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Thank you for the overwhelming number of letters and cards thousands of you have sent me, as well as all the emails being sent through and other websites. Your support and love is so deeply appreciated. Your financial support being made at and directly to my prison commissary account is a HUGE help. I will reward you all for your generosity in the future in ways that you can not even imagine.

Here is one such letter that was sent to me recently which is the reason I have been willing to make the sacrifices I have made and continue to make:


You have always found the way to assist humanity through your life, courage and teachings.

When you started GIN, your light embraced many people’s lives, awakening their energy, leading them to freedom, happiness and love.

I remember GIN’s first meeting back in California. As I was on my way back to the conference room, I passed by a room, the door was open, and saw you. We looked at each other and I smiled at you. When you entered the conference room a little while later, your energy covered the whole place. I felt your frequency running up my spine. I looked at you then and I saw a completely different world. The only way I can explain it is by the way I felt. Your light and mine became “one”. I felt different. I was able “to see”.  

At this point in time, “the forces” have become one. Time to take action with all the information and knowledge we have to help humanity. The time is now. May our Universal Creator always be with you.

Love, L

This is such a beautiful letter. This is the reason why I do what I do and am willing to “take the heat” from the powers that want to stop people from being taken out of their “trance” and awakened to TRUTH. 

Much love to you all. 

To your success, prosperity, health, happiness and consciousness: I will see you all on the beaches of the world.

Your friend, 

Kevin Trudeau

4 thoughts on “Message From Kevin”

  1. NABIE says:

    Vous êtes un génie. Un dieu. À très vite KT.

  2. LAURES Excellence AGBAMOU says:

    Kevin,Tu n’as pas une idée du changement qui s’opère dans ce monde par toi.
    Grâce à toi j’ai réalisé que la nature est vivante,elle me parle,elle prend soin de moi,vraiment la vie est merveilleuse,les mots me manquent pour qualifier ton travail,ton don pour l’humanité, tu es béni.à nos revoie.

  3. kimia motejadded says:

    how can i send email to kevin ?

  4. Shelly says:

    Love you KT!!

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