Prison Diaries

These are the Personal Prison Diary Writings of Kevin Trudeau

NOVEMBER 18 2013

I sat down today to start writing all the things I am thankful and grateful for. Things like my health, my friends, my mind, my loving supportive parents etc.

I wrote and wrote and wrote.

Over 1 hour later I was still writing things I was thankful and grateful for. I then began to think of all the poor unfortunate people that, unlike me, are suffering. People who are hungry and cold. Living in horrible conditions. I felt so sorry for them, and I felt so lucky and blessed. 

No matter what your situation is, you can find the gold.

Find the good.

Find the blessings.

When you do this you begin to feel a certain way…a good feeling…and this vibration will create an amazing future!

Much Love,


NOVEMBER 19, 2013

Please know that I chose to create this path I am on. This is a road very few will ever choose. But I created this as it is the ONLY road that will take me to where I want to go.

The reasons will be known and revealed to you all in due time.

I smile and laugh all day. People are amazed. They say, “Look, he doesn’t have a care in the world! How does he do that?”

I then share with them my secrets.

I have much to be thankful and grateful for.

This is where the training pays off! 

Much love to all of you!


NOVEMBER 19, 2013  

My situation appears to the untrained eye as negative, but it is not!

It is a gift given to me and everyone associated with me…

So to all of you, take advantage of this gift and situation as I am taking full advantage of it. Get all the amazing once in a lifetime benefits from this exciting adventure! 

All my love!


NOVEMBER 19, 2013

Every situation in life is an opportunity and a gift. I am more excited now than ever because I am taking full advantage of this miracle to break through a “wall of fire” that is taking me to a place I have never been.

This is the path I choose to create for myself.

When I get out of “prison”, be ready! The knowledge and trainings I will be teaching will blow away everything you have seen so far!

Get ready!

Get excited!

And be prepared to be amazed! 

Much love…


NOVEMBER 20, 2013 

As you all know, I am facing up to life in prison.

I will probably be sentenced in Feb. or March and will know my fate.

Imagine facing life in prison?

Imagine facing 18 years, or 15 years, or 10 years?

How would you feel?

Well, I will tell you how I feel…


I feel better than ever!

Why? Because I KNOW that EVERYTHING works together for GOOD!

Even if I spend the next 20 years in prison, I KNOW I will personally gain more benefits in all areas of my life than I could ever in any other situation.

And since my life is about helping YOU release your abilities and make YOUR dreams come true, that means YOU ALL benefit as well!

So no matter what the sentence is and no matter how long I have to spend in prison, I am at total peace and bliss!

More insights tomorrow. 

All my love to you all.


NOVEMBER 22, 2013 

Remember, when you are humbled, you are the most teachable. Now I am more teachable than ever!

And even more important, when you have nothing else to lose, when all of your worldly possessions are gone, you are totally free. This freedom allows you to tap into the universal field more fully than at any other time.

Combine being totally teachable (humbled) with no attachments to material things and you gain power and knowledge you could never have gained. This is what is happening to me and I will be sharing this with all of you in the future! 

Much Love,


NOVEMBER 26, 2013  

For years I had wanted the opportunity to go to an “ashram” or monastery, or some kind of “retreat”, where I could be alone and contemplate, think, reflect, meditate, exercise, and be totally removed from society.

I am enjoying my time today doing just that!


You do get in life what you ask for! I am so blessed and happy.

Think of your life. You are in fact living the life you created. Make the most of it or change it and create the life you want.

Remember, every day you and you alone can make the decision to be happy and have a great day no matter what the circumstances appear. Life is truly exciting and wonderful! 

Your Friend,


NOVEMBER 28, 2013 

As I go through each day here with the full knowledge that I could be in prison for 18 or more years, in many ways, I wish this was much harder to deal with.

As we go through life, it is the hard things we deal with that make us grow, make us stronger, and where we learn the most.

Do not be sad when you face challenges, be grateful for them as they are what make you better! 

Much Love,


Don’t feel sad for me. I am far from sad. 

I am so happy, more than ever! 

The reason I am so happy is I knew long ago that this would probably be coming for me. I chose it. I accepted it. I was preparing for it. I was welcoming and embracing it. 

I was looking at it as an adventure, a challenge, and an experience that would make me a better person and release abilities that I would have never been able to release unless I experienced this situation. 

All great people in history have gone through tragedy and/or devastating times in their lives. Many went to prison. In the Bible, Joseph was thrown in prison for over 7 years. Read the Book of Job in the Bible…think about Mandela, Gandhi, Chavez, even people like Steven Jobs. 

Great people who do great things have all had major tragedies. Health issues, bankruptcy, losing all material possessions, family problems, having their businesses taken away, being put in prison etc.. 

Think about and read the stories of Onassis, Pat Robertson, Walt Disney, Colonel Sanders, Ray Crock etc. The list goes on. 

This road is not for everyone and most people should NOT choose this road. But you all will benefit from the road I have taken…

Much love to you all,


DECEMBER 3, 2013

How mentally tough are you? 

Could you handle what I am going through?

Do you have all your desires in life? 


I have manifested ALL my dreams and desires I have ever wanted AND I have the mental toughness to easily handle my current chosen situation. 


Work on YOUR mental toughness and YOU will manifest more of your dreams! 

No matter what situation you are in, people have gone through and dealt with and survived much, much more! 

When faced with challenges, be strong! 

You can handle anything! 

And you will be much better after you deal with your challenge! 

Much Love, 


DECEMBER 4, 2013  

I am so excited about my current experience. I chose this road. This is a road very few should choose or need to choose. But for me this is the only road that will take me to where I want and need to go! 

I am excited!! 

For me, I must lose everything. Material things and physical freedom. I must be stripped of all ego. I must be totally humble, and be free of all fear. 

Only then will I be able to tap into a power source and release abilities and gain secret knowledge. 

I can tell you already, miracles are happening to me! 


Keep reading, I will share more with you in upcoming messages. 

Much Love, 


DECEMBER 8, 2013 

Nelson Mandela passed away… One of my heroes. 

He was convicted of being a TERRORIST! And spent 20 years in a jail cell! 

A hero. 

A person I admired and respected. 

If I had only 1% of his character. 

I mention to you many of my heroes, such as Jesus, Gandhi, Chavez etc. All people that were convicted of crimes in court and were sentenced to prison time. 

I am not even in their league. 

They are my heroes. 

They give me strength. 

Always look at people who walk the walk, not just talk the talk. And gain strength from what they had to go through. You will be inspired by those who went through much more than you or I have ever endured. 

I look at my life and current situation and see that I have it so easy compared to others who went before me. 

You can always put things in perspective. 

Focus on the good things and what you want…

and be happy right now! 

I am! 

Much love! 


DECEMBER 10, 2013

You have to know as I do, that no matter what situation you are in, or how bad it appears…

  • There are always things to be thankful and grateful for!
  • You absolutely can CHOOSE to be happy! (YOU control how you feel!)
  • You can choose to take advantage of the great and best opportunity to clarify what you WANT and with strong emotion and particle flow, you can then focus on what you want and create your future faster than at any other time!

My firsthand experience is giving me even more insights and knowledge that YOU will benefit from in the near future.

I love you all! 


DECEMBER 11, 2013

People always complain about not having what they want. They complain about having bills, not having the car or house of their dreams. Not having enough money etc. 

I suggest that you count your blessings. 

Look for the gold. 

List the things you are grateful for. 

Being happy and fulfilled is a choice. 

It is a decision. 

It is how you frame things. 

It is the contrast you create and the perspective you put on things. 

Consider where I am (prison). 

I am so thankful! 

I have a clean comfortable warm bed. Great food. I have better living conditions than the majority of the millions who are in the military. I have it better than the majority of the millions in prisons in countries around the world! I have it better than the millions of homeless. I have it better than the tens of millions who go to bed cold, hungry, and live without running water or clean sewage and no sanitation. There are tens of millions who are sleeping on dirt floors, who are riddled with disease and sickness with no hope. 

I am so lucky. 

I have an amazing opportunity to relax and de-stress! 

Everything is free for me! 

The government is paying for everything! 


How lucky am I!??

I could be paying huge money to go to a monastery or ashram somewhere and have much less comfortable living conditions. 

I get this as a gift. 

Remember, in life, turn lemons into lemonade! 

Smile and be happy! 

Love you all! 


DECEMBER 13, 2013

I am rereading “Ask and it is Given”. 


It was totally rewritten since the last time I read it! 

LOL Sound familiar!?

If there is one book any of you should read and reread, this is the book! 

In your life, the only important thing is to feel good now. 

People might judge you and your situation and say… “look at the poor guy in that terrible situation”, but they do not know how you feel. You might be in total bliss. 

When I go to “boot camps ” for weeks at a time, I “suffer” every day. Little food, strenuous exercise, deprivation… but I LOVE every minute! 

My current situation is the same. I am loving every minute and am feeling sooooo good! 

Use your GIN training and feel good NOW… no matter what! 

You can do it!

Much Love, 


DECEMBER 14, 2013

My incarceration needed to happen for me personally to achieve new levels of knowledge and power, and for all of you as well! 

The exact reasons will be revealed in the future, and become very clear to all of you! 

Much Love, 


DECEMBER 15, 2013  

I woke this morning feeling soooo good. 

Imagine being 50 years old and having achieved ALL of your goals and dreams. Imagine going everywhere you wanted to go, having everything you wanted to have, doing everything you wanted to do! 


What next? 

An Adventure! 

Imagine selling everything you own and giving it to the poor. 

Imagine having NO debt. NO material possessions. NO responsibilities. 

Imagine going on a 10-15 year ADVENTURE of a lifetime of study, learning, laughing, living totally stress free, releasing abilities, gaining secret knowledge and having your adventure all paid for by the US Government! 

LOL… Welcome to my world! 

Be happy for me. 

I chose and created my reality, and am enjoying it and benefiting from it more than you could ever know! 

My choices and my reality is NOT for the majority of you… 

you might hate it! 

Now, YOU create YOUR reality in ways that YOU want! 

Go for YOUR dreams and pay no attention to people who try to judge your choices and decisions and the ways you choose to enjoy and live your life. 

Your Friend, 


DECEMBER 18, 2013

I love my life RIGHT NOW! 

I feel great RIGHT NOW! 

I am finding the gold and finding the hundreds of things I am grateful, thankful and appreciative for in my CURRENT situation. 

I feel thankful all day. 

I smile all day. 

I laugh all day. 

I feel good all day. 

I feel so lucky and so blessed RIGHT NOW.

I am so much better off than 99.9% of the people in the world. 

I am feeling total bliss. Stress free. I feel totally FREE! I am in the perfect place to focus and clarify exactly with specificity what I want, what my desires are, and what my life will be in the near future. 

I am creating the perfect life for ME! 

This process makes me feel soooo good…total bliss…and that is the ultimate goal…feeling good…experiences BLISS…and I have it RIGHT NOW! 

I hope all of you learn from what I am experiencing. Because who is better off right now? Me….feeling total bliss or maybe some of you feeling stress, anxiety, worry, anger, frustration etc…??? 

Something to think about!!

Keep listening to the Success Master Course training…and read the books on the basic and advanced book list. The material needs to be USED.

The training is for when things appear to be bad.

Some of you are folding under even the slightest pressure. 

Be strong!

Focus and use the training!

I love you all…

And I am looking forward to partying with all you wonderful Jedi Knights when I am out , which will be at the PERFECT time and place for me and you! 

Much Love, 


DECEMBER 19, 2013

People ask me why I did not take the stand and talk on my own defense at the trial. 

I had planned to do just that. I communicate well. I was sure if I took the stand and told the truth, that the jury would see that I was innocent. 

They would see that I did not violate the order. 

They would see that I did not misrepresent the contents of the book.

And for sure, they would see I had no criminal intent and did not do anything willfully in violation of the order.

But on the night before I was to testify, I had a supernatural, spiritual experience like I had never had in my life. 

I won’t explain now in detail what happened. I will do that later for those who attend future seminars…(my writings will be read by my good friend Janine). 

All I can say was I knew I could not take the stand. 

I had to remain silent. 

I could not speak in my own defense. 

And I knew if I did not take the stand and defend myself, I was going to be found guilty! 

I knew that my path was to be found guilty! 

Think about all the people that stood silent and did not speak in their own defense…

Jesus, Mandela, Gandhi, Chavez, the list goes on and on about people who stood silent when accused and did not speak in their own defense. 

My current incarceration is the perfect path for me! 

More on this amazing miracle later…

All I can tell you is, what happened to me was beyond anything I have experienced in my life. 

It was spiritual. 

It was supernatural. 

It was a miracle. 

And it has given me a peace I have not had before.

Much Love, 


DECEMBER 20, 2013

Your life is what YOU make of it. 

Some of the men here are just passing time. They never read anything. They spend day after day watching TV, listening to music, or playing cards. Some of the guys have been here for years. 

As I chat with them, I ask how they are different today than when they came in? 

What have they done to better themselves? 

They look surprised at my question as they say they are just “passing the time”. 

You have heard me say, don’t have 1 year of experience repeated 20 times, and then claim you have 20 years experience. 

Many people in life are just going in circles, repeating their thoughts and thus keep getting the same results in their life. 

The reason I am so excited about this experience for me, is I am taking full advantage of the time I have to read, think, write, and thus CREATE my future exactly the way I want! 

And for me…this is the optimal situation for me to plug into the “field” and download information that I would never be able to access on the “outside”. 

I am soooo blessed and soooo ecstatic! 


I am living in BLISS! 

All my love to you all! 


 DECEMBER 22, 2013

You must face your fears and confront what worries, concerns, or gives you distress. 

I taught this at my last, 1-day seminar in Washington DC.

Example: General Patton feared being shot right between the eyes. Yet in the movie Patton, there is a scene during an air raid where Patton jumps in the middle of the road and faces off with a plane shooting right at him! He yells and challenges the plane, “Shoot me right between the eyes!”

All great leaders confronted their biggest fears and overcame those fears…and turned those fears into their greatest motivations. 

Patton loved being in battle. He DEMANDED he be sent to the front lines! He craved what others were afraid of and trying desperately to avoid. 

That is how I see it as well. 

Many people think they would hate to be going through what I am going through now…being in jail and facing 18 or more years in prison, and having all your money and every material possession taken away from you. 

I, on the other hand, LOVE THIS adventure! 


Trust me when I tell you….I WILL be at the top and I HOPE to see YOU at the top as well! 

You can do it too! 

Much love! 


DECEMBER 23, 2013

Back in the 70’s and early 80’s I was “in training” almost full time. 

I was reading, listening to audios, and doing mental exercises EVERY day! I would attend seminars/workshops almost every month and sometimes weekly. I was meeting with my “uncle” on a regular basis. 

Then I jumped into the “real world” and started fully applying all I knew. 

Everything worked! 

Like magic. 

So well in fact, that I spent almost all my time helping others apply the material. 

Yes, I still “trained”, but not full time or anywhere close to that. 

Every day I worked from the moment I got up, till the moment I went to sleep, 7 days a week! 

Ask Blaine, Brandy, Janine, Chris, the Morters, or anyone who lived with me on a regular basis. 

Now I have 100% “ME” time! I am back to training full time! And I am LOVING IT! 

Janine came to visit and looked so worried when I walked into the visiting room to greet her. She asked if I was ok…

I said….”I LOVE IT HERE! I can’t wait to get back to my books and mental training! 


The point is this…

YOU can be happy no matter what you are facing, and when you get happy (feeling good…or at least better than you feel now)…everything will start BEING better in your life anyway and all your dreams/desires WILL come true!  



DECEMBER 25, 2013

Think of all the things you do every day and take for granted. 

A good fresh cup of coffee. 

A walk in the park. 

Petting your dog or cat. 

Playing with your kids. 

Having a pizza. 

Going to a great restaurant and having a spectacular meal. 

Going to see a movie at the cinema. 

Going for a swim. 

Taking a bath. 

Getting a massage. 

Having a nice glass of wine, or scotch, or a fine cigar! LOL 

Are YOU really fully enjoying all those things you take for granted every day? 

Are you grateful and thankful and feeling so appreciative for being able to enjoy all those seemingly simple pleasures?

Well, I am so lucky because when I get out of prison, whether months or years from now, I can tell you I will so fully and totally enjoy all those things more than you can ever imagine! 

That means I am so lucky to be able to FEEL more gratitude and thankfulness than many of you are allowing yourselves to feel. 

I can and will be more appreciative for all those things than you are doing now. 

I will be fully savoring those simple experiences and feeling more joy from them than you are now…

And that means, because I will have more intense GOOD feelings doing all those things, that the universe is going to POUR into my life MORE good things than ever before and in such huge quantities it will be almost impossible for me to take it all in! 

YOU can have the same…

Just start enjoying EVERY simple pleasure and FEEL SOOOOO grateful that YOU can experience it now! 

It will be easy for me…but YOU can do it too! 

Enjoy the pizza! REALLY enjoy it…and be SOOOO thankful for all those simple pleasures!  



DECEMBER 28, 2013

I am in the perfect environment to do what I have been wanting to do my whole life, and what I need to do to take me to the next level. 

I can focus. 

I am getting complete clarity. 

I am molding energy. 

I am plugging into the ether, the universal field, and downloading knowledge and information that I could never access before, but now I can! 

I am clearing patterns that I have never been able to clear. 

I am releasing abilities that I have never been able to release, but knew where always there. 

I am accessing source energy like never before. 

I am in total BLISS! 

If they told me I could leave today, I would say NO! I am not finished yet with what I need and WANT to accomplish! 


Life is wonderful. 

Focus on YOUR dreams. 

Don’t let anyone tell you how YOU should be living YOUR life. 

Follow your BLISS. 

Much love, 


DECEMBER 30, 2013

This is a powerful secret that I will be going into great detail in the future.

Remember, always LOOK for the gold. 

Find the positive aspects of everything. 

Find the things to be grateful for in every situation. 

The poet said…

I had the blues because I had no shoes…..

Until the day I walked the street…

I saw a man….

who had no feet.

Count YOUR blessings, and when you do, you feel GOOD…

and when you feel GOOD….

what you DESIRE (your dreams) comes into your life! 

Much love…


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