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A Presidential Pardon For Kevin Trudeau

As momentum steps up for the Presidential Pardon for Kevin Trudeau, here’s a recent letter from KT to President Trump


Dear President Trump,

This is Kevin Trudeau. I am a #1 NY Times bestselling author of 6 books with nearly 50 million copies sold.

Today I am serving an egregious and unjust 10 year Federal Prison sentence for “contempt of court” for “willfully violating a court order”. This is the longest prison sentence ever imposed for the “non crime” of contempt.

My “heinous crime” was to dare go on TV and express my opinions, quote my books, and exercise my First Amendment Right of Free Speech.

However this “contempt” charge is all just a smoke screen.

I am in prison for purely political reasons: because my conservative “speech” goes against the establishment politicians, globalists and liberal elitist left. The real reasons I am in prison are because the Clinton and Obama administrations have been trying to silence me for decades for:

-exposing corporate and government corruption
-exposing Big Pharma, the Banks, and other special interests
-exposing corrupt establishment politicians from both parties

One political insider is quoted as saying “Trudeau has been on the Clinton and Obama hit list for years”.
Hillary Clinton, while Secretary of State, is also quoted as saying “Trudeau must be silenced. He is politically dangerous”.

For decades the Clinton and Obama Justice Department and other Federal agencies under the control of the executive Branch, have been on a political witch hunt against me for my conservative political speech on my radio show and in my books. The fact that tens of millions of people have bought my books and listened to me on radio and TV have made me a political target for decades.

Like Sheriff Joe, I have been unjustly attacked by the Obama and Clinton “deep state” holdovers in the Justice Department and a rogue activist blatantly biased Judge. As you know, “contempt” is not a felony, and not even a misdemeanor. “Contempt” is not an inherent “crime”.

The basic facts of the case are at They are also in the Official Petition for Commutation of Sentence that I filed with the Presidential Pardon Office.

Basically the government and Judge said I “willfully violated a court order” because I went on TV and said that the Dr. Simeons HCG weight loss protocol that I described in my NY Times bestseller “The Weight Loss Cure They Don’t Want You to Know About”, was “easy”. Because I said the word “easy” I am in prison serving a 10 year sentence!

The Judge claims that he read the book and that the Dr. Simeons HCG weight loss method in the book could not be easy, therefore I “misrepresented the contents of the book” which the judge claims is a willful violation of his order.

I say over 30 times in the book that I personally found the HCG protocol to be easy when I did it myself and lost 45 pounds.

The word easy is subjective and a clearly a personal opinion. People who actually DID the HCG protocol also say it was easy. But none of this mattered to the judge. He said I “willfully” misrepresented the contents of the book when I said it was “easy”, and sentenced me to the longest prison term in history for contempt…..10 years in Federal Prison.

10 years in Federal Prison for saying the word “easy” is outrageous! Remember, one judge charged me with contempt….not a single person who bought the book complained (and over 5 million copies were sold).

I am 100% innocent as I did not “willfully” violate the court order. I believed that when I was on TV talking extemporaneously without a script about my book, that I was simply giving my personal opinions, quoting the book, and exercising my First Amendment rights of free speech.

However the judge would not allow me to use the First Amendment as a defense. He also said I could not even utter the words “First Amendment” in “his” courtroom.

I also relied on the advice of counsel and had everything reviewed and approved by my lawyers to make sure that everything was in compliance with all court orders and laws. The lawyers said then, and still say now, that I did not violate the order and I did not misrepresent the contents of the book. Needless to say, I obviously did not “willfully” violate the order. To the contrary, I was extremely diligent to make sure everything was 100% legal and in compliance with the order. I obviously had no “intent” to violate the order.

But even if I was 100% guilty of “willfully violating the court order”, 10 years incarceration for contempt of court and for saying the word “easy” is too excessive. It borders on human rights violations. If another country did this to me, I am sure that you, Mr. President, would get on the telephone and call the President of that country and secure my release.

You are the only person who can correct this horrible injustice and get me released from Federal Prison.

That is why I filed an Official Petition for Commutation of Sentence, asking you Mr. President, to commute (lower) my sentence to “time served” (I have already served nearly 4 years in prison and have exhausted all appeals).

Mr. President, I feel I deserve a full pardon as I am 100% innocent and this is clearly a politically motivated action by the “establishment” politicians to silence and discredit someone who has major influence over millions of people and whose conservative “speech” and opinions they hate.

However, I am asking you to at least “commute” my sentence to time served and have me released. 4 years in prison is more than enough punishment even if I was guilty of contempt. Commuting my sentence is easy for you to do.

Remember, this is not a “crime” per se, as speech is not a “crime”.

This is about a NY Times bestselling book that everyone who bought loved (over 5 million copies sold).
This is about Free Speech and government censorship.
This is about judges who disregard the law and do what they want based on their personal political views and bias.

I was not charged with fraud or any crime by any law enforcement agency. I was charged with contempt by a single judge.
I was not fined and not ordered to pay any restitution.

There is no dispute that the people who bought the book loved the book (the government said so at my sentencing and the government could not produce even 1 person as a witness that said they bought the book and felt mislead).

There is no dispute that the weight loss method described in the book works. The government agree that it is extremely effective. It is being used now at thousands of clinics all across America and the world and endorsed by many medical doctors.

There is no dispute that everyone who bought the book received what they ordered (and more with all the free bonuses).

There is no dispute that anyone who asked for a refund (less that 8%) received a refund as there as a 100% money back guarantee.

The “real reason” I am in prison has nothing to do with the book or the fact that I said the word “easy”. The real reason is political. It is about discrediting a conservative voice that has a huge “following”.

Remember, there is no fraud here. There is no “crime” here. If there was fraud, I would have been charged with fraud.

There is not even one customer who lost any money as everyone received what they ordered or received a refund if they asked for one. There are no “victims” and no “injured parties”.

What has happened to me is totally unfair and a gross injustice.

Mr. President, hundreds of thousands of my supporters have reached out to you, some of your senior staff and advisors, and Senators and Congressmen, all advocating for my release and encouraging you to grant my Petition and pardon me or at least commute (lower) my sentence.

You can do a great thing for an American author and citizen.
You can do a great thing for Free Speech and the Constitution.

You can do the “right thing”.

Commuting my sentence is simply the “right thing to do”.

I heard you speak in North Dakota a few days ago, and you said you do the right thing without thinking about it.

I believe you. You are a great man and a great leader. Millions of my supporters, readers, and those who watched my on TV or listened to me on radio for years are wanting you to take positive action and commute my sentence.

Please pardon me or at least grant my Petition and commute my sentence to “time served”.

Obama commuted the sentences of nearly 2000 Federal inmates. I knew some of the men whose sentences were commuted. Many were real criminals who committed real crimes. Yet there sentences were reduced by President Obama and they were set free.

I should have my sentence commuted for many reasons, mostly because 10 years is simply an outrageously long sentence for “contempt of court”.

Commuting my sentence is the right thing to do, and it is very good politically as well. The millions of people who support me will love you for taking this positive action. Please have compassion for this situation.

At are the 4 previous letters I sent you explaining the details of the situation as well as several other documents including:

-“The facts and details about how Kevin Trudeau was found guilty of contempt” (3 pages)
-“The reasons and justifications as to why President Trump should commute Kevin Trudeau’s 10 year prison sentence” (3 pages)
-2 letters to President Trump from US Congressman Ed Foreman advocating for Kevin Trudeau to have his sentence reduced
-“The 30 pieces of evidence that the Judge would not allow in court that proves Kevin Trudeau is 100% innocent” (5 pages)

I can send these documents to you if you desire.

Mr. President, please grant my Petition and pardon me or at least commute my sentence to time served and have me released.

I have skills and talents that you could use if you desire. It would be an honor and a privilege to serve you in any capacity if that is your pleasure.

I support you 100%.
I support your family 100%.
I support “Make America Great Again” 100%.

I will be forever in your debt.

I look forward to hearing your positive response very soon, shaking your hand, and thanking you in person.

By the way, you are doing a brilliant job! It is clear that you will be known as “The Greatest President of All Time”.


KevinTrudeau 18046036
Mobile b- Federal Prison Camp
Maxwell AFB
Montgomery, AL 36112



Be sure to share this on social media and print to share offline too. Always use the #FreeKevinTrudeau handle and thank you for your ongoing support, it really is appreciated.

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Once I received an issue from the Federal Agency that warns consumers about hoaxes. This particular issue contained an article depicting Kevin Trudeau as some criminal. I responded to the social media asking what exactly was the crime and wasn’t America a place where authors were able to write what they thought bearing rights of free speech and even if it weren’t, given my understanding of the charges against Mr Trudeau; why weren’t the manufacturer’s of the thousands of diet pills and other weight loss gimmicks also in jail. That social media editor refused to keep my posting there. My ancestors fought in the Revolutionary War. What a wrong this imprisonment is.

The story of Kevin Trudeau is a modern version of the burning the wise women as witches in medieval times.
This is confirmation and the immense injustice that we ourselves create:
First of all, we choose politicians who should represent us and then we are criticizing those whom we have chosen as our government. We rebel, because many evident criminals are free, taking away our right to have our lives in security – we are living in stress because we are trembling of fear walking along the streets to not be attacked. I heard something about “democracy” – we are free because we can speak freely.
The story of Kevin Trudeau is proof that we can not speak freely. Strange … ???? How can one understand the word of justice ?!
Mr. Trudeau is an Alpha guide for thousands of people showing us what should be done to become an Alpha. So he does a great job that should be done by elementary education.
Many thousands of people would give a medal Mr. Trudeau, while he’s locked up in jail. Where is the logic? !!!
Just as wise women treated people with herbs in the Middle Ages, they were burned at the stake, so Kevin Trudeau sits in jail for helping others.
We want to respect our governments, but how to do it when the governments are against us when dangerous bandits are free and fantastic humans are in jail!!!!!?????
Here is the proof: Every day, heavy crimes are committed by recidivists. My question to legal representatives around the world: Why are these recidivists at liberty?…………………

P.S. A huge thank you to Kevin Trudeau for every word spoken. You’re a great guide, leader and noble person. I am your student and will definitely stay forever. I’m looking forward to your freedom because your place is to be with us to continue your impact on humanity

Dear Mr. Trudeau,

I am an advocate of your cause and would be glad to sign a petition in your favor for a speedy release. I have followed your magnanimous and altruistic work, excellent infomercials and books over the years. I admire & sincerely appreciate your accomplishments.

It would be nice to correspond with you via email if that’s possible. I hope to come to visit you at the Federal Prison in Alabama later this year but I hope even more that President Trump rightfully pardons & gives you an immediate release first.

You are in my daily prayers. God bless you.

Dr. William Jarvis

I really enjoy your materials and find this to just be a huge injustice. I am a big believer in the LOA studies and find it hard to believe that you are in jail for this. I have purchased copies of your health cures book and even bought the CD’s. I also own a copy of your wish is your command. I have no issues with any of this material and am sorry for the actions of this judge. You have my vote for release and a pardon. Namaste!

Hello Kevin,
My name is Lisa Avery and we meet years ago at I Care Spa in California. You changed my life when you invited me to join the Global Information Network. I would love for you to become my mentor. I really miss you speaking at the GIN. I listen to your cds daily in my car while working. You inspire me to become a better person. I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Hi Kevin, I hope this message finds you well. I’m not sure if you remember me or if you will receive this message, but I am Blaine’s cousin Mary. I met and spoke with you a couple of times while in Blaine’s company. I think of you often and wonder how you are doing, so I googled your name today and read the entire horrific story regarding your case. I was not surprised about the outcome of your circumstance. From the moment I finished reading your first book, “The Natural Cures They Don’t Want You To Know About”, I worried there would be repercussions, as I already had knowledge of everything you wrote through my personal education in Macrobiotics. Your book was a great source of education and I know everything you wrote was written with passion & truth. You knew the book would upset some people, but you proceeded with determination, intelligence, tanacity & courage in writing & publishing a book that helped so many people change the direction of their lives in a positive, healthier way, forever. I haven’t read your book about weight loss, however, I respect your passion, strength & courage so much! Have you made any progress with the pardon from President Trump. If you do get this message, please let me know how everything is going. I’m a patriot & support President Trump. I feel he is an outstanding president! I hope & pray you have made progress with your request for commutation of sentence. If anyone can & will do it, it will be him! I signed the FreeKevinTrudeau petition & circulated it on facebook. If there is anything else I can do to help, please let me know. You have been and continue to be a tremendous source of inspiration for so many people! May God Bless You Always…….Sincerely, Mary

You have changed my life since reading your first book “Natural Cures”. I can’t begin to explain the changes I’ve made in my life after learning all the information you laid out in your many books. I’m grateful to you, as is my family. Your not only inspirational, but you change lives for the better. I am so grateful for the education and awareness you brought to my life. I am living life to the fullest with the knowledge you gave me! I pray for your release.

Kevin reminds me of Ronald Regan who once said to the joint session of Congress. “The Republicans Are Dreaming And If We Don’t Keep Dreaming We Will Lose The Republic”.

Kevin has made a huge positive impact on my life by applying all his strategies on how to change the way I think.

I wake up every day with a strong burning desire to achieving my dreams. And this reminds me of a bible phrase that says, without dreams and visions people perish.

From the Children of Sanchez: “Take the crumbs from starving soldiers, they won’t die. Take the bread from hungry children, they won’t cry but without dreams, we all will die”.

Here is one of the things I learned from Kevin. “Success is something you attract by the person you become” Success is not something you pursue, success is something you attract by becoming an attractive person. This phrase changed my life.

Kevin thought me that success is something you attract by the person you become. Success is not something you pursue. Success is something you attract by becoming an attractive person.

Here is what he said. Your income is directly related to your philosophy not to the economy.

We’re pushing for President Trump to free you so that you can continue to spread your knowledge to help people better themselves and for them and me to achieve our goals and dream bigger.


-Idael Pineiro

I would appreciate it if Kevin Mark Trudeau is released from Prison. Contempt of Court should never warrant such a lengthy sentence.

I have been blessed by all of Kevin Trudeas teachings and seminars that I haven attended, it has truly changed my life.

Kevin aj Hope You Will by Free soon .Thanks to you I am healthy because I watch lots of Your video And read your book ???? .

Kevin, thank you for your truly WONDERFUL help to all of humanity (including me) to make people’s lives happier, more productive and more fulfilled. Bless you from the bottom of my heart.
(I am using my God-given ‘computer’ to help your pardon and rightful release be swift as you so much deserve – just as you have taught us!)

So Walmart admittedly illegally robo signed failed mortgages.
Wells Fargo admittedly created fake accounts while stealing money from their own customers.
All Kevin Trudeau did was say something was ‘easy in his opinion’ under free speech.
Are we seeing a judicial error here?
We are truly living John Carpenter’s 1988 ‘They Live’.
Furthermore the statement “easy in my opinion” is protected free speech under the 1st Amendment.
Not subject to judicial intervention. Kevin Trudeau has exposed the corrupt system that ‘They Live’ in.
One day Kevin Trudeau will emerge victorious and garner appreciation and respect he deserves.
Freedom for Kevin Trudeau now.

Kevin, you changed my life tremendously with all your teachings from The GIN INNER CIRCLE and outside of the INNER CIRCLE. We’re pushing for President Trump to free you so that you can continue to spread your knowledge to help people better themselves and for them and I to achieve our goals and dream bigger. Much ALOHA. Truly yours, Christian Keahihauoli Kozlowski

Good health information that Mr.. Trudeau provided that has tremendously improved my consciousness about good overall healthfor the rest of my life. Other accepted health benefits are for profit and not always good for all racial types of people. For example, American Indians have allergies to non-indigenous foods that have caused diabetes.

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