Real Freedom


Real “freedom” is when external circumstances have no effect on your natural inner state of peace, joy and bliss. 

Real “freedom” is when other people or outside conditions have no effect on your natural inner state of contentment, fulfillment and satisfaction. 

Real “freedom” is when things that happen to you have no effect on your natural inner state of unconditional love and total appreciation. 

When you have any “attachments” you are not free, you are a slave. Most people are attached to their status, job, material possessions, beliefs, country, political party etc. Most people have so many things they are “attached” to.

You can have and enjoy all these things, but when you are not “attached” to them, you are free. 

When none of these kinds of things “define” who you “are”, you are liberated. When you do not let these kinds of things give your life meaning, you are truly alive. When you have nothing that can be taken away from you, because you are not “attached” to anything you might be currently enjoying, you are in the state of constant expansion and bliss.

As the great poet and philosopher, Janis Joplin, said in song, “Freedom is just another word for having nothing left to lose.” 

Freedom thus, is living in the world but not being “attached” to anything in the world. 

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