Comment tweeter vos messages #FreeKevinTrudeau (Libérez Kevin Trudeau) au Président Trump

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We have been inundated with people around the world who want to give their support to the #FreeKevinTrudeau campaign.

As we know President Trump is a BIG fan of Twitter and we want to make sure he knows about Kevin Trudeau’s 10 Year sentence for Contempt of Court, so he can do something about it.

We have been asked “How do I send a Tweet?” so we’ve recorded a short video explaining everything

Did You Know? You can visit the home page at KevinTrudeau .com each day and when you press the “Tweet Trump” section, a new tweet will appear each day? This means you can just visit, click and tweet in under 10 seconds to show your support.

If you are familiar with Twitter already then don’t forget to Retweet the messages already using #FreeKevinTrudeau daily as you join other supported around the world.

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