Ed foreman

Ed Foreman’s latest Letter to President Trump


January 30, 2017

President Donald Trump

The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Ave. NW
Washington, DC 20500


Dear Mr. President:

Hearty CONGRATULATIONS upon your election as President of the United States. Your early, assertive actions are a God-sent miracle for saving our Nation!
Many years ago, on a much smaller scale, as a young, successful, business entrepreneur with no political experience, I defeated a 16-year incumbent Democrat Congressman in West Texas, Waging the same sort of uphill battle you did, vowing to cut the size, cost, and control of federal government. Four years after a “bloody” defeat for re-election, I waged and won the same kind of uphill struggle to defeat an incumbent liberal Democrat Congressman in New Mexico, becoming the only person to be elected to the U.S. Congress from two different States in more than 150 years… so, YES, better than anyone, I understand and appreciate your herculean victory.
You are fighting for a cause far greater than yourself. You are fighting for individual freedom…..the Constitutional, free-enterprise principles for which this Country was founded!
You are possibly familiar with a fellow named Kevin Trudeau, a feisty, aggressive television personality, best-selling author, consumer advocate, and natural health spokesman. His best-selling books have sold almost 50 million copies worldwide.
In one of the most egregious cases in US history of judicial and government misconduct, Kevin is currently’ in federal prison serving a ’10-year sentence for “contempt of court.” This is the longest “contempt of court” prison sentence ever imposed. This is an outrage, a gross injustice, and simply unfair. It is “cruel and unusual punishment” and borders on human rights violations.
Contempt of court is not a felony, nor even a misdemeanour. It is inherently not a “crime” Kevin was not arrested, not indicted, and not charged with a crime by any law enforcement agency. He simply angered one unethical and biased Federal Judge who then held him in contempt for going on TV and giving opinions about one of his books with which the Judge disagreed.
I was in the courtroom when Kevin was sentenced and witnessed this government and judicial overreach and abuse of power first-hand. What I saw was astonishing and beyond logic. Kevin’s only “crime” was to go on TV and talk passionately about what he believes, expressing his opinions, sharing his own personal experiences, and exercising his First Amendment Right of Free Speech.
Kevin’s Weight Loss Cure book describes the ‘famous Dr. Simeon’s HCG weight loss protocol; and now because of Kevin’s book, it is being used at thousands of clinics and endorsed by medical doctors throughout America. On the TV informercial in question, Kevin said that the weight loss protocol that he described in his book was “easy.” Kevin shared his own personal experience about how he performed the protocol, lost weight, and found it easy. Kevin told stories about how people he talked to, who actually did the protocol and lost weight, also found it easy. The judge said the protocol described was NOT easy, even though that is exactly what was said IN THE BOOK! Kevin was held in contempt of court for “willfully” violating his order not to “misrepresent the contents of a book on TV.”
At sentencing, the Judge actually said that all of Kevin’s books and opinions were worthless, even though his six books are respected by millions and are all New York Times bestsellers. This is blatant bias. Do the government, particularly, the biased Federal Trade Commission, and a Federal Judge now have the power of deciding whose opinions are worthless and which opinions are valuable?
The Judge would not allow Kevin to present thousands of letters; her received from people who bought and loved the book. He was not allowed to bring in even ONE person that wanted to testify that they watched Kevin on T.V, bought the book, and found it useful. I was there personally, rose to speak on Kevin’s behalf, and was forcibly removed by Deputies at the Judge’s direction. Kevin was forbidden by the Judge to use the First Amendment and Free Speech as a defence, even going so far as to forbid Kevin and his lawyers to even utter those words in his courtroom.
The book came with a 100 per cent unconditional money-back guarantee. Less than 8 per cent of purchasers asked for a refund, and all those who asked received the refund. This is one of the lowest return rates in the industry. The government did not even produce ONE person who said they watched the TV informercial, bought the book, and felt misled.
The real “crime” behind this smokescreen was that Kevin exposed in his books and on his radio show, in bold and passionate ways, many things the government and special interests did not want the public to know. Simply put, the government has been seeking to discredit and silence Kevin for decades because he is one of the most outspoken critics of the Washington, DC, special interests and lobbyists, namely the drug companies, the banks, the dishonest media, and out-of-control, abusive, and suppressive government agencies such as the FTC, FDA, and IRS.
Kevin is known as one of the most outstanding marketing experts and mass communicators of all time. He has built businesses in America, the UK, and Australia, generating millions in worldwide sales and employing thousands of people over the past 30 years. More importantly, Kevin has, since 1979, been empowering, motivating and educating millions, of people to live better lives. He is following the spirit of Napoleon Hill and another of my close friends, the later Dr. Norman Vincent Peale.
For decades, Kevin has pointed to YOU as an example of success. He has read and publicly and enthusiastically promoted your brooks and the educational programs you offered. He defended you publicly about the unfair treatment by the press you have received.
As one of the world’s most prominent proponents of natural health alternatives, he has exposed the FDA, and drug companies for suppressing information about inexpensive, non-drug, and non-surgical ways to cure and prevent disease. As one of the past directors of the FDA has said “The FDA is not protecting consumers, it is protecting the profits of the drug companies.” Kevin has exposed how the FTC also is not protecting consumers, but protecting the profits of specific, special interest groups. This has made him a political target by these out-of-control, abusive government agencies.
There are millions of happy people whose lives, are better because of Kevin Trudeau. They bought his books over the years and are still buying them today. Kevin has one of the highest customer satisfaction rates in the industry.
Knowing Kevin since 1979, l can vouch for his, honesty, passion, and integrity. He has always been extremely generous, kind, and giving to those in need. He has heart, compassion, and love for his fellow man, is a man of good character, and a person who loves people and is loved in return. Yes, he has made mistakes in his life, but he has learned from those mistakes and is a better person because of those poor choices and the resulting tough lessons.
You know first-hand how the media is dishonest, distorts the truth, misleads, and misrepresents the facts. You also know how in lawsuits there can be outrageous, totally false allegations that are unsubstantiated, undocumented, unverified, and simply untrue. It is unfortunate that a biased Judge can turn the legal system into a farce.
Kevin loves America and has been a tireless champion for free speech and the U.S Constitution. When you announced your candidacy for President, he predicted your victory and worked behind the scenes on your behalf.
This is a request that you pardon Kevin Trudeau, or at least commute his sentence to “time served,” and have him released immediately. At the direction of a biased Judge, he served eight months in a horrendous metropolitan Chicago jail and now over three years at the Federal Prison Camp in Montgomery, Alabama. He continues to be vilified by the Federal Trade Commission.
This action against Kevin is government overreach in the worst way. It is an example of judgement gone wrong. This is a judiciary that has gone rogue and lost all sense of fairness and justice. During his more than three years of imprisonment, both his mother and father passed away; and he was not even allowed to attend their funerals! He has been punished enough.
I am asking you, in fact, pleading with you, for your consideration, compassion and understanding to pardon Kevin Trudeau, or at least commute his sentence to time served; and have him released immediately. Your favourable action will be sincerely appreciated.

Sincerely Yours

Ed Foreman
Former U.S Congressman
(Texas and New Mexico)
Speaker, Author, Entrepreneur

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im a friend of kevins,i think there was so much jealousy and ill will
toward kevin these past years,bias against drug co s etc!!
there was always a huge group against him in powerful places.
just my opinion thanks jack gallant

This is a heartfelt letter in dedication to Kevin Trudeau. This summarises how I (we) feel:

The moment that Kevin Trudeau decided to speak out and share the hidden secrets – to free the minds of humanity – was the moment his own mouth ceased to speak, but that of his soul began. This is when the ministry was birthed in his heart.

Since that time, Kevin Trudeau has been speaking through the mouth of his soul, and seeing with the eyes of his soul. No man can hush such a person. No prison chains can bind him. No prison cell can contain him. No law can detain such a man… for he speaks through his Maker.

This is the man – the convictions of a fearless man. I love and vouch for Kevin Trudeau. We all love and support this man.

Kill his mind… numb his senses… shut down his neuro-pathways… break his will… but his soul reverberates from within, and the people he has set free are his voices, his mouthpiece. And we shall continue to speak out with him.

You can never kill the mind of the soul. This authority far supersedes that of the world… may God forgive this cowardice. The truth has been spoken. The seeds have been planted. These seeds will bear a greater harvest.

Love from Jennifer Uzele (Junipher)

Wow, Ed Foreman, your letter to Pres Trump hit it right out of the ballpark !!
I was very active in my community in getting Donald Trump elected and still am active in showing support for him. He WILL save this beautiful nation. He is a man of principle and has a big heart. There is no way Pres Trump can read that letter and not be moved to do something…

I have purchased several educational items from Kevin Trudeau. I am 47 years old and I have studied health and nutrition since I was a teen. The first book I bought was “Natural Cures They Don’t Want You To Know About”. I was so impressed with this book that I wanted all of his others. I have read most if not all of them to my knowledge. Natural Cures was such good, solid, meaty material. I can’t say enough about it. But by reading Kevin’s books and later listening to his radio broadcast, I felt like I was always constantly learning something. That is my goal. I read the weight loss cure book and enjoyed it very much. I did not ever get the procedure done, because I simply chose not to do it. But that doesn’t mean I felt duped by the book or I didn’t get anything of any value from it. Kevin is entitled to his opinion, just like his materials teach that I am entitled to mine. We can agree, disagree, follow, not follow, whatever we choose to do with information. But the important thing is the right to share it and not stop the free flow of it. I have never felt ripped off by Kevin in any way. He has shared a lot of good information and I can do what I wish with it. I have also listened to the “Your Wish Is Your Command” CD’s and I thought they were excellent as well. I see no reason for this man to be in jail. My personal opinion is he could be of help so much more to society if he were to be set free.

I love Kevin. I love listening to his audios. What is done to him is abuse of power. Kevin didn’t even do anything bad to deserve to lose freedom for such long time. It would be unfair to lose 1 day. I can’t believe how unfairness is allowed to exist in positions of power in America. While the real bad is left alone. I want to visit Kevin in jail.

I joined Global Information Network in 2009 , and I have benefitted from the remarkable teaching that Kevin has conducted , and ALL that he has spoken is valuable and working for me. Based on the teaching , I have now the life that I want , privately and business wise. Thanks to Kevin !
Reading the way Kevin has been put to jail , is a disgrace for the US justice system , the freedom to speech seem to be lost , and it looks like some use the justice system to get rid of “difficult people” . Similar to the McCarthy period just different topic ?
How many commercials in TV are to be send to prison if they was judged the same way as Kevin ?

I have learn’t from Kevin and he has helped to make me the person I am today. In turn, I have been able to assist others. That is priceless. Free Kevin Trudeau.

What was done to Kevin was unjust, not only to him but anyone who gives their opinion in a public theatre! He’s helped millions, including me. He should be free

I too have taken the wait loss cure they don’t want you to know about and I too found it very easy .
I believe Kevin is in Jail unjustly
Thank you and lets give him freedom
Thank you Darcey Hewitt

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