reads this and having good conscience uses that power to make it happen. To Kevin Treaudeau thank you for the trsils you blazed to give us hope. I want so much for you to be set free. God give you peace. Sharon

My hopes and prayers are with KT … in due time he will be out. I believe that with all in my heart. Stay strong Kevin


I will do my part to be a voice for the injustice against Kevin Trudeau and others. #FreeKevinTrudeau

Open Letter To The Honorable Ed Foreman,

Thank you for supporting author Kevin Trudeau, thank you for supporting free speech in America and thank you for your great work in educating and empowering individuals to achieve great things. As you know, Kevin Trudeau has helped millions to better their lives. He gave me a set of cassette tapes that helped me learn how to memorize and study much better nearly 30 years ago, which led to my achieving a college degree and a successful career as a real estate broker with a superior record of ethics. When I needed his help most, Kevin generously gave me the valuable tape set graciously for whatever amount I could pay, which was not much at the time. It is so incredibly ironic that a misguided judge would go on to attack Trudeau for that very same amazingly helpful tape set that he kindly gave out to many at his own expense. Trudeau’s books again helped me by improving my credit and other important financial matters. Later, Trudeau and other informercial self-help gurus would be repeatedly attacked by judges and others who live off the government dole and have sad disdain for personal empowerment. These unconstitutional attacks against free speech by judges, prosecutors and other government workers have now reached an extreme level, sending notable best selling authors to extreme prison terms without a jury conviction, and leading other informercial authors to die by suicide like Don Lapre.

As you and I are aware, popular speech needs no protection. It is always unpopular speech such as so-called “sleazy” infomercials, get rich quick and easy diet books that need all of the free speech protection that we can give. We must not let the weak-minded doubters and pessimists prevail. Popular and unpopular books and recordings, no matter how despised by some, offer some of the most powerful, unconventional, challenging, productive and absolutely vital thought for a well-rounded society. Unpopular thought has proven time and time again throughout history to be of the most valuable as evidenced by the huge sales and high satisfaction of millions of Kevin Trudeau customers like myself. Let’s step up our fight for tolerance and diversity of thought. We will prevail against the fascist book censors of every kind no matter how popular or righteous they may appear at the moment. Please continue your effort to protect free speech and to support Kevin Trudeau.

You and Kevin Trudeau have my full support.

P.S. I’m not expecting my ‘comment’ to appear on the post, I just don’t see any other way to contact you guys. You can answer on my e-mail.

Thank You.

Hi. I’ve been mailing to the White House since February almost every day to release KT. Recently they have started mailing back, that they have seen my mail and they are looking into the matter.

Should I continue now that they have seen the mail? Am I spamming the White House if I do? They are writing back every time I send them a mail. Especially that I’m not even a US citizen, I don’t live in the US. I’m from Hungary.

Thank You.

Good-Day !!!

I put some notices on my website.
Sent the Petition.
I believe in K.T.
Sent money-when I could for his-Legal defense.(a while ago)…
Also put Notices on traffic websites & Email lists.


Better-Yet: Make-Your Own-Luck!!!

Thank you for remaining. Yes I will continuously do my part to support FreeKevinTrudeau and I hope Mr. Trump will take an action to release Kevin as soon as possible. Its a tremendous mistake to keep him in jail.


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