The Ultimate Goal of Existence


You can be wealthy, rich, make tons of money, be successful in life, have all the “toys” that money can buy, have prestige, status, and be powerful and famous. 

All you need is to engage “correctly” the Law of Attraction (which I teach in my Science of Personal Mastery Course), AND have the right karma. You do need both. 

However, the good news is even if you have the wrong “karma”, by engaging and using the Law of Attraction CORRECTLY, you can still have it all, at least to some degree (if you do not have the right “karma”, maybe you won’t be a billionaire even if you use the Law of Attraction “correctly”, but you will make millions).

However, “success” in the material world does not and cannot, give you inner peace, joy, contentment, and bliss because all material things are temporary. They all fade. They all turn to dust. Everything materially, we attain, gets “old”, and within a short time loses all of its luster. 

The inner wealth of bliss, peace, joy, and contentment is the only “real” wealth, as it is everlasting. This inner wealth is only attained when the “veil” is lifted between the ego and the “real” you: the SELF. 

The SELF is not the body, and it is not the mind. 

It is the real you that observes the mind that thinks, and the body that engages in the physical Universe. When the “veil” is lifted, you then have total awareness and consciousness that everything you are experiencing in your life is in fact the SELF manifesting in different forms. 

The terms for this state are called, “Enlightenment” or “Self-Realization”.

This can happen to you. I am teaching you how to achieve this state ONLY in The Science of Personal Mastery Course, available by visiting and & emailing Support for information on the course. 

I encourage you to consider taking this monthly correspondence Course. Those who are taking the Course are experiencing major improvements in their lives. All the conditions of life get better when you are increasing your Personal Mastery. You actually manifest your desires faster and easier than before. 

More importantly you feel better on the inside. The feelings of inner joy, bliss, compassion, love, happiness, excitement for living, cheerfulness, lightheartedness all dramatically improve. You become more forgiving, accepting and understanding. You are more comfortable, relaxed and at ease. You relate with people better. You like and have affinity for people and people like and have affinity for you. You are calmer, more serene and tranquil, yet have more enthusiasm and zest for life. You become more childlike. You laugh easily and much more often. You are less serious. You become stress-free, worry-free and care-free. 

Life becomes wondrous and magical again. 

All this is within you right now. It only needs to be released. This is a state that I can never adequately describe in words, as it surpasses all human comprehension. You must experience this first-hand to grasp what I am talking about. 

I can tell you this is a state that is the ultimate goal of existence for any human being. 

If you are reading this, it is not an accident. You are here right now because you have been asking, or maybe even praying for “something”. Maybe you have asked questions like “Why? Why me? Who am I? Why am I here? There has to be more to life than this? Something is missing in my life. Why am I depressed, unfulfilled and never content? What is the meaning of life?” 

“What is my life’s purpose?” 

This is your time. You have found your answer. I know the path. I have made the journey. I can show you the way home. I have the map for you. 

Take this Course and I will personally be your guide to complete and total freedom and liberation. Go to and send an email to Support.  Ask about the “Science of Personal Mastery Course”.

Each month, you will be sent the Newsletter and the next Lesson in The Science of Personal Mastery Course. 

You have asked, and this is the answer. 

I will meet you on your journey to freedom!

Much love…


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