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Kevin Trudeau December 2016 Letter To President Trump

Dear Mr. President Elect,

This is Kevin Trudeau.

You may remember that I wrote you several letters when you first announced your run for President offering my support.

I have always been one of your biggest supporters and fans.

I am currently serving an egregious 10 year Federal prison sentence for “Contempt of Court” simply because I went on TV and talked about one of my NY Times bestselling books.

This is the longest prison sentence ever imposed for contempt.

“Contempt” is not a felony and not even a misdemeanor. “Contempt” is not an inherent “crime”.

I was held “in contempt” because I said the Dr. Simeons HCG weight loss protocol I describe in one of my books was “easy”.

I am serving 10 years in Federal prison because I said the word “easy” on TV when I promoted my book.

This is about a NY Times bestselling book, Free Speech, and government censorship.

-There is no dispute that people loved the book (the government said so at my sentencing)

-There is no dispute that the weight loss method described in the book works. The government agreed that it is extremely effective

-There is no dispute that everyone who bought the book received what they ordered (and more with free bonuses)

-There is no dispute that anyone who asked for a refund (less than 8%) received a refund as there was a 100% money back guarantee


The reason I am in prison is because one Judge did not think it was “easy”.

I was not charged with fraud, or any “crime”.

There is no dispute that there is no fraud here, otherwise I would have been charged with fraud.

There is not even one customer who “lost money” as everyone received what they ordered or received a refund if they asked for one.

I have already served over 3 years in Federal Prison Camp, Montgomery AL, and have exhausted all my appeal remedies.


This is why I am urgently writing you now, and asking you to please…..HELP.

What has happened here is unfair and unconscionable.

I am asking for you to pardon me or at least commute my sentence to “time served” and have me released.

My close friend, 2 time former US Congressman Ed Foreman, wrote you a letter advocating for my release.

As you may know, I am a #1 NY Times bestselling author of 6 books with almost 50 million sold worldwide.

My most successful book was “Natural Cures They Don’t Want You to Know About”, which was #1 on the NY Times bestseller list for 26 weeks.

I have been promoting self-empowering books, programs, and products on TV and radio worldwide since 1989 when I authored “Mega Memory” and founded the American Memory Institute (which at the time was the largest Memory Training School in the world.)

Over 50 million people from all over the world have bought various books, seminars, and products I promoted in my 30+ year career.

There have never been any customer complaints or class action suits. Very low return rates. The customers overwhelmingly loved the products I have promoted. I have never committed any consumer fraud, and never been found to misrepresent any products in advertising. I have a stellar reputation with customers.

Many of my customers buy whatever new product or book I offer, because they liked what they bought from me before and had a good buying experience.

You know this is how it works in business. Only if someone buys the book “The Art of the Deal” and LIKES it, will they then buy your next book “The Art of the Comeback”, and so on.

You are a brilliant business person and a marketing genius. You have dealt with state AG’s, government regulators, and lawsuits. You know what it is like to have false allegations and misleading statements made about you in the media, in court papers, and on the internet.

You were wrongfully attacked about Trump University, and had to deal with a “biased judge”, untrue media reports, and lies about you and Trump U.  You will “get this” better than anyone.


In very brief general terms, here is what happened.

Years ago, while in Europe, I was introduced to a weight loss method invented by Dr. Simeons: the HCG protocol. I used the method and lost 45 pounds. I found the protocol easy to do and became very excited about it (I struggled with weight my whole life). I then wrote the book “The Weight Loss Cure They Don’t Want You to Know About” which described the protocol. I produced 3 TV infomercials where I promoted the book. I virtually brought the “HCG weight loss” method to America.

In the shows I spoke passionately about the book with no script, no teleprompter and no rehearsals. I said that the weight loss method I describe in the book was “easy”. I said I personally found it “easy”, and others that actually did the protocol also found it “easy”.

A Federal Judge said that the weight loss method I described in the book could not be “easy”.

The Judge said I violated his previous court order that said I cannot “misrepresent the contents of a book on TV”. According to the Judge, I was “in civil contempt” because I used the word “easy” (the court order was from a baseless politically motivated previous civil suit that was settled with no finding or admission of any wrongdoing).

5 years LATER, after I was held in in civil contempt, and only AFTER I spoke negatively about the biased Judge on my radio show, he came back and out of nowhere charged me with “criminal contempt”  for “WILLFULLY misrepresenting the book” when I said the word “easy”.

After 5 years he now deemed I “was willful” (knowingly and with criminal intent misrepresented the book) and therefore committed “criminal contempt” instead of just civil contempt.

This was obviously retaliation against me for what I said on my radio show, including bashing him for being biased in the civil case.

The Judge said if I pleaded guilty, he would sentence me to a maximum of 6 months in prison.

But, I was not guilty. I was innocent. I did not misrepresent the contents of the book.

It says right on the cover of the book that the method is easy. It says 37 times IN the book, that the method is easy. I did the weight loss protocol personally and I absolutely found it to be easy. I thought I had a First Amendment right to say my opinions.

Basically this Judge said, even if I read the whole book on the infomercial word for word, I STILL would have “misrepresented the contents of the book”, because he disagrees with what is IN the book! This is CENSORSHIP! This Judge is basically saying I can never talk about this book on TV (or any book HE disagrees with)!

All I did in the infomercials was express my opinions, quote the book verbatim, paraphrase the book, and share the personal experiences of myself and others. This is the same thing I did on dozens of other infomercials, for many other books. The Judge and FTC said that all those other infomercials did NOT misrepresent the contents of the books.

I did not have any criminal intent and absolutely did not intend to misrepresent the contents of the book. That would have been financial suicide and end my career. If people bought the book and felt misled, they would never buy anything from me ever again.  There would have been massive refund requests and customer class action lawsuits. None of this happened.

The idea that I would “willfully” misrepresent the contents of the book, from a business standpoint, is simply insane. You as a business person who has sold and marketing things aggressively and with passion understand this.

The shows were reviewed by lawyers who said then, and still say today, that I did not misrepresent the contents of the book. The fact that I had all these infomercials reviewed by lawyers to make sure everything was 100% compliant with all regulations, is more proof that I had no “intent” to misrepresent the contents of a book and was not “willful” (therefore this should be at most a civil case with no prison time).

The facts show I was extremely diligent in making sure that everything I said in the infomercial accurately described the contents of the book. Not only because I wanted to be compliant with the “court order”, but more importantly, to make sure the customers would be happy.

As the saying goes, if you want to stay in business, deliver what you promise. If you want to prosper in business, deliver more than you promise. For 30+ years and thousands of infomercials I have followed this rule.


Being 100% innocent I fought.  HUGE mistake!


The Judge would not allow me to use the First Amendment as a defense, or that fact that I had lawyers “clear” the shows in advance for complete compliance. He would not allow me to bring people to testify that they saw the show, bought the book, and did not feel misled (there were thousands ready to testify). He said a 100% money back guarantee and the fact that no customers complained or lost money was irrelevant.

Not one customer was produced that said they felt misled, or that they did not get a refund if they asked for one.

I was found guilty of criminal contempt of court and was sentenced to 10 years in prison, the longest prison sentenced ever imposed for contempt. I was not fined or ordered to pay any restitution.

Mr. President, this is a grave injustice and simply wrong.

Based on what the Judge said, opinions are no longer protected under the First Amendment.

If I went on TV and promoted your book “The Art of the Deal”, and said “Buy this book and you will learn the “easy” methods used by Donald Trump to make great deals”, a Judge could say “I read the book, and do not think that the methods are “easy”. I sentence you to 10 years in prison because in the process of selling the book, you misrepresented the contents of the book, and it does not matter that the people who bought the book loved the book.”

That is exactly what happened here.

Mr. President, I did not misrepresent the contents of the Weight Loss Cure book in my infomercials.

If I did:

-there would have been massive refunds. Less than 8% asked for a refund

-people would not have recommended it to others. But they did, making it a NY Times bestseller

-people would not have bought additional copies to give as gifts, but they did in massive numbers.


Mr. President I did not “willfully”, with intent, misrepresent the contents of the book (willful, doing it on purpose, makes it “criminal contempt” instead of just civil).

If you examine all my actions, they prove I was extremely diligent in making sure that I represented the contents of the book accurately.

-I certainly had no criminal intent

-I had the infomercials reviewed by lawyers who said I did not misrepresent the contents of the book as virtually every word I said in the infomercial IS IN THE BOOK and is protected by the First Amendment!

Misrepresenting the book would have ended my career and ruined my reputation with my loyal customers.

But even if I DID misrepresent the contents of the book and did so “willfully” (which I did not and makes no sense anyway),being sentenced to 10 years in Federal prison for CONTEMPT is, obscene, too severe, and simply wrong.

Remember, I was not charged with any kind of fraud. There is no dispute that there was no fraud here.

Everyone who bought the book received the book. Everyone who wanted a refund received a refund.

Mr. President, please pardon me or at least commute my sentence to “time served” and have me released. This is a gross injustice.

As you can imagine, I am anxiously awaiting for your positive response.

You are my last hope.

Under the Constitution, one Judge has the power to sentence a person up to life in prison for contempt at their discretion.

Only one person, and one person alone, can reverse and lower that sentence: YOU, The President.

I have reread this letter 100 times praying that it conveys to you how unfair 10 years in prison is for “contempt”.

This letter could be 50 pages long with all the facts not allowed in court, that prove my innocence.

Please give me the honor and privilege of shaking your hand and thanking you in person. You will never know how thankful and grateful I will be.

I will never, ever, let you down. I promise I will always make you proud of your decision.


I love America and our Constitution.


Millions of my customers who bought the book and loved it will be cheering and thankful to you as well.

You are a genius with amazing perception and intuition. With you as President, America will once again have the highest standard of living in the world. America will be safe again, rich again, and greater than ever before.

America FIRST!

Thank you from the bottom on my heart for your understanding and compassion. I await with great anticipation your positive and fast response.

I am in your service, indebted to you forever, and owe you my life.

Very Truly Yours,

Kevin Trudeau

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Please release Kevin Trudeau from prison he has done nothing wrong! His books and cd’s have helped me stay well and feel great! If your reading this Kevin hang in there we love you and praying for your release!

One of Kevin’s principles is that every person creates its own reality. I believe so , there for Kevin has put himself in prison and there must be a reson for that.
It’s up to Kevin to control and ceate his future, I’m sure he will be out of jail soon

What is wrong with that judge?!? If he/she cannot produce evidence that Mr. Trudeau is in contempt, maybe it is the judge who should be serving the sentence! What is this crazy world coming to??? There are MUCH worse things going on than a man writing a book that happens to have content that is disagreeable to ONE judge….smh
Mr. President, I believe you are capable of righting this ridiculous ruling, and am certain you will find it in your heart to do so, as you are a no nonsense man who always attempts to do the RIGHT thing.
Thank you, sir.

Release Kevin Trudeau. His CDs area very liberating. I am listening in Tanzania, and my life is no longer the same. We need him out. Thank you.

Kevin Trudeau has exposed Big Pharma for what it is, exposed Finance & Banking for what they have been doing to the people. He has helped millions of people in so many countless ways.
It is so wrong to hold him in contempt of Court for years! He has done nothing wrong. He is innocent.
Perhaps it is time and way past due to look into this Judge’s Bank Records and Financial Holdings to trace deposits and gifts to the source behind this wrong unbelievable Judgement!
Kevin Trudeau has not done NOTHING wrong other than share his personal opinion based on his own personal experience that anyone can lose weight and that it is easy to lose weight. This is an outrage. Release Kevin Trudeau.

I have faith in our President and belief he will free Kevin Trudeau and make this unbelievable wrong right. Not that he can give Kevin Trudeau the years back that he was and has been locked up like a common criminal, can NOT give the lost years back, the time behind bars, for doing nothing wrong.
I have great belief that Our President, a man of integrity and character will pardon Kevin Trudeau.
Free Kevin Trudeau.
Thank you Mr. President Donald J. Trump.

I have faith in our President and belief he will free Kevin Trudeau and make this unbelievable wrong right. Not that he can give Kevin Trudeau the years back that he was and has been locked up like a common criminal, can NOT give the lost years back, the time behind bars, for doing nothing wrong.
I have great belief that Our President, a man of integrity and character will pardon Kevin Trudeau.
Free Kevin Trudeau.
Thank you Mr. President Donald J. Trump.

The FTC is obviously irritated because Kevin educated the general public on the truths about them. There response was to silence him with a 10 year prison sentence. Is it a crime to tell the truth? Why are we letting this stand??

I read Kevin’s book, “Natural Cures They Don’t Want You to Know About” over 10 year ago. I was fat, sick, depressed and taking over 8 prescriptions. Within a year of following some of his recommendations in the book I was taking zero prescriptions and healthier than I’ve ever been. I don’t care how many houses he owns or where he puts his money, he has earned every penny informing us about this poison that the health care and pharmaceutical industries are trying to push on us. He definitely helped increase the quality of my life if not actually save it as well as my families. Free Kevin Trudeau, he should not be imprisoned for giving us an alternative to drugs and unnecessary surgery, this is America for goodness sakes! Thank you Kevin

Since when is it crime to give anyone your own personal opinion? Kevin has a right to give his opinion to anyone on the face of the earth! That’s my personal opinion. I believe that everyone has a right to freedom of speech. The people who listen to Kevin, stating his opinion, have the right to agree or to disagree with him. Isn’t that just common sense that we all ( most of us ) use daily? It’s idiotic, beyond belief, to send someone to prison for any length of time for simply expressing their belief or opinion. If ever a crime was committed, Kevin’s sentence is the real crime. Where’s the proof that anyone was harmed?

Personally, I’ve purchased movie DVD’s for a ridiculous amount of money only to watch them, waste almost two hours of my life, simply to find out that the movie wasn’t worth watching let alone paying good money for it. Besides that… the garbage can’t be returned for a refund simply because in my opinion it’s a piece of trash. Furthermore, that same movie might have been grossly misrepresented at the time of it’s release date as, “one of the funniest movies of the year”… or “one of the best movies of the year”… etc., etc. This is done with regard to promoting hundred’s of movies or even songs day in and day out. It’s up to the public to decide for themselves if something is worth the price they paid for it…. or if something is misrepresented.

This whole case seems to violate the rights of taxpayers. Their hard earned money should only be used on cases where the law is really broken. In my opinion, this case should be considered as a “frivolous lawsuit.” It did nothing but waste our tax dollars. And, if that wasn’t enough, this man, being imprisoned for 10 years, is another waste of tax payer’s money. Who’s going to pay for Kevin’s up keep while he’s in prison? Guess who? The taxpayers, not the judge, not the lawyers. Shouldn’t our money be used to imprison the “real” criminals? This case should have been thrown out of court, to say the least about it! Where’s the common sense? There wasn’t any used on this case.

Release this man, immediately. Stop wasting our tax dollars in these ridiculous ways! We all pay enough as it is. It’s criminal to keep an innocent person in prison for a crime he did not commit. It’s criminal to incarcerate anyone based on someone else’s opinion of him. This man isn’t a terrorist! He simply expressed his opinion that a diet was… easy… based on what I’ve read about this whole matter. That’s not a crime. It’s his… opinion. His civil rights have been violated… beyond belief. That’s putting it mildly! This whole case should be overturned. Reverse it! Apologize profusely to him! Reimburse him for the time he’s been wrongly prison. After all, his reputation was destroyed. His lively hood, was destroyed as well. He should be reimbursed for the crime that was committed against him and the violation of his right to… freedom of speech.

Lorraine Secor

Kevin Trudeau has made the Ultimate Sacrifice! He has too much to offer society and I know why he’s been imprisoned. My heart goes out to him and so does my energy and prayers, as well as the hearts and prayers of my colleagues. The work of the darkside will always be to the benefit of light. The System is only making us stronger and Kevin stronger. The Jedi will rise…

There has been talk about Your Wish Is Your Command being recorded in a studio which some parts have been admitted to being cleared up for better auditory purposes. Makes sense to me. If I were sharing information I was passionate about, I’d produce the best recordings possible myself. Some say they’ve heard sirens and dogs where that is potential evidence of being in a studio. Well, if anyone has been in a studio before they’d know you’d want the most enclosed space possible for a recording. Maybe the sounds people heard were from ummm… I don’t know, the Alps somewhere? And not to mention, well actually I will mention this – no one I talked to yet about Your Wish has brought to my attention that not only a child’s voice of most likely of a celebrity or Royal was heard, but also at a point when someone attending the seminar had a question for KT there was a very faint sound of feedback from a microphone – YES! A MICROPHONE! being passed over for a few moments and then passed back at the very moment that KT began to respond to a question.
Good job KT for the very subliminal and subtle planning! Or was that a real incident? 🙂

Aside from the previous training I’ve been blessed to have engaged in, Kevin Trudeau has been the only source of my training as an apprentice through auditory, video and energetic means that has been my foremost mentor of the knowledge to create as the most successful people in the world has. I’ve made it a goal a short time ago to record my life change, development and significant evolution through a detailed journaling system using only information shared directly from KT (The Messenger) to prove that how’s it’s delivered and what is delivered does in fact, funnel down to YOU being a wizard, a magician, a master creator, a Jedi, a Kahuna. And all the tools of writing, reading, listening, associating, dreaming, chief aims, next logical steps, priority management and inspired action are all built around what will result in you becoming or getting what you silently think about. I’m at that point of the triangle where the “finger pointing to the moon” makes things happen. The Spirit of Light in those who believe not in Kevin, but believe in what is right will make all who oppose shrink in the presence of greatness. No matter what powers of the Gods are drawn upon. My name is Garrett Lover-Auwaekumunonua and I support the release of Kevin Trudeau.

The first time i heard KT audio tapes way back 1999, my battle against poverty becomes very easy. even up to these days im still applying those techniques and find it very helpful. in our present world where hardship in life is very common we need him the most for he can turn mud into gold. KT must be freed now.

I have been listening to Kevin’s cd’s Your wish is your command for about five years and know very much of the content and it has helped me in so many ways in my business and personal relationships online and even more offline. I hope to one day meet him and tell him so in Person. I will be writing him in Alabama as I hope he is released from this great injustice. Thanks for your time and let’s free Kevin Trudeau together.

Kevin earned every penny and all success by HARD work, discipline and focus.
He has no business being in prison.
He has way to much to offer and needs to be released so he can continue on with his life.
If more people were half as hard working as Kevin they would have success way beyond their dreams…let the man go free.

I am going to do an expirement on what got Kevin Trudeau sent to prison and it might be what gets him out. I have a good, very loyal following from all over the country and even the world on my Facebook account. Last year I managed to reach over 14,000,000 people in three days. I can make this thing big. Please email me at so I ga give you more information on my plans

I find kevin very genuine guy after listening to his your wish is your command. I also read natural cures i find it very valuable. There is no false promises or claims.
There is millions of books that a crap then why those authors dont get same punishment.
From my hear i request American government to free kevin and realise universal power will work against fraud justice.

Mr Kevin Trudeau audio cds have helped me in an inimaginable way..He has an indescribable energy and charisma that transformed my attitude …I am now 100 times better and wealthier morally and financially following his words .. I am not pushed nor convinced by any one… I do not even have to write this..but my conscience and nature forced me to do it . I want him out as I still want to learn,my teach ability index is still heigh… thanks…

Kevin Trudeau’s audio books have helped me so much I started from zero to millionaire in just a year and mind you I come from a country in Africa from a little country which has no considerable wealth.

Hi Kenneth, Which Country in Africa are you from?? Would you Mind sharing the books that helped you.

Thank You in advance for your respond.

If the average Joe – whilst carrying out their duties – were wrong in their actions. An apology at the very least, would naturally be expected, by the wronged client/consumer. In some cases. A move to make amends of the wrong doing, would also be provided. Why is that not the case here?

Free Kevin Trudeau.

Kevin is Innocent and I demand Freedom right now for him! Mr. Trump will help free him out. Very soon. Kevin has been away too long for NOTHING now!

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