How To Tweet Your #FreeKevinTrudeau Message To President Trump

We have been inundated with people around the world who want to give their support to the #FreeKevinTrudeau campaign.

As we know President Trump is a BIG fan of Twitter and we want to make sure he knows about Kevin Trudeau’s 10 Year sentence for Contempt of Court, so he can do something about it.

We have been asked “How do I send a Tweet?” so we’ve recorded a short video explaining everything

Did You Know? You can visit the home page at KevinTrudeau .com each day and when you press the “Tweet Trump” section, a new tweet will appear each day? This means you can just visit, click and tweet in under 10 seconds to show your support.

If you are familiar with Twitter already then don’t forget to Retweet the messages already using #FreeKevinTrudeau daily as you join other supported around the world.

15 replies on “How To Tweet Your #FreeKevinTrudeau Message To President Trump”

Thanks Kevin,

I am very grateful for the work you have done and given people throughout “your wish and your command”.
It has helped me a lot and I am on the verge of being completely financially free, so I am very thankful to you. I hope you will be free very soon, for you first, and in order to help millions of people fulfil their dreams.
I don’t know how but I know everything will be fine in the end.
Much love

Kevin Trudeau changed my life and others for the better. He is the one that influenced my to follow the trail of corruption and control in today’s world. An amazing individual and so wronged by our officials. His situation is a perfect example of the corruption in our society. They did to him the same things he warned us about. They validated his objections. If only those government “fools” would of read his information maybe they would of understood him better. Him being jailed just proved he was totally right!

i believe Kevin is telling the truth for the most part. I believe he really believes this. However, some of his assessments and claims are not necessarily the truth and are gross exaggerations in many cases. Some of his claims are very real and truthful. some of his claims aren’t backed up by credible evidence. Should he be in jail?? ABSOLUTELY NOT? What crime has he committed? Consumers always have a choice to listen to infomercials or buy his books,or buy his products.

Dear supporter and everyone interested,

For about 4 years now, I have listened to the audio recordings, CD’s and read the recommended books by Kevin and the positive benefits have been extraordinary. I heard Kevin’s interview with Aadil, where Kevin openly explained his past issues with the credit cards and checks and how by making the same mistakes that so many of us I am sure that we have made – (errors in the credit card application and sending some checks that bounced, but that were paid right away) he was punished; I read the letter that Kevin sent to President Trump and the letter that Kevin’s tremendously loyal friend, Mr. Ed Foreman also sent to President Trump, explaining how a simple word “EASY” when Kevin was talking on TV about the book – (Natural Cures That They Don’t Want You to Know About) put Kevin in prison for contemt of Court, which is nothing more than the Judge believing that what Kevin’s book talked about was not easy, I read the book, applied the instructions and I not only found it “EASY” but I got great positive results.

What I see is that Kevin has never hidden anything about him from anyone, he has always been very transparent about himself and his honestly profound desire to help others, I see Kevin in the same level of the greatest man of the history of our planet and I also see that non of the things that have been imposed onto Kevin is Just, how can such a simple word, as the word “EASY” is can put someone in prison for 10 years and even less sense that makes for the basis being “Contempt of Court” something never heard of before.

When I look at everything that revolves around Kevin, I see two very distinct things:
• A very unique man, with an extremely rare honest character and profoundly deep rooted desire to help others positively – (transform the world into a better one)
• Behind the curtains men with power that want to suppress Kevin and that are willing to do what ever it takes to achieve it.

My most sincere believe in this regard is, that we need a better World and that we ALL NEED Kevin, let’s do everything in our powers to free him. Thank you

Very cordially yours,

Carlos A. Llorens

KT’s sentence is outrageous. It is obvious that “they” wanted to shut him up and stop the information from being released. What they don’t realize that Kevin has already opened up SO many peoples eyes and that can’t be changed. I pray that he is released from prison very soon.

Kevin’s sentence is ludicrous and is based solely on the fact that he is exposing the mass corruption in the government and its agencies. #FreeKevinTrudeau Love you KT <3

Kevin is one of the greatest men I know, I’m 57 and have never met anyone like him, he has helped a guided me to change my life and for that I’m so very thankful. I have been following him for yrs and I’m sure he is not perfect but I can find no fault. He reminds me a lot of the president, no bullshit, tell the truth and expose the lies.

Hi Vince

Looks like a little bug, should work next time you click the “Tweet Trump” link

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