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Kevin Trudeau Writes To Sheriff Joe

In a break from tradition President Trump decided to grant a Presidential Pardon early in his first term! Hallelujah, what is done once, can be done again.

Here is Kevin’s letter congratulatory letter to Sheriff Joe


Dear Joe,

You are an American hero.

I just heard the great news that President Trump pardoned you!

CONGRATULATIONS!! I am SO happy for you!

You should now be given a medal by the President for all your service to America:

-for fearlessly enforcing the LAWS;
-and for fearlessly upholding the Constitution.

This is Kevin Trudeau, #1 NY Times bestselling author of 6 books (almost 50 million copies sold), former radio host, TV Celebrity, natural health freedom advocate, and promoter of Free Speech.

I am also a 100% Trump supporter and I have been a fan and outspoken vocal supporter of yours for years.

I watched you on Fox talk about your ordeal with the “Obama radical left judicial system and justice department”.

I watched in amazement at how a 50 year law enforcement professional, doing all he can do to protect the legal CITIZENS of America was unjustly targeted by the Obama Justice Department simply for doing his job.

I was amazed that when they could not charge you with any “real crime”, the went after you with “criminal contempt of court” for “willfully violating a court order” where a single biased, prejudicial activist judge, with an obvious political agenda, has the virtually the “power of God” over you when you are in his courtroom.

This political witch hunt as simply because you were doing your job and enforcing immigration laws, the very laws the Congress passed, but the Liberal Destroy Trump media and Deep State Obama bureaucratic holdovers hate.

I too was a target of the Obama Justice Department. A political witch hunt was launched against me by the very same people that went after you.

When every agency looking at me could not charge me with any “real crime”, they went after me with the same “contempt of court” charge they hit you with.

I too was found guilty of criminal contempt of court for “willfully violating a court order”.

All I did was talk about my books on TV, expressed my conservative views, shared my person opinions, and exercised my First Amendment Rights.

I was give the longest prison sentence in American history for contempt of court….an egregious 10 years!

As of today, I have exhausted all appeals and have already served nearly 4 years in Federal prison.

Now that all my appeals have been exhausted, I have written the President asking him to pardon me or at least commute my sentence to time served and have me immediately released.

I also wrote the President encouraging him to pardon you! I am so glad he did! That letter is enclosed.

I heard you say on Hannity that you wanted to perhaps write a book about how such a “system” could convict someone with such a stellar service record to America and law enforcement as yourself of contempt.

The holdovers from the Obama administration in the Justice Department simply went on a “political witch-hunt” against you as they did me. The did it because they hate our politics.

I too have the same interest in a book about this liberal left Obama craziness. I think we have lots in common. For example, all these things happened in my case and many similar things I am sure happened in your case:

-the Judge was totally biased and showed that bias blatantly. He was not an objective arbiter of the facts, but a activist judge with a political agenda

-the Judge granted virtually every prosecution motion (as most Judges do as they are mostly ex prosecutors) and denied virtually every one of my motions. In one instance we asked the judge about a motion we filed and he said “I did not see it or read it, but it is denied anyway, whatever it is about”.

-the probation officer is supposed to be independent of the prosecution, but told me that she works WITH the prosecution and the Judge to make sure I would get maximum prison time (and she said that is how the system works for all defendants).

-the law was ignored; the facts were ignored; what I was thinking was ignored; what was my intent was ignored; and the judge issued his orders based on his personal politics and beliefs

-the Clinton and Obama Justice Department (actually the Deep State Clinton and Obama holdover PEOPLE and career bureaucrats within the Justice Dept) were ordered for me to be “discredited” and to be “silenced”

-I was not allowed to utter the words First Amendment in the court. I could not use the First Amendment as a defense.

-I was not allowed to produce any witness that bought the book in question and say that they loved it

-I was not allowed to show that I was diligent in trying to obey the court orders and that I simply followed the legal advice of counsel

-the judge said if I plead guilty he would give me a maximum of 6 months in prison, but if I exercised my legal rights to a trial, he would consider sentencing me to up to LIFE IN PRISON!

-the judge said my books and opinions are “worthless” and that putting me in prison for 10 years was needed to “protect the American pubic from Trudeau’s dangerous ideas that he presents in his books and radio show” and to “send a message to other people who think like Trudeau”. My “ideas” are the Trump agenda ideas, conservative views about immigration and law enforcement, and exposing the “Deep State” Obama bureaucrats at all levels of government.

-there were no victims; no fine; and I was not ordered to pay any “restitution”

-this was about a $19 first amendment protected book that everyone who bought (over 5 million people) loved!

The list goes on and on.

YOU were treated so unfairly. The judge and the whole Obama left infested liberal “system” was so obviously against you strictly for political reasons. They were blatantly and totally prejudiced against you. The same happened with me.

Know that I am on your side 100%. I respect and admire you greatly. Perhaps we could work on the book together. I am more than willing to help in any way, if you have any need or interest. Whatever is best for you is 100% great with me.

I have 6 NY Times bestsellers and several #1 bestsellers, with close to 50 million copies sold. I have millions loyal supporters in every state. Any new book I come out with is an automatic bestseller. We could really expose the truth and help America become a better safer place. We could really promote the Trump agenda and make America Great Again.

Anyway I can help you with what you want to do, I am very open and willing.

I am enclosing some material I sent to the President and will send you some more over the next few days.

More details about my case are at

I have filed an Official Petition for Commutation of Sentence with the Presidential Pardon Office asking the President to pardon me or at least commute (lower) my sentence.

I do also hope that if you have any communication with the President that you would encourage him to pardon me, or at least grant my Petition for Commutation of Sentence and have him reduce my sentence to time served and have me immediately released.

4 years in prison for simply talking about a book on TV and not being charged with any “fraud” or any other real crime is crazy. Having to be charged with BS “contempt of court”, and having the Obama Justice Department go after you under orders for political reasons is so unfair.

I hope you can perhaps rescue me.

You are a great man and a great American. I support you 100%. Many of my readers, radio listeners, and those who have watched me on TV for decades support you as well as I talked about you and your great law enforcement work often.

I support the President and his agenda 100% and have been an very outspoken supporter of his for decades. No matter what the President does with me, he will always have my 100% support.

Wishing you all the best and hoping to hear from you soon!!

Your friend and supporter,

Kevin Trudeau 18046036
Mobile B – Federal Prison Camp
Maxwell AFB
Montgomery, AL 36112


Do you know Sheriff Joe or someone close to him? Be sure to print and send a copy of this letter to ensure he gets it. He;s been a very busy guy since the pardon. Tweet and share via social media too using #FreeKevinTrudeau

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Your rights have been trampled on and you should be pardoned by the president you should also sue the US government when you get out this is total bullshit that they put you in jail !!! Free Kevin

Greetings everyone,

It makes me happy to know that the possibility exist, that our current president Mr. Donald Trump could help Kevin be freed, or released from prison already; knowing that Sheriff Joe recently received a presidential pardon, strengthens this belief within me. Unfortunately, at the same time, it saddens me to see how much time has passed, it is almost incomprehensible to me seeing Kevin’s case unfold before our very eyes the way that it has, but thankfully, this recent presidential pardon to Sheriff Joe brings a strong new hope to our hearts, and minds regarding Kevin’s freedom. I am not sure how I can be of additional help, other than the Twitts, and Utube videos, but if there is any other way known out there, I will love to hear about it. Thank you all that are diligently working hard to free Kevin; stay focused, committed, beneficially constructive and successful at everything you do!

Respectfully yours,

Carlos A. LLorens

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