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Ed Foreman releases dossier in Kevin Trudeau release case

This morning 4 letters were released from former congressman Ed Foreman highlighting the case for the immediate release of Kevin Trudeau. This dossier details the summary and timeline of how popular TV personality and whistleblower was targeted and unfairly incarcerated, where he has already served almost 5 years of a 10 year jail sentence. The […]

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Kevin Writes To President Trump 15 September 2017

Good morning Please find below KT’s most recent letter to President Trump. be sure to share on social media and keep writing to the President too! __________________________ Dear President Trump, This is #1 NY Times bestselling author, radio host, TV celebrity, natural health freedom advocate, promoter of free speech, and your loyal supporter Kevin Trudeau. […]

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A Presidential Pardon For Kevin Trudeau

As momentum steps up for the Presidential Pardon for Kevin Trudeau, here’s a recent letter from KT to President Trump ______________ Dear President Trump, This is Kevin Trudeau. I am a #1 NY Times bestselling author of 6 books with nearly 50 million copies sold. Today I am serving an egregious and unjust 10 year […]

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Arrest of Journalists in Europe Quadruples

We have all seen the suppression of free speech in Kevin’s case first hand. Meanwhile all across Europe, arrests of journalists expressing their right to free speech are being arrested and thrown in jail at massive numbers. In fact, Mapping Freedom Media reports a quadrupling in numbers recently. You can read the whole report here: […]

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Kevin Trudeau December 2016 Letter To President Trump

Dear Mr. President Elect, This is Kevin Trudeau. You may remember that I wrote you several letters when you first announced your run for President offering my support. I have always been one of your biggest supporters and fans. I am currently serving an egregious 10 year Federal prison sentence for “Contempt of Court” simply […]

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Ed Foreman Writes To The White House…

This is former US Congressman Ed Foreman. Kevin Trudeau has sent the attached letter to President Trump (both Kevin and I have sent several other letters to the President over the last 8 weeks). The President and the Administration are in a unique position to create tremendous goodwill with millions of voters from both sides […]

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America Sentences Best-Selling Author To 10 Years in Prison For Writing A Book

The hypocritical US government lectures the world about free speech, human rights, and a fair legal system. Yet, America is one of the most blatant suppressers of opposing opinions and routinely censors the free flow of information. America is known for throwing in jail authors, radio hosts, and journalists who go against the “main stream […]