Kevin Is Being Censored

Kevin has written 11 Coronavirus Updates. 

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If you have not read them yet, we encourage you to read them as they contain very urgent information that you need to know. All of Kevin’s predictions have come true and are coming true. Read his updates and see for yourself.

Kevin is now being censored… 

Certain “powers” have told Kevin to stop writing updates “for his own good”.

As we all know, Kevin is fearless! He does what is best for ALL of us, even when it costs him personally in major ways…

Most people do not know that the Judge in Kevin’s “contempt of court” case told Kevin in open court, on the record, that if Kevin just admitted that he committed contempt of court, and pleaded guilty, that he would be sentenced to no more than 6 months in prison and probably no more than 30 days.

But Kevin would not bow down to this kind of extortion.

Kevin was not charged with a crime by any government agency. It was a single, Federal Judge that targeted Kevin and “held him in contempt” for expressing his First Amendment rights of free speech.

Kevin knew he was facing over 25 years in prison for the “non-crime of contempt of court” (not a felony and not even a misdemeanor). Yet Kevin still would not accept the “deal” of probably less than 30 days in jail. 

Because Kevin stood up to tyranny, government overreach and abuse of power, Kevin was sentenced to 10 years in Federal Prison!

Now, “They” want to silence him again… 

Remember that Kevin is in the custody of the Bureau of Prisons. This is the same prison system that allowed Jeffrey Epstein to be murdered in his cell because he knew too much about too many powerful people (they claim it was suicide). And of course, they then, “lost the video tapes” of the area that would have shown the person going into the cell to murder Epstein.

So Kevin is certainly in a place that is full of corruption.

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Kevin sends everyone his love and WILL leave more updates SOON!

Check back here often.

We send you our LOVE as well 🙂

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