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Ed Foreman Writes To The White House…

This is former US Congressman Ed Foreman. Kevin Trudeau has sent the attached letter to President Trump (both Kevin and I have sent several other letters to the President over the last 8 weeks).

The President and the Administration are in a unique position to create tremendous goodwill with millions of voters from both sides of the isle. This is something that both “Trump supporters” and Trump ‘haters'” will love and cheer the President for.

Please review the attached letter and you will see how.

If you could, please make sure the President is in receipt of it.

Millions of people who did NOT vote for President Trump can now be positively swayed to embrace and support the President and the Republicans.

Millions of people who DID vote for President Trump can now be energized to support the President and the Republican party with even more zeal.

The issue is about Free Speech, the First Amendment, government censorship, and abuse of power.

The issue includes a rouge out of control judiciary.

The issue is about “burning books” and silencing critics of the government and the special interests.

These are issues that affect millions of Americans. By taking action, the President will be cheered and praised by voters from all political sides.

Kevin’s supporters include those who voted for and supported President Trump. But they also include those who opposed President Trump.

Kevin has huge influence over an extremely large and politically diverse group of voters. The one thing Kevin’s fans have in common is that they believe in Kevin and listen to Kevin.

Kevin has been horribly mistreated by the government, the main stream media, and judicial system. The people know this and they are outraged. The people know if the government can do this to Kevin (throw him in prison for 10 years for writing a book and talking about it on TV), people are thinking that no one is safe in America.

Commuting Kevin’s sentence and having him redeemed will relive the fears of so many. Freeing an author from prison (charged only with CONTEMPT) whose only real crime was exposing the corruption between the FDA, FTC, drug companies and main stream media will win support from millions of American voters across the entire political spectrum.

This is a unique positive opportunity for the President.

If you have any questions please call me at <Editor: Number redacted>

Very Truly Yours,

Ed Foreman

Former US Congressman

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