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Kevin Trudeau Letter Feb 28

Dear President Trump,

You are making America great again as promised, and in record time! Congratulations on the spectacular start to your historic Presidency.

You possess qualities and skills never before seen in an American President.

I wrote you several letters starting in December (as did my friend former US Congressman Ed Foreman) explaining why I am serving an outrageous 10 year prison sentence for “contempt of court”.

I just hope I am not a “forgotten man”.

If you read those letters, you know I did not commit a “crime”. I am virtually a “political prisoner” because of my outspoken views against the political establishment, the corrupt main stream media, and certain special interests such as the powerful drug companies.

My situation is similar to Milo Yiannopoulos, the Brietbart editor. You talked about how “they” are trying to suppress his free speech. Like Milo, I am extremely effective at getting “the message” across to millions of people. That has made me “dangerous” to the “establishment”. Hillary Clinton actually said that.

I am again asking you to pardon me or at least commute my 10 year prison sentence to “time served” and have me immediately released (I have already served over 3 years in Federal Prison).

Doing so will create massive enthusiasm and support towards you by millions of people (my supporters and fans) who are outraged by how the government has mistreated me.

As a NY Times #1 bestselling author (almost 50 million books sold worldwide), and radio host, I have been exposing government and corporate corruption for decades. I have revealed the truth about the political elites, the “establishment”, and the special interests. I have gone after both political parties and politicians from both sides of the isle, including Obama, the Clintons, and the Clinton foundation.

Mostly I have attacked and exposed the Drug Companies, the FDA, and the FTC for their massive corruption.

That is the real reason why I have been a target by the “government” and dishonest media for decades.

I am on your side, your strong ally, loyal supporter and can be a great asset to you in many ways, if that is your wish.

As you know, Obama commuted the sentences of almost 2000 federal inmates. These were real criminals who committed real crimes. Many were “career criminals”.

Mr. President, I was only charged with “contempt of court” by a single Judge, yet I am in prison serving a 10 year sentence.

As you know with what has happened in the 9th Circuit regarding your immigration order, many judges simply ignore the law and do whatever they want to do. This is exactly what has happened to me.

The people are outraged by these “rogue” judges who disregard the law, make their own rules and judgments based on their personal bias and politics, and are never held accountable.

I did not sell drugs; set off bombs and kill people; steal people’s money; scam anyone; commit fraud; set up a secret email server to hide my criminal activities and then destroy evidence; commit espionage; put our country’s security at risk; shoot or murder anyone; commit armed bank robbery; molest hundreds of underage girls; or rape an unconscious woman behind a dumpster.

If I had done any of those things, I either: would NOT have been prosecuted; had my sentenced commuted already; or I would be free right now because I would have been sentenced to under 4 years.

This is “contempt of court”. Not a felony, and not even a misdemeanor. All for writing a NY Times bestselling book and talking about it on TV (which I thought was exercising my First Amendment Right).

At most, I used hyperbole and “puffery”. I never imagined giving my opinions was a “crime”.

I did not say “You can keep your doctor, and keep your plan and you will save on average $2500 on your health insurance” like Obama did when he lied about the Affordable Care Act in order to “sell it”.

I did not say “Read my lips, no new taxes” like Bush did in order to get votes.

I did not lie under oath and to the America people like Hillary Clinton did (dozens of times about dozens of different things).

It seems politicians can lie anytime they want but there are never any consequences. I simply expressed my opinions in a perhaps flamboyant and overzealous way when passionately talking about my book. Does that conduct deserve 10 years in prison?

I did not lie, mislead, misrepresent, misquote, make things up, and report “Fake News” like most of the so called journalists do on the main stream media almost every day. If I did what they do daily, I would have been thrown in prison for life!

For years, on my radio show and in my books, I have talked about “controversial” subjects that millions of people have embraced. Many of these subjects are the same ones you focused on in your campaign.

Millions listen to what I have to say. These positions are against the progressive main stream media, the political establishment, and the special interests (mostly the Drug lobby).

Some of the topics I exposed and talked heavily about include:

-the vaccine-autism connection

-immigration: building a wall; deporting criminal illegal immigrants; slowing down the number of immigrants so the immigrants who are here can assimilate; stop allowing people into America from areas where terrorist are numerous.

-how the FDA works with the drug companies and main stream media to suppress information about natural, non patentable, non drug and non surgical ways to cure and prevent disease.

-how the main stream media is “owned” by their major advertisers: the DRUG companies.

-how the FDA “rule” that “Only a drug can be used to treat, cure, or prevent a disease” creates a monopoly for the drug companies. This FDA regulation  makes it a “crime” to  even suggest that a natural remedy such as vitamins or herbs, exercise, good nutrition, or food, can help prevent or treat a disease.

-the dishonest media and how they distort the truth, mislead, misrepresent the facts, report “Fake News”, and in many cases outright lie. How they are simply “propaganda machines” for certain special interest groups who own them and why they have a globalist agenda.

-how the US trade deals have driven manufacturing out of America and WHY our politicians actually want manufacturing to leave America.

-the dangers of GMO’s; high fructose corn syrup; artificial sweeteners like aspartame; and trans fats.

-why we are being mislead by the government and media about how for 50 years, America’s standard of living and quality of life has been declining.

-the reason why America is the most medicated country in the world. We have more people, taking more prescription and non prescription drugs, more often, than any country in the world. But we are still the sickest of the industrialized countries with the highest rates of every major disease. America’s kids are the most medicated in the world. Opioids are given out like candy. And why we are the only country in the world that allows advertising for prescription drugs (and those ads are mostly false and misleading).

-the dangers of ADD and ADHD drugs like Ritalin and how it negatively affects children.

-how the FTC and FDA work with the main stream media to protect the profits of large corporations and the special interests. Isn’t it interesting that not one drug company has ever been sued by the FDA or FTC for false and misleading advertising, yet there are dozens of class actions suits every year against drug companies because they lied about the safety and effectiveness of their drugs in ads? The drug companies are “protected”. But the FTC and FDA routinely, attack, sue, prosecute and put out of business companies that sell natural health products and nutritional supplements (ask Dr. Ben Carson about what they did to the MLM nutritional company whose product he endorsed).

-how government agencies like the FTC, EPA, FDA, IRS and others are used by the government to go after “political

enemies” and why many agencies should simply be eliminated.

-how many laws that congress passes do not apply to senators and congressman, such as insider trading.

-Auditing the Federal Reserve

-why we have the highest percentage of our population incarcerated and have criminal records. America is either the most crime infested and dangerous nation in the world, or there is something terribly wrong with our criminal justice system.

-how politicians go to Washington DC poor, and a few years later magically become multi-millionairs. How does this happen and why does no one report on it?  Then these politicians go on to get millions more from the industries that they were regulating. Corruption, bribes, and payoffs.

-the out of control fraud, waste and incompetence in government. Government agencies simply waste money in ways that are mindboggling. Most government employees are paid more than people doing the same jobs in the private sector. Many government employees are incompetent and lazy. In many cases it can take as many as 10 government employees to do the same amount of work as one private sector employee.

-the stupidity of penalizing government agencies if they do not spend their entire budgets.

-the school lunch program scam. It makes certain people rich but gives the worst food to our children of any industrialized nation. And we spend up to 2 times more per child on lunch than other countries (compare a lunch in America to a lunch fed to the kids in France, Germany, Japan or South Korea. It you see pictures of the food, and look at the ingredients, it will blow your mind. Frozen, fried, processed junk food vs. Freshly made from scratch delicious “real” food). This is one of the reasons why we have such epidemic child obesity.

-how government agencies buy what they need from overseas companies (or that “secret corporation” Unicore where all the employees are Federal Inmates working for pennies an hour) instead of from American companies, and pay crazy high prices while getting  poor quality goods.

-how millions of illegal aliens vote

-giving power back to the States for many issues (like education, minimum wage, drug legalization etc), instead of having Soviet style centralized government.

And the list goes on.

Most of these are actually YOUR ideas!

I have educated people that government should be serving THEM.

We the people should not be the servants of the government.

The politicians and government agencies are supposed to be OUR servants. Instead, the politicians and the people who run these agencies only serve themselves and RULE the people.

Americans are mostly treated like crap by the majority federal employees. Everyone knows this.

But my efforts and enormous influence on so many has “angered” the “establishment” as it puts their power and influence at risk. It also threatens the profits of the drug companies and other special interests groups.

Mr. President, please pardon me or at least commute my sentence, and have me released. YOU will be cheered and praised by the millions of my supporters that want to see fair and equal justice.

You can always call Federal Prison Camp Montgomery Alabama if you want to talk to me directly to answer any questions you have.

You can also call my dear friend former US Congressman Ed Foreman at XXX-XXX-XXXX to get whatever data you need.

As you can imagine, I, and millions of my supporters, are anxiously awaiting your positive and fast response.

Many of us here have been watching you on TV everyday since you came down the escalator!  Never have I been so proud of America and positive about our bright future.

You have done more positive things for America in your first 5 weeks in office, than any President has done in their entire term.

You simply are amazing.

Never listen to the critics, naysayers, or prophets of doom. You are loved and supported with more passion than any President in history.

Very truly yours,

Kevin Trudeau 18046036

Federal Prison Camp

Montgomery AL

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Thank you KT for all your advice on. a) natural cures, b) health, c) love, and c) happiness – I consider you all as my mentor thru all your cd´s, radio show , and trainings.

I am healthy and successfull because of your good advice.

I Think president Trump can help reduce KT sentence o better yet Pardon Kt and realased him .
Good bless – Regards

Thanks Kevin for being such a great fighter. You are truly a great American. I hope President Trump can see his way clear to pardon you.

Kevin saved my Life! Literally.

There are far much worse politicans out there that should be put in jail for a lifetime…

When they put him to jail that´s when I realized that Everything he´s been preaching about is actually true.

There are so many people like myself who are JUST FiNDING out about KT and what happened! Yes- we have been living under a rock and now ever since the election we are starting to come out! Please let us know what we can do to help! Very difficult to figure out what’s the latest and what’s going on because of the media squashing everything.

Great letter.
His radio show was the best part of my day before I left for work. I really miss that.

Thank you Kevin, you’ve changed my life irrevocably for the infinitely better, like giving a fish water to swim in. I love you and will do whatever I can to support you!
The two most important dates in a person’s life are when they were born and the day they discover why they were born- but who really knows their why until they come across KT’s Your Wish is Your Command?
Thank you KT!

Great letter, Kevin. Continuing to pray for your release. America and the world need your information, leadership and inspiration. I have been living in Ecuador since 2011; lost much weight; fixing my teeth, getting out of debt….all on Social Security lol. Miss your seminars and organization. Love to you, KT!

My understanding of the corruption in our government largely came from Kevin Trudeau when I first read his book Natural Cures and began listening to his radio show. I did not want to believe it at first. This man has changed my personal life in a very powerful and positive way as I continue to learn and study his materials. Thank you Kevin!

President Trump, I thank you in advance for your consideration and help in Kevin’s case along with all you are doing to make America great.

What a great letter ! Kevin Trudeau, you are a hero not only for your nation, but also for the world. You have your place on the side of the great leader of our history ( Mandela, Theresa, Gandhie, Jesus etc.) The world is a better place because you are here, and its only the tip of the iceberg. You are at my oppinon the greatest teacher on this planet, and i know that the impact of your teaching will still reaching people 1000 years from now. The world will never be the same because of your presence here. Thanks you my friends. And thanks you Lee, for that great initiative, for commitment to free Kevin and also your commitment to help people achieve financial success. We need more people like you in this world.

My name is Carlos A. LLorens,

To all that can do something to get Kevin Trudeau freed from prison,

This is my comment:

I am not an expert of law definition or its applicability, but I do know this; not too many people on this beautiful planet earth that we all live in have provided, provide nor will provide proven benefits to so many people like Jesus, Gandhi, Plato, Albert Einstein, Thomas Edison, Nikola Tesla and some others that fall in the same category as does Kevin, each and every one of these people in history and the present clearly provide the evidence of the only true accusation towards them all – (THEY ALL HAVE PROVEN TO HAVE BENEFIT US ALL ONE WAY OR ANOTHER), Kevin in particular, provides a venue for anyone that at will decides to obtain more knowledge in many areas that the individual identifies that can be of benefit for their personal growth in becoming more successful in different areas of their life.

If this is a crime, then every single person on the face of this planet is guilty, we have all and will always do something to help someone else, Kevin, the individuals mentioned above and some others not mentioned, but that are part of history as evidence, have done exactly the very same thing but in much larger scales.

To me, is evident that this must NOT be allowed to happen the way that it is currently happening to Kevin, in my view, if this is allowed this way, which I cannot rationally see why it would, it will brand a very sad, dark and extremely ugly stain in Human history – (This makes me wonder if there will be someone that will feel very ashamed)?

The only things that I can attest from the knowledge learned from Kevin’s learning suggestions are: A much vibrant body feeling, clarity of my mind, exited to live every day happy and happier, an amplified level of gratitude towards everything in life and life it self, a way to identify the good in everything and/or anything, the benefit of always being teachable, understanding my dream and desire for it; the list goes on and on and every single thing that I can say or write in this regard is beneficial, every single thing that I can say or write about this has proven to be of personal benefit.

I feel the most hones and profound gratitude for all that Kevin has meant and means in my personal life – ( nothing but a means to learn how to be successful).

Bringing to light the truth about the creative deceitfulness and illegal manipulation of others should be rewarded, not penalized.

Very cordially yours,


Thank you Kevin for fighting for our constitutional rights. We love you and support you. #FreeKT

Thank you so much, Kevin, for your bravery and honesty. You are truly changing the world and I look forward to helping you! God bless you on your mission. …much love

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