Kevin Trudeau

This is my official announcement that I will be personally teaching and delivering live and IN PERSON, the Level 8 Success Mastery Course (SMC) Training for The Global Information Network (GIN)!

AND I am giving it to everyone FREE as my gift to Global Information Network Members!

You read that right. The ENTIRE Success Mastery Course (SMC) Level 8 Training will be FREE for qualified GIN Members!

The SMC Level 8 will be over 200 hours of personal instruction, teachings, and processes delivered directly by me in person.

Over 200 hours of highly advanced, never before released “Total Success” Training!

Regular “motivational speakers” or “success experts”, would charge well over $100,000 for a 200 hour “success course”.
They charge right now $15,000 – $35,000 per week for “success training”.

However, NO ONE has ever taught the material in Level 8 SMC Training.

Even though the value of this Training is well over $100,000, every qualified GIN Member will be given the entire Level 8 SMC Training at ZERO COST…absolutely 100% FREE.

This is a gift from me as a “Thank You” to all those people who have supported me over the last decade.

The Level 8 SMC Training will be a 4 week course, taught in 4 separate week-long sessions over a 12 month period, starting in the summer of 2022.

This is over 200 hours of personal training with me. All the details will be coming soon from The Global Information Network.

You must be a Member of the Global Information Network (GIN) and have completed Levels 1-7 of the Success Mastery Course.

You must be signed up for the Level 7 Success Mastery Course no later than December 31, 2021 in order to receive the Level 8 SMC Training for FREE.

You do not have to have completed the Level 7 training by December 31, 2021, you only have to be signed up for the training by that date. But you must complete the Level 7 SMC Training before you can take the Level 8 SMC Training.

As long as you are signed up for the Level 7 SMC Training by the December 31, 2021 deadline, you will be given the opportunity to complete the Level 7 SMC Training before the start of Level 8 SMC Training.

Even if you have not done any of the Success Mastery Course (SMC) Levels, you can join GIN now, and you will have plenty of time to complete the SMC Levels 1-7 before the Level 8 SMC Training starts.

Get all the details and all the specific qualification requirements at the GIN website.

If you are not a GIN member, click here to directly contact my personal assistants, RAHELIOS and TONYA.

They will give you all the details about how to join GIN and get in on this very unique offer.

For more information about the Vision for GIN, read The CLUB and SHIP Vision documents.

This training will be like nothing you have ever experienced. This will take all the Success Mastery Course Levels 1-7 and The Science of Personal Mastery Course Lessons 1-64 and reveal all the hidden secrets that are embedded in those Courses.

When you go through Level 8 training, all the seeds that have been planted within you as you went through those courses will sprout and unleash their power. You may feel like a volcano has been released within you, with power and energy flowing throughout your body like lava.

You may feel like a blindfold has come off and finally you can “see” energy and “Truth”.

You might feel like the chains that have been binding you and holding you down have been broken and now you are totally FREE and liberated.

The Level 8 SMC Training will be more powerful than Levels 1-7 of the SMC combined.

The Level 8 SMC Training can be called “The Awakening”, “Super Power”, “The Revelation” and “The Breakthrough”.

It could also be called “TOTAL SUCCESS”, “Truth Revealed” or “Liberation Experienced”.

Many will call it “Unlimited Wealth”, “Abundant Prosperity”, or “The Perpetual HAPPINESS Course”.

This Training will bring you to a new level of “Being”, giving you higher abilities to manifest your desires faster and easier than ever before.

It will in a way vaporize within you much of the negative energy that is keeping you from true deep happiness and joy that surpasses all human understanding. It will “clean up your karma” thus changing your life direction in major ways.

When you complete Level 8 Training:

-You will experience inner peace that cannot be described
-You will finally have true “meaning” in your life
-You will feel “in alignment” and have total CERTAINTY
-Secrets and “TRUTH” will be revealed
-Power within you will be unleashed
-Your awareness will open thus allowing you to see and understand things like you have never imagined before
-You will have mental and emotional CLARITY
-You will be totally and completely liberated from fear
-You will feel like you can “conjure” up and manifest any desire you have

This training will release you from much of your deep seated and buried insecurities, pain, and any negative feelings of unworthiness or not being “good enough”.

This training will clear many of the blocks that have been holding you back from achieving your dreams and attaining the inner states of peace, fulfillment and joy that you ultimately desire and crave.

This training will give you the biggest breakthrough you have ever experienced in your life.

When you complete the training, you will feel like your whole life has been a dream, and that you finally came out of a “trance”. You will feel completely “Awakened”, “Alive” and “Aware”. You will have KNOWINGNESS, POWER, and CERTAINTY.

You will be “Conscious”.

You will experience “states” that you have only read about, and additional “states” that you could never have imagined.

You will receive a “transference” of energy that will wake you up and expand your consciousness beyond anything you have known. You will reach a state of “dominion”, “control”, and “authority” that will make you feel “super-human” and powerful beyond belief. You will have flowing within you, abilities far above that of “normal” people.

You will become a magnet for success, and a manifesting machine, being able to conjure into your life whatever you desire.

You truly will learn how to put a “command” into the ether and have your wish become a reality.

This is what you have been waiting for. This is what I have been waiting to deliver to you.

Now is the time! Don’t miss this once in a lifetime opportunity.

This will be the ONLY time I deliver the Level 8 Training LIVE. We will video the training and in the future, students will get the Level 8 Training by watching the recorded videos of this “one time only” training that I will do live and in person.

If you are a GIN member, I encourage you to immediately upgrade your membership and make sure you are at Level 7 by December 31, 2021. You do not have to have completed Level 7 by that date, as long as you are SIGNED UP for Level 7 by that date. Talk to GIN about all the details and any other requirements and qualifications.

If you are not a GIN member, I encourage you to contact TONYA and RAHELIOS by clicking here:

and immediately join GIN. Be sure to ask how you can get on the special “Fast Track” to Level 7 by December 31, 2021 so that you qualify for the FREE Level 8 Success Mastery Course Training that I will teach in person.

Make sure you tell everyone you know about this opportunity of a lifetime.

Sponsor as many as you can into GIN so they too can take advantage of this incredible life changing event.

The Level 8 Training will also “handle” most of the “blocks” people have that stop them from making money. The Level 8 Training will be even more in depth than the famous “Money Lessons” in “The Science of Personal Mastery Course”. This will be for many, the ultimate “wealth creation and prosperity course”.

The Level 8 Training will also “handle” most of the blocks dealing with the Matter, Energy, Space and Time of the physical world where you deal with people, places, things, events and circumstances. You will learn how to be a complete “Master” of your environment, all the people you deal with and all the situations you face in life. You will learn how to be at total “cause” over your environment instead of being “at effect”.

The Level 8 Training will also “handle” most of the blocks that are keeping you in a “trance and asleep”, having little knowingness, consciousness and certainty. When these blocks are removed, you will come alive and feel joy, happiness and peace. You will experience fulfillment and satisfaction. Your life will become “prosperous in every area” and you will feel that your existence now has “meaning”. Your physical health may also improve dramatically.

The Level 8 Training contains material that has never been taught or available to the public. Up until now, much of this material has been reserved for the Global “Elites”, Royalty, and those in “Private Exclusive Organizations”.

Take advantage of this gift. You must act now or you will not have time to qualify.

But I have one more gift to give you.

Everyone who completes the Level 8 Training with me will also receive something very special and “valuable”. I cannot tell you exactly what this “Bonus” is. All I can say is that it will be a huge “Boon” for you that is simply too good to mention here.

I can tell you this, those who are lucky enough to complete the Level 8 Training with me are going to be doing a “happy dance” and feel like you just hit the lottery (really!) I cannot tell you more at this time. But if you are not one of those at this Training, when you hear what the “Boon” is, you will be kicking yourself in the head saying “I SHOULD HAVE BEEN THERE! I JUST MISSED OUT ON SOMETHING HUGE!”

When you come to this Training, expect a Miracle, because one is waiting for you and has your name on it!

If you have any doubts, think this is too good to be true, or wonder if this is really Kevin Trudeau writing this message, simply send me a letter to Kevin Trudeau 18046036, Federal Prison Camp, Montgomery AL, 36112, and I will write you back so you know this is authentic. And yes, my “Contempt of Court” sentence will be up and I will be back in the free world by the summer of 2022 to teach Level 8 personally.

The Global Information Network (GIN) just announced all this at their weekend winter conference in Cabo San Lucas Mexico, and it is on their Official website as well. Check there for more details.

It has been said that life is like a game of checkers, where the person you are playing against is TIME. If you hesitate before moving, or neglect to move promptly, your checkers will be wiped off the board by TIME, as TIME waits for no one. TIME then wins, and you then lose. In life, you are playing against TIME. And TIME will not tolerate INDECISION.

Make the decision today to experience a life changing event that will teach you how to Be, Do and Have whatever you desire.

Bill Gates, one of the richest men in the world and founder of Microsoft, said the secret to success is:

1.) being at the right place at the right time…YOU are reading this, and that means you are at the right place at precisely the right time!

2.) having depth of vision and being able to see the potential in things…Can YOU see the potential in this opportunity and how this training can transform your life for the better in every area?

3.) taking massive and immediate action….DO IT NOW! Take advantage of this chance to make all your dreams come true. Join GIN now and take action to meet the requirements to qualify for this FREE Training.

Opportunity seldom knocks twice. It is knocking now….open the door. All you ever wanted and dreamed of awaits you.

I look forward to meeting you personally and transforming you in ways you could never imagine.

I can assure you one thing. When you complete the Level 8 Training, YOU WILL NEVER BE THE SAME!

Much love, light and consciousness.
Your friend in prosperity,
Kevin Trudeau

Go to GIN for all the terms and conditions of this offer and all the details about exactly how to qualify for the free training. Click on The CLUB VISION and The SHIP VISION for more information.

Contact Tonya Canada and Rahelios to ask about becoming a Member of GIN


  1. LAURES Excellence AGBAMOU says:

    KEVIN tu es béni,tu milites toujours pour l’amélioration des conditions de vie des hommes sur cette terre, mille merci à toi.puisse la nature te donner tout ce que tu désires,je veux bien vivement être membre de ce club,merci.

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