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President Trump is commuting inmates sentences!

It is all over the news. President Trump is looking to commute the prison sentences of those unjustly jailed. Kevin just wrote to us and asked us to post this “call to arms”. Please share as widely as you can.


The President is looking at inmates who were “treated badly, unfairly and unjustly” by Federal prosecutors and Judges. He is looking at commuting the sentences of inmates that “simply got too much prison time for the crimes they committed”.

My petition is one of those.

You can help tip the scales and get President Trump to grant my petition for a reduction of sentence and have me immediately released.

Write, call and email President Trump and tell him you want him to grant my Petition. Tell him how you feel about they way I was treated by the judicial system.

Tell him what you think about my books and anything else you feel like telling him. Do the same to Justin Trudeau, the Prime Minister of Canada as well as Sergio Mattarella the President of Italy and Giuseppe Conte the Prime Minister of Italy (as I have Canadian roots and am also an Italian citizen).

Encourage people to go to for all the details. You will find the email addresses, telephone numbers and mailing addresses for all of these men.

You can make a difference.

Now is the time to act and let these powerful people know the TRUTH.

All they have heard is the Fake News about me and all the lies the government and media has said about my me, my books, and my businesses.

Thank you for all your help!

Whatever the outcome, everything is Divinely guided and will all be perfect for the highest good of everyone!

Much love…your friend, KT

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I have just been listening to Kevin Trudeau’s “Your wish is your command” audio programme, possibly the best & most life changing material I have ever listened to. I hope Kevin gets released soon. I am not on Twitter but am happy to sign any kind of petition to help with Kevin’s early release. Maybe in some way get President Trump to grant Kevin Trudeau an early release??? Thankyou Kevin for all you have done for us and I’m hoping to meet with you sometime in the very near future. – Best Wishes – Hussein Akrami – Edinburgh – Scotland

If good powerful Donald wants to make America great again, he definetely needs to release Kevin Trudeau immediately.
I am hugely grateful for every single bit I received through Kevin in my membership in the Global Information Network. It is continuously positively impacting and transforming my whole life. One of the best contributions to improving global human society and life on this planet is to free Kevin Trudeau.
Thank you.

Please commute Kevin Trudeau’s sentence. He is a wonderful motivator, hurts no one.

To put on prison Mr. Kevin Trudeau is one of the biggest scandal in our time. It’s a humiliation to United States President’s intelligence. This fact is a proof that whole USA government is afraid of Mr. Trudeau. What a power Mr Trudeau must have according to authorities of justice that he must be in prison ????!!! Shame on you all and shame on all people who voted for you to be representative of human’s intelligence liberty! Because of you we are still in Middle Ages and the planet Earth is still flat !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Shame on you!!!!

I have read Kevin Trudeau’s books which are undeniable truthful. Some people don’t understand why Kevin was put in prison unjustifiably. Kevin isn’t a quitter, he will go on to make a big difference in not only America but the world, given time. His suggestions in his books couldn’t be more accurate when put to use. His books makes great gifts which are always appreciated by the receiver.

A message to Dear Kevin and Fellow Americans and President Trump!

Free Kevin=Free America!

HEALTH FREEDOM IS OUR GOD GIVEN RIGHT! Freedom of Speech and Thought is a huge part of that health freedom.

Along with All our other Freedoms and Freedom of Speech, Freedom to Protect our Person and the Freedom for Peace and Security in our homes and nations.

Freedom from sexual abuse and drug addictions and the impact of a very violent nation goes against our Health Freedoms and our Sound Secure Mental Health and divine right to be safe and secure.

President Trump’s Role is to protect his citizen’s Freedoms. Building the wall is a part of this. If you are against the wall, against the President, against Freeing Kevin then you really are against your OWN Health Freedom and those of your children’s and the generations to follow. Freedom and Security to live a long healthy secure life with a sound mind is a God given right.

This is a divine spiritual movement. The choice is ours to make.

We MUST ALL be involved to FREE KEVIN!

God gave us Free Will. The Time is NOW to speak and stand with that choice and President Trump! This is a spiritual war with physical consequences for our minds, bodies and the future health for all of us individually and as a nation. It is a fight for humanity and our loved ones for decades and centuries to come.


Kevin said years ago on his radio show; “The day they are successful in putting me behind bars is the “sign” we as Americans have lost our First Amendment rights and all other freedoms to follow! ” Look what we have already now witnessed in the three years he has been behind bars! In the two years since President Trump has become President. The autrocities, corruption and lies are massive. The enemy will not stop unless more divine interventions occur.


He was NOT put behind bars for a “crime”! He was put behind bars because The Elite Dark Powers that be did NOT like what he was saying. He spoke the truths about Big Government overeach, Big Corporations, Pharmeceuticals, GMO’s, Flouride, Toxins, Radiation, Water, Vaccinations, Sky “trails”. He mostly spoke about Preventative Health and teaching people to take back control of their health and their lives. He spoke out about people taking back their freedoms and their governments. He was speaking TRUTH about every topic! He covered it all in his books and radio shows and archives to WAKE the people up to maintaining their FREEDOMS and not becoming slaves to the broken system.

He spoke on his show about the housing crisis, the debt bubble, about the dangerous Derivative market and the Banking system and Federal Reserve. He discussed it all and they did NOT like he was waking the people up with the FACTS. The facts are all there for any truth seeker to find.

He also gave people hope. Taught us to control our thoughts and minds. Readers are leaders. Encouraged people to seek their highest aspirations and create their dreams. To be passionate about their goals and think big and strive to create the live of their dreams.

Donald Trump says the same!
Think Big, Do what you love, Never Give Up! Strive for Success! Isn’t that what America is supppossed to be? The Beacon on the Hill where all are created equal and the Freedom to Pursue the Life of their choosing? To create successful creative citizens that contibute positively to it’s nation. Kevin and President are striving to help Free us from the corruption, depravity and violence that are attempting to remove those Freedoms from us and the rest of the humanity.

Here is a FACT…you can NOT enjoy TRUE FREEDOM without your HEALTH. Kevin knew this. Anyone who has lost their health and regained it should know, understand and realize this. The fact that there is health prevention knowledge and alternatives being maliciously denied, suppressed, and manipulated in this country should DISGUST everyone. This is what he and many men before him in the health movement above spoke of.

The FREEDOM to CHOOSE that choice and direction in life in ALL areas. Healthy Minds, Healthy Bodies, Healthy Finances, Healthy Governments. A Healthy World not bogged down with toxins, poisions and unhealthy diabolical people, corporations, politicians and leaders.

So they went after him with an arrogant Judge and set him up for contempt of court. His books, audios, videos, and radio show helped millions of people to hear the truth from him. His show had 100’s of guests and friends regarding these topics that joined him on his radio show to share their knowledge with the people and in public speaking engagements to educate and enlighten them to the FACTS.

Kevin asked the people that were helped by his shared knowledge to reach out and share their testimonials with the Judge so he could be armed with facts of people that were helped by him and not harmed as “alleged”. The Judge evidently had a mission and chose to refuse to enter into the record their testimonials.

This is an important fact to remember. The Judge did not appreciate that his email box was inudated and the massive positive response in support of Kevin!
He did not expect this and it in turn enraged him.

This is why and how he could only charge him with Contempt of court! That is a big part of this story and the fact that they were able to seize everything he owned and put him in jail for 10 years is an EXCESSIVE sentance and overreach on the part of the corrupt judicial system Kevin was trapped in. A corrupt bias Judge doing the bidding of someone? But who?
Just like the rest of the bias and corruption President Trump has been fighting for since before being elected and the obstructionist working against the will of the people. The use the false allegations, false crimes, false law suits, corrupt lawyers, corrupt judges and a corrupt legal system to bog down, take down and put away the people in their way. THIS is what happened to Kevin!

This was just the beginning of what has now been happening with all the conservative voices being targeted and silenced like Alex Jones …who by the way… just so happens to “advocates health and supplements.” Good quality ones at that. Now they target Michael Savage who has a degree in nutrition. He is one smart man. Now they take him off his syndicated show! His following numbers dont warrant that removal! It all started with Kevin. We have temained silent. Silent no more. We must help free him. It is all our futures.

Does it not seem strange …that the people who fight for HEALTH and ALL FREEDOMS and EXPOSE the REAL criminals …the loudest …all about the diabolic politicians and the corrupt government and big corporations fighting against the people …are being aggressively targeted?

History is full of accounts of people and practicioners involved in the early days of preventative health and nutrition movement directly targeted with gustopo tactics. They began targeting them once the creation of American Medical Association, The Flexner Report underwritten by Rockerfeller Foundation and the role of the Rockerfeller Foundation becoming involved in controlling Medicine and the Universities and Medical Education in this country. This including the field of Psychiatry and medical definitions and codes and the implementation of mass vaccinations in the name of “Preventative Health”. All to “protect” the citizens.

Another area of concern is the patent abuse and fraud. It used to be “illegal” to give a “patent” on a “natural” ingredient. But somewhere along the way that law was changed. Now they are and have given patents on different naturally occurring herbs, plants, fish, etc by “isolating” and renaming extracts and making them into patentable products developed and marketed and sold as pharmeceuticals. But no one has addressed this violation and abuse of power grab and mostly outright fraud of a natural ingredient. When, Who and under what direction and administration did this occur? This needs to be researched and addressed as well.

These alternative doctors, practicioners, nutritionists, health speakers, writers and and advocates were suppressed, harrassed, raided and arrested at the bequest of those in the medical and pharmaceutical industry. Now it is FULL FORCE again in 2019… really before that but Kevin’s incarceration was what they needed to start steamrolling .

Had Hillary been elected WE would already NOW have Lost our Health Freedoms. It is the first thing she had planned for all of us!! Socialized Medicine and Vitamins with Prescription! We would already since 2016 until now have already been witnessing mass personal health liberties lost! Along with everything else. Basically they would choose who lives or who dies in their system.

God divinely intercepted and altered their plans by Electing Trump to lead in this fight!

The web and money created is massive and deep. Health Freedom is one of their biggest enemies yet is the one we as Individuals need most. You do not have Wealth or Freedom without your Health. You then become enslaved and dependant on their drugs, their doctors, their systems. The Food industry and the Drug companies now have been mostly taken over to work together to ensure you get trapped into their web. The big money has now moved into agriculture to control the food you eat from soil to market, the water you drink, the air you breath thus controlling the “quality” of everything you eat, drink and breath. It’s INSANE!

I have heard and listened to Kevin all the way back in late 80’s early 90’s . He was involved and did audio tapes with the world famous Nightengale Press. Nightengale was selling these tapes and aligned with a very wonderful health company as well at that time. They sold wonderful audio tapes for him and others like Zig Ziggler, Tony Robbins and many of the original leaders in the Positive Thought movements.

They all had mentors before them. Some of the most healthy positive thought leaders of their time. Some included Napolean Hill, Earl Nightengale, Ralph Waldo Trine, Dale Carnegie and the great Norman Vincent Peale. My grandfather used to go to his church. I have read many of his sermons and teachings.

President Trump attended and was influenced by Rev. Peale. President Trump admits this man had a great positive impact on his life. These men are all heros. Kevin is a hero. He has helped millions before this and the sacrifice he is now making for continuing the fight behind bars and bringing this into the
“LIGHT” is to the benefit of ALL of us.

Without these above men, including now President Trump and the great leaders in the health movement during those earlier days of the last century we would not enjoy so much today. Men like Paul Bragg, Bernarr McFadden, Jack LaLanne, Dr Lust
(Founders of First Health Stores, First Gyms, First Vegetarian Restaurants, First Nutrition Schools, First Bodybuilding and Fitness competitions, First Health magazines etc) and the 1,000 of others that carried the torches of these great leaders. They were leaders of Freedoms Of Thought and Health and all Freedoms. They were readers, they were leaders and they loved History. They knew and appreciated what the previous great men had done to build upon the freedoms we have enjoyed today.

There is a DESTUCTIVE force trying to aggressively strip ALL freedoms away. Kevin in jail was a huge accomplishment to them. Silencing the Truth is a huge thing. Minimizing and silencing those in their way with the biggest voices and mass amounts of followers that are waking people up is there method. Just remove them. Jail them, kill them etc.

These legendary leaders knew there would be a day that it would come to this. All of this is now coming to a head.

Fighting to FREE KEVIN is huge and relevant to ALL AMERICANS to continue to have a CHOICE at all of what to eat, drink or think.

Kevin was always a leader. He and many other people in 1994 were in a fight first hand that most were not aware of. It was a fight to keep nutritional supplements on the market. This may now seem irrelevant but it was not then and it is important to know now.

Who was behind this plan? They have not given up. Orrin Hatch was a big part of this fight against the plan. He was a large part of the success to stave the plan off. He is now leaving politics and that is not good for us. He was a freedom fighter. We need to keep more good Patriots in politics to continue to win. We owe him deep gratitude.

Back in 1994 Hillary Clinton was trying to bring in Socialized Health Care. She was put in charge of Health Care Reform under her husband’s presidency.

I attended many first hand meetings as well as millions of others. During these meetings and conventions nationwide Doctor’s in the know of the diabolic plan were becoming “whistle blowers”. They were privy to the “real plan and agenda” They attended and spoke on stage at these events and showed and held “prepackgaged” pharmeceutical Vitamin C you could only get with a doctor’s perscription. As soon as the Health Reform Act was to go into effect they were going to make all other forms of natural ingedients or supplements sold by health stores or alternative health practicioners or online illegal. Effectively putting them all out of business and citizens without any means or choice other than going to their doctor to get a “watered” down version for help at an exhorbinant cost.

This is what their idea of FREE socialized health care was to become. TOTAL control of anything to do with your health and what you put in your body. There were millions of Health Freedom fighters, Nutrition companies, store owners and health freedom individuals and fighters that signed petitions and fought hard and won to stave it off. It worked temporarily.
The DSHEA Act of 1994 was passed temporarily staving off this event.

Americans have the health stores and health movements and more products and organic choices NOW because of what was fought then in 1994. Kevin was a big part of that movement along with many like Julianne Whitaker, Durk Pearson and Sandy Shaw, Dr. Joel Wallach who all have won vital cases against the FDA and their suppression. Heros like constitunional lawyer Jonathan Emord who represented Durk and Sandy and today helps nutritional companies to know and stay compliant in the area of FDA labeling and regulations that have become costly and burdensome. This massive overreach is an attempt to put them out of business one by one.

UNDERSTAND this! The pharmeceutical companies did and still DO NOT want people in control of their health in this country. Neither do these regulatory agencies and the sinster people doing the dirty work for their masters in the “name of good and protection of the citizens.”

Make no mistake WEIGHT LOSS IS A BIG PART of this. Going after Kevin for his Weight Loss Book is Relevant as well. Having been involved in health and nutrition and weight loss for over 25 years it is a HUGE factor. People that weigh less gain back control of many things. Lower Blood Pressure, Lower Cholesterol, Lower Sugar and Less Metabolic Syndrome which is a combination of symptoms leading to Diabetes and Heart Disease.

Bottom line = less dependance on drugs! Less BP medications, less cholesterol drugs, less blood sugar medications, less insulin, less heart medicines, heart surgeries and all the horrible diseases and complications caused by both of these diseases and that is not including the negative consequences of extra weight contributing to joint health, disabilities and even cancer and depression.

Kevin’s book was mentioning and promoting a successful protocol for weight loss. It is based on a certain protocol also with a lower calorie diet. The facts are it is effective for those that “choose” their freedoms to follow, implement and do so …they do get results! There are of course hundreds of different diets marketed worldwide with millions getting varying results.

But the bottom line and scientific provable consensus is this:
Less calories in + More calories burned= Weight loss and maintained healthy weight management.

I personally have utulized his method mentioned in the book and it works to help accelerate and jump start a healthy weight loss and healthier eating and motivation because you get results that inspire you. But I have tried many others over the years including an original ephedra herb tea that was natural and safe. Then they targeted and banned ephedra because it WAS helping many people lose weight. Even people with hundreds of pounds who had previously not been successful.

But my theory and belief is that making Ephedra illegal was a test case as well. It also was so effective and people were losing weight but they were also lowering their blood pressure and their blood sugars naturally. They then were able to come off their medications with their doctors assistance because there pressure and sugars went back within normal ranges after the weight was within a healthy range.

It was a targeted campaign and was most likely “orchestrated”. They attempted to prostitute the original natural formulas and outlaw them by creating companies and products synthetically created and loaded with exhorbantly high levels of Ephedra and marketed these brands and sold to grocery chains and drug stores off the shelves. They contained much HIGHER adulterated synthetic forms of ephedra along with very high levels of caffeine in order to cause adverse reactions and side effects and alleged deaths. This then got “reported ” to FDA so it could be banned and bring in “more control” to the supplement market. So it worked and all ephedra was BANNED from the market. Although the alleged deaths that accelerated this ban were proven to Not be the cause of death. They still banned it anyway. Another point to prove how deep this goes to get the results they need. The facts are there as well for any choosing to research.

So Kevin and others were very outspoken about this “overreach” by the FDA . The FDA has deep connections with the Pharmeceutical Industry. Much of this started during Bill Clinton’s administration when Hillary was attempting Hillary Care that later became Obama Care. It is no suprise that Kevin was effectively targeted by them and ultimately the FCC to bring him down against speaking out and took his “FREE SPEECH” rights away. No suprise that this Gustopo method was brought and happened during the Obama administration. We now have found out what that administration did and just how far there overreach went to silence Freedom fighters. This overreach is not even mentioning or including the many health freedom leaders and fighters and alternative doctors fighting cancer and speaking out against Vaccinations. Many of the main alternative doctors who helped so many with Cancer with great results and spoke out against vaccinations ….like Nicholas Gonzalez are now gone. Most died suddenly and under suspicious “causes” ? The patterns, tactics are all there for all to see and know.

There is a WAR on our Freedoms and the war is now at the level of our Bodies and choice of how to think, who we can listen to and what we can or can’t voluntarily put in our bodies. THEY want to “control” our bodies. What doctors we can go too. Now they are targeting clean air and unadulterated water. Two natural elements oxygen and H2O vital for life that God created for All to freely use for life.

Everyone that enjoys some level of health should be on the side of HEALTH FREEDOM and FREEDOM. Soon we will have NO one left…No brave heroic people that have fought. The TIME is NOW!

Helping to FREE KEVIN means choosing these Freedoms for yourself, your families and futures of greatgrand children for generations to come. Take off the blinders and start seeing clearly and get invilved.

Proud to be a lifelong American Health Freedom Advocate! I am only speaking the truth, the facts are there for any truth seeking American.

Protecting Freedom of Speech means protecting all your rights including your Body. The most sacred God given right of all. WWG1WGA. God Bless President Trump and Kevin and all the Freedom Fighters.


I just found this today. Please inform me of Kevin’s present status. Would reaching out to Trump still benefit him?

I am on my 3rd round of a 13+ hour recording of Your Wish Is Your Command. I cannot thank Kevin enough for the hope, the opportunity and the awareness I am gaining. I have so much to learn.

Remaining teachable,


My life have change since I first have read natural cures they don’t want you to know. Since that day I have been living a better healthy life. And since that day I have been following Kevin. Not only do I have a better healthy life but I also have a more happier life do to the advices and theachings in your wish is your command. My life have change dramatically thanks to Kevin dedication to tell the trueth.

I have listened to Your Wish is Your Command now every day since I Found it (I attracted it to me) about sixteen days ago)

I am forever indebted to your bravery and the sacrifice you have made as a lover of truth. My life was changed before I could finish the first time I heard YWiYC. What amazes me is that when I share this with friends and foreigners I find, they don’t jump through the picture window in their dirty underware running down the road telling everyone about Your Wish is Your Command. I can show you some of the silliest excuses in texts. LOL The say I began listening to Your Wish Is Your Command I got a job driving a dump truck about a block from my house. I wasn’t even looking for a job. But this dump truck turns out to be a sanctuary where I can listen, via earbuds, iPhone and YouTube all the time. It gets better every time.
Ask me how I feel after I have listened to it nine thousand nine hundred and eighty six more times. My mind will be able to put out a candle just thinking about a showlin monk throwing a punch at a candle. Teach me more. As for prison, this past Saturday we went to a pic nic in Hollywood Florida. The event was an annual gathering of CTP, Corrections Transition Program. I just got off parole. My vision is to open a halfway house for guys just getting out of prison that are in CTP. These are guys that have done thirty and forty years. I did twenty years seven months twenty seven days, ten hours and thirty five minutes. And then almost nineteen years on parole. At the hearing where my parole was terminated the men who represented me were alumni of CTP. One had been out about a year and a half after doing fifty years. He had originally been given three death sentences., the other alumni was released after forty years. Between the three of us we had served one hundred ten plus years. I am reading Ask and It Is Given and How To Win Friends And Influence People. And Success through Positive Mental Attitude and Think, and grow Rich I don’t know what I don’t know. Dave Clark

I believe in your innocence. You have made a difference in this young melanated woman’s life. Opened my eyes to what reality is and i am so grateful. So far, I have sent 25.letters to mr president for your release and this weekend I will work on sending 25 more. Please stay strong and if there’s something more that we can do please let us know. Will see you on the outside real soon. Cheers.

Kevin, you have help me and put my life on the right course. I truly believe you will be released soon and we will meet.


Kevin Trudeau should absolutely be freed! I’ve read and used the information in his books and they helped me very much! I have a story to tell if someone is interested in hearing it! Keven Trudeau tried to help people and just because his systems and recommendations didn’t work for everyone, doesn’t mean he belongs in jail. What system works for 100% of the people? Let this good man go free!! President Trump, please free KT.

This would be WONDERFUL! Have signed and shared on Fb so far …more to come 🙂

Absolutely amazing to hear this news!

It’s Well recieved that involvement & participation are keys not only for Mr.Trudeau’s freedom, but for All of ours as a collective Free speaking society.

People power is a tremendous tool & Mr. Trudeau has paved the way generousely & retribution will be recieved before it is all over & done with. Divine Love & timing brother.


Done. Going out to all 3 addresses 2 per day for the next 30 days.

Love you Kevin!

Peter Geier

Kevin Trudeau has done huge amounts of good for many, many, many people. Few cases is my memory were sentenced so harshly or unfairly for so little PERCEIVED wrong. There is nothing, in my opinion, that was stated by him about his books that were not actually quotes from his book (an obvious first amendment right!), AND they were quoted accurately. Furthermore, at least in the case of the book in question, he was correct. Other than the benefit gained by fellow prisoners from getting to know Kevin and benefit from his insight, his further incarceration serves absolutely no purpose, and he should be pardoned and released immediately. Thank you for your consideration.

I don’t think hes doing wrong for the sake of humanity. so consider to pardon him from jail. thank you/

I appreciate everything you done & all the knowledge you released to me and the public ! You positively impact Me and several others on a mass scale ! I know they will freee You ! The good always win no matter what

May I have K.Ts cell coordinates as I’d like to write to him to lift his spirit as he has lifted mine in the past.

Hassan AL-Zahab

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