Thoughts From KT July 2019

Everyone on earth has a general “nature”.

For those who have kids, you know this “nature” starts from the moment children are born. Your children bring their general “nature” with them. Yes, environmental factors, such as where we grew up, the culture we grew up in, how poor or rich our family was, how are friends, teachers and neighbors treated us, and early childhood “incidents” all play a role in the development of our personalities.

However, our general “nature” and personality is established “before” we are born. We just come into this world with it. Knowing this and accepting this (at least to some degree) can liberate you. It can “free” you in so many ways.

With this understanding, we can then love and be more compassionate to our fellows. We can see that their “personalities and general nature” is something that they have very little control of. It is just “who they are”.

This allows us to love people unconditionally much easier. We can be more accepting and tolerant of people and “their ways”. We can forgive others easier and faster knowing that in many cases they simply “could not help themselves” because what they did was just in their nature.

Remember the story of the frog and the scorpion?

The scorpion wanted to cross a pond and asked the frog if he could sit on the frog’s back while the frog went across the pond, this way the scorpion could get to the other side.

The frog said “NO, you will sting me and I will die”.

The scorpion replied “Don’t’ be silly, for if I sting you, you will die and sink in the pond and I will drown and die too”.

That made sense to the frog, so he allowed the scorpion to ride on this back and the crossed the pond together.

When the frog was about in the middle of the pond, the scorpion stung the frog!

The frog screamed “You just stung me, now I will die and you will drown and die, why did you do it?”

The scorpion was sad but replied “I am sorry, I do not want to drown and die, but I could not help myself, stinging you is in my nature”.

So understanding, accepting and embracing this concept can make your life better in so many ways.

It will also help you love yourself more, be more accepting of who you are, and forgive yourself when you make mistakes.

Having a cognition on this subject will then allow you to objectively look at yourself, make an accurate assessment of your positive and negative traits, thus be able to make adjustments so that you can become the person you want to be.

Personal transformation, improving oneself, and dedicating yourself to being “better” all will happen faster, easier and more profoundly when you understand “who you really are” and your true innate nature.

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Much love,

12 thoughts on “Thoughts From KT July 2019”

  1. Derrick Kyle says:

    I absolutely loved that story. I’ve never heard the scorpion and frog story but I needed to hear it and think about the nature of how people are. Acceptance for the way things are and the way people are is what I will work on moving foreword.

  2. Felix Z says:

    Hi Kevin, I would like to contribute and get the course! I went to and did not see that option.

  3. Wise words about the natural condition of life.

  4. Richard Mabe says:

    Hello KT, Thank you for keeping yourself, yourself. H.O.P.E. be with you my friend. Honesty, Omnipotence, Purest Love, Essence. See you soon.

  5. Susi Calzadillas says:

    I just want to say that I support Kevin and he has taught me so much. I appreciate everything he is doing to help people everywhere. I will do what is needed so he is released! I also would like to sign up for the Mastery Course. I emailed but I haven’t received anything yet.

  6. Beatriz R says:

    Thank you so much for this! To the people helping Kevin with this blog: Please keep the updates coming, updates like this!

  7. Amina Badrous says:

    Thank you for your wisdom and life changing lessons you shared with the world.
    I can’t wait to meet you soon
    Much love

  8. Kevin Fusco says:

    kevin should be freed, but with a mind like this he is already more free than any of us will ever be

  9. Stu Lewsley says:

    Hi Kevin,
    For the last few weeks, I have been constantly listening to your CD Pack “Your Wish is Your Command”. As per your repeated instructions, I go back to the start and listen to them all the way through, over and over. I can now feel a greater understanding of the Law of Attraction, and it is becoming more clearer.
    I am determined to change my life for the better, and with your help, I am feeling confident that I will bring about the things that I have a burning desire for.
    Thank You for putting me on the right track.
    Very Best Wishes, Stu.

  10. Good Info.. Thanks!!
    Take-Care !!!
    & Have a Good Day!!!!!
    John Victorine

  11. Cal Beaudoin says:

    Also, to anyone who isn’t a student of The Science of Personal Mastery Course, it’s absolutely worth it! Best training I’ve ever done in my life!

  12. Cal Beaudoin says:

    I love this article. I had not heard the story of the frog and the scorpion before. Thanks!

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