The Mission

Kevin Trudeau’s 

  • To improve your quality of life and standard of living in all areas and aspects including:
    • Physical
    • Mental
    • Spiritual
    • Emotional
    • Health
    • Money/Finances
    • Career/Business
    • Relationships/Family/Social
  • To help you become
    • “Liberated” spiritually, emotionally and financially 
    • “FREE” and attain “FREEDOM” on all levels
    • “Awakened”, “Enlightened” and fully “Conscious”
    • Empowered to attain supreme, dynamic health
    • “Successful” and financially independent
    • Capable of attaining all their material desires
  • To increase your standard of living and quality of life, so you enjoy prosperity and abundance in all areas
  • To Increase love, compassion and kindness in you.
  • To empower you to attain your dreams, goals and desires, whatever they may be.
  • To help you attain inner peace, joy and bliss… so you can be truly happy and fulfilled.

This MISSION is being achieved by providing information, knowledge, and training (much of which has never been revealed before) in the forms of:

  • Books
  • Audio courses
  • Video courses
  • Online training
  • Live seminars/workshops
  • Through the “transfer and awakening of energy” (known in the East as Shaktipat)
  • By educating thousands of “trainers/leaders” from all around the world who will help spread this ancient, “secret” knowledge, and new technologies being discovered
  • Podcasts, radio and TV programming
  • Newsletters and various publications

The underlying major purpose of this Mission is ultimately to bring you to “Enlightenment/SELF Realization” and total fulfillment.

This will awaken your inner light and release your inner peace, joy, and bliss, thus spreading love and compassion all around the world.

Mr. Trudeau has stated:

“You are the pure and perfect expression and extension of God’s love. Just as God is Love, so are you. You are Love.”

Ultimately, we may all realize that we are all the perfect extension and expression of the ONE Universal Consciousness that is all things.

The Mission therefore can be summarized to say simply:

“Help You be Happy, Healthy and Wealthy”

14 thoughts on “The Mission”

  1. ziba karim says:

    merci infinement a lunivers et lintelligence infinie de mavoir metre sur pied un DEUI vivant qui me donne la lumiere sur toutes les branches de la vie .je suis reconnaissant mill fois enconre reconnaissant pour la reussite que kt ma donné. vous avez le pouvoir dumonde entier car ce que vous maviez fait;seul vous pouvais me le faire.soit beni au deja du cosmos!!!!!
    je suis fiere d’etre votre etudiant

  2. Carol says:

    Welcome home Kevin. I have been on a self improvement journey for 30+ years. There was always that missing piece that kept me from complete success —-until I studied Your wish is Your Command. It was the missing key to all. You have literally changed my life. I now have complete happiness, complete success in finances, emotions, personal relationships, et Al. My wish IS MY COMMAND. I AM ETERNALLY GRATEFUL.

  3. bob says:

    I have been listening to ‘your wish is your command’, and whilst i think the teachings are wonderful, it is obvious that the recordings did not happen in front of a group of people. The attempt to make out that this was recorded in a luxurious setting, and with many freemason, skull and bones, brotherhood members, when it clearly wasn’t, is enough to raise some alarm bells. Having said that, the information is helpful- but the authenticity and truth of it and of Kevin is questionable.

  4. Estor muy dichosa de haber conocido estos audios de KT Gracias s La Comunidad Yo Soy Wealth Family, de André Cerna Agradecida con Dios. Estos audios me han ayudado enormemente en mi vida financiera, mental y espiritualmente. Siempre estoy pensando en KT mandándole toda la energía, vibraciones positivas en donde se encuentre, se que Dios te dará la oportunidad de cumplir tu Misión en esta vida, también se que tendré la oportunidad de conocerte presencialmente, lo siento, lo vibro. Te cuento mi hija Kir Heretet 11 años te sigue , eres nuestro mentor. Gracias KT TE AMAMOS. DIOS TE BENDIGA.

  5. Paul Ebentheur says:

    When I was exposed to the first time to Your wish is your command in April 2020 I got fixed. I never heard anything like this in this way before, but I knew nothing about the guy talking there. In this time when I was litening to the tapes for hours each day, I literally experienced,based on my changes in my enviroment, that I was programmed for sucess. And my heart sung because it always knew: I as a human can be do and have anything I desire! I am so grateful to be a student and part of this movement to learn and apply this “secret knowledge” from the “elite” to creat a better world for oneself first and the for the entire globe. I also encourage everone to read Mr. Truedaus Prison diariys. They made me cry, lough and show the unreal level of integrity and mastery that he has. Thanks to Mr. Trueand the information that he is a catalysator for, I am more happy every moment and also super excitet about the bright future, in spite of all the darkness and madness going on the planet since last year.
    Thank you and many blessings!


    Ever since my introduction to Your Wish Is Your Command in 2015, my Spectacular Life has been on a steady growth of better and better and gooder and gooder experiences. Since joining GIN in April of 2020, my Life has been on an even faster growth of better and better and gooder and gooder experiences! Everything is going my way and I FEEL like the luckiest person I know! =D

    Like you said in YWIYC, “It’s not what you make, but who you become that’s important.” And I LOVE the person I have become and I’m really excited about the person I am becoming! THANK YOU very much Master KT! Your Love for others, your passion to lift others up, and your MISSION will forever be appreciated. I Love You.

    *TOGETHER We Stand. Divided We Fall.*



      Also, I look forward to all the amazing things we all will create individually and collectively. The BEST is yet to come. 😎

  7. Benjamin says:

    Thank you Kevin Trudeau for leading by example with your knowingness.
    We are following your wise words by taking action to create the world each of us deserve.
    I am thankful and grateful to have the opportunity to serve this mission

  8. Du bist wunderbar, du bist der Beste, ich lese deine Erinnerungen und empfange deine Energie, ich wünsche dir das Beste, du bist freier als wir alle

  9. Adelina says:

    K T Faleminderit per mesimet dhe mirenjohese per. Cdo gje qe ke bere per ne si nxenesit tuaj, i degjoj cd dhe audio , jam mirenjohese pafundesisht per cdo program tendin , faleminderit faleminderit
    Me shume dashuri Adelina

  10. Carlos says:

    Kevin estoy estudiando tus CDS en un país muy pobre económicamente Bolivia ahora estoy pensando feliz mis deseos creo que apostaste mucho a este mundo pronto estarás con nosotros

  11. Barney says:

    Turn on the comments section on your YouTube so that people can comment about your videos. I know why they booted David icke off of YouTube and Facebook, I think the real reason is because he was exposing the sexual desires of the multimillionaires. Correct me if I’m wrong.

  12. Jeff Kamke says:

    Hi Kevin, your natural cures books, invitation to GIN, learning about the Morters, tapping, Fred’s products and the relationships I gained have eventually lead me to learning about private banking and alternate investments. Thank you for your mission because they have absolutely manifested in my life as better health, achieving my goals, and increasing my financially strength. I’ve still got a ways to go but the progress so far is because of you and I’m so grateful!

  13. Lorina JoY says:

    I’m very grateful, thankful and I appreciate your mission and the amazing energy you so soulfully infuse into all of your messages and elite level training.
    I have learned soul much and “will” continue to learn from you all the days of my life.Thank you my brother in Oneness and mentor in this life.
    Cheers to infinitely expanding while joyfully creating eternally…
    Lorina JoY 🤗🙏

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