How Your Contributions Are Used

How Your Contributions are Used

The Official Kevin Trudeau Fan Club LLC operates, and is owned by Tonya Canada and Rahelios.

We are long time students and supporters of Kevin who have benefited greatly from Kevin’s teachings. We have gone through most of Kevin’s Courses, Books, Seminars, and Workshops. (To read our stories and our personal experience with Kevin, CLICK HERE)

We have seen first hand how life changing Kevin’s training is, not only for ourselves, but for the thousands of people we have communicated with over the years whose lives are better because of their exposure to Kevin and his teachings. (To read some of their stories CLICK HERE)

We serve Kevin as virtual full-time volunteers with joy and honor. 

It is a privilege to help Kevin serve and achieve his mission of “Positively Impacting Humanity”. (To read more about Kevin’s Mission CLICK HERE)

Kevin was sentenced to 10 years in a US Federal Prison for the

 “non crime” of Contempt of Court. 

This is the longest sentence in the history of America for “Contempt”. 

Contempt of Court is not a felony and not even classified as a misdemeanor. No law enforcement agency charged Kevin with a crime. One Federal Judge decided to “hold Kevin in Contempt” by alleging Kevin “willfully violated the Judge’s Court order” when Kevin talked about his books on TV. 

Kevin has always maintained that he never willfully violated any court order, but rather simply exercised his First Amendment Right to free speech when he expressed his personal opinions and read quotes from his book. 

Kevin’s “crime” was that he dared to exercise his Constitutionally guaranteed right of Free Speech and say things that “They” did not want exposed.

Kevin expressed his opinions on TV, radio, and in his books (such as the NY Times #1 bestseller “Natural Cures They Don’t Want You to Know About”), teaching people about non-drug and non-surgical ways to cure and prevent disease. 

Kevin also dared to expose corporate and Government corruption at the highest levels. 

Kevin additionally broke the “Code of Silence” within certain “Societies” when he shared information in his course “Your Wish Is Your Command” about how anyone can achieve their desires in life by using techniques and methods that up until now were reserved for the “Privileged Elite Class”. 

The US Government for decades has tried to censor Mr. Trudeau and silence him, issuing 3 separate civil lawsuits, all of which were settled with “NO finding of ANY wrongdoing by Mr. Trudeau or any of his entities”.

A US Federal Judge then held Kevin in “Contempt” for expressing his opinions and talking about his books on TV and radio. 

The Judge then ordered the confiscation of all of Kevin’s worldwide assets, money, and companies (hundreds of millions of US dollars in value). 

The government destroyed all Kevin’s businesses and associated entities, shutting them all down. 

The government virtually “burned” some of Kevin’s inventories of books, audios and course materials. 

This is one of the most egregious displays of government censorship and suppression of Free Speech rights in American history.

Kevin has been released from prison and is now in home confinement serving the remainder of his 10 year sentence.

Kevin is penniless and “homeless” (he is staying with a friend). 

He has nothing except a couple of suitcases and some clothes. 

The one thing no one can take from Kevin is his ability to “create” as well as his perpetual inner peace.

Kevin has no living family members. 

But he does have loyal and supportive friends like us, all over the world.

We stand with Kevin Trudeau, believe in him and his mission, and we will always “have Kevin’s back”.

Now that Kevin is released, we want all his “financial needs” met and taken care of. 

Kevin could easily come out of prison and start an international company again. Mega successful people from all around the world are making multi-million dollar offers to Kevin. They all want Kevin full time and they want to be a business partner with Kevin.

Kevin is getting offers for large amounts of equity in companies, huge salaries, board positions, multi-million dollar cash advances and more to commit full time to their ventures. 

Everyone knows Kevin could very quickly create another multi-billion dollar global business empire. There are hundreds of people around the world that have offered to provide tens of millions in financing, start up capital and funding for any “Kevin Trudeau Project”.

Kevin however, wants to focus on “The Mission”. 

Kevin is now dedicated to fulfilling his destiny and purpose by focusing 100% exclusively on helping people around the world achieve better lives, better health, as well as financial and spiritual Freedom. 

Kevin wants people to be “Enlightened” to “TRUTH”. 

Kevin is 100% focused on his mission to help people around the world achieve “Success”, make all their dreams come true, and improve the quality of their lives in every area: Financial; Spiritual; Emotional; Health; Relationships; Career/Business; and more.

Kevin is dedicated to “Selfless Service” to humanity. 

OUR purpose at The Official Kevin Trudeau Fan Club is to help Kevin make this a reality.

We believe that if Kevin never has to worry about living expenses, he can spend all his time and energy on:

  • writing books
  • producing new revolutionary audio and video training
  • teaching live workshops and seminars
  • hosting The Kevin Trudeau Radio Show and/or a Podcast
  • building “The Club” (GIN) all around the world
  • building the “SHIP” for all of us to enjoy
  • doing vitally important and powerful “energy work” on us
  • researching/studying
  • engaging in various mental and spiritual “processes”
  • traveling the world to meet and teach all of us in person
  • helping people to become “Free”, both financially and spiritually (Enlightenment/SELF Realization)

We also want Kevin to live an amazingly long life and be with us for decades to come. We want Kevin to maintain a healthy physical body by having the time and resources to the most advanced anti-aging therapies and health protocols in the world including:

  • mediation; yoga; exercise with personal trainers; Kung Fu, Tai Chi, Chi Gong and more
  • be treated by the best Natural Health practitioners in the world using the most cutting edge therapies
  • Chiropractic treatments; B.E.S.T. treatments; homeopathy; Alphabiotics; Massage; Live Cell Therapy; and all the various holistic therapies that Kevin teaches in his book “Natural Cures They Don’t Want You to Know About”
  • eating the best, healthiest organic foods
  • And much more

By personal experience, Kevin can then teach us all the best, most effective ways to be healthy and extend our lives.

Your Contributions made to The Official Kevin Trudeau Fan Club ( therefore will be used to pay for all these things and more (this is just a partial list of possible uses):

  • a place for Kevin to live and all his living expenses (utilities etc)
  • furnishings for Kevin’s residence
  • food
  • nutritional supplements
  • computers; cell phones; internet services; mobile phone service
  • personal care items
  • medical and all other insurances
  • dental care, haircuts, eye care (contacts and glasses)
  • car; insurance; petrol (gas); parking; maintenance
  • clothes
  • travel: transportation, hotels, meals 
  • lawyers and other professional services
  • subscriptions
  • secretaries, assistants, transcribers, researchers, social media managers, booking agents, drivers, security, etc.
  • and many other possible uses of the funds donated

In keeping with Kevin’s policy of “Giving Tithes and Offerings”, at least 10% of all contributions will be “given away” to various charities around the world.

At this time we believe your contributions are not tax deductible because The Official Kevin Trudeau Fan Club is not a tax-exempt organization at this time.   However, you should consult with your tax advisor. 

Kevin has always been willing to “put it all on the line” for us. He has made sacrifices for us in his personal and business life that are beyond belief. He has been willing to be smeared and lied about in the mainstream media and the internet. He was willing to give up his entire fortune because he believed in the importance of his mission. 

Right now, Kevin is giving up hundreds of millions of dollars by saying “no” to all the business offers coming to him from around the world.

Kevin has decided that going forward, he will live a life of 100% service to the betterment of humanity.

We are all going to be very blessed because Kevin has made this commitment. He is in fact making a commitment to each of us. 

We all owe Kevin so much. 

Remember, Kevin “knows this stuff”. He does not have to do this for us and make even more sacrifices.

He can live the amazing life of the “Rich and Famous”.  

But Kevin is giving that all up to “SERVE HUMANITY” and serve us.

He is doing this for us, not for himself.

The Official Kevin Trudeau Fan Club LLC ( is privately owned and operated.  

We promise to protect the confidentiality and anonymity of all donors.

Your contribution to this organization is so greatly appreciated by Kevin as well as all the people like us around the world who are willing to volunteer our time to help Kevin and “The Mission”.

Consider becoming a “Partner” with Kevin and receive exclusive benefits and privileges. CLICK HERE for more information.

Blessings to all.

Terms: When you contribute using this website, you understand that your contributions are not tax deductible. The Official Kevin Trudeau Fan Club is not currently a tax exempt organization.

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