France Gets Behind The #FreeKevinTrudeau Movement is pleased to announce further global support for its campaign to Free Kevin Trudeau from the unjust 10 Year Contempt of Court sentence.

With immediate effect, Joelle Bernard will spearhead efforts to mobilise French support which include the translation of and it’s ever growing library of materials in to the French language.

“Kevin has done so much for the people in France over the past decade, that I am thrilled to be able to help encourage President Trump to Pardon Kevin, or at least commute his sentence to time already served” Said Ms Bernard

Joelle will also help coordinate the efforts of the volunteer teams as they increase the awareness of this attack on global free speech.

We are thrilled to have Joelle and her network being the Free Kevin Trudeau movement. As someone who has worked closely with Kevin over the years, She has a deep understanding of how much benefit the world would see upon Kevin’s timely release from incarceration.

Anyone in France wanting to help volunteer time or expertise to the campaign can contact Joelle directly at

It is an exciting time here at and you can expect further announcement shortly regarding other languages and activity designed to protect the right to Free Speech for all.

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Yes! c’est bon de voir que une équipe forte reste soudée pour offrir son soutien à un homme d’exception!

A BIG thanks to french volunteers team !
Joelle BERNARD, for FreeKT in french

Merci ! Vous êtes les bienvenus ! C’est parti ! Tous ensemble avec Kevin !
Un grand merci à l’équipe des traducteurs volontaires !
Joelle BERNARD, pour “Libérez KT”, en français

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