Ed Foreman releases dossier in Kevin Trudeau release case

#FreeKevinTrudeau Gavel

This morning 4 letters were released from former congressman Ed Foreman highlighting the case for the immediate release of Kevin Trudeau.

This dossier details the summary and timeline of how popular TV personality and whistleblower was targeted and unfairly incarcerated, where he has already served almost 5 years of a 10 year jail sentence.

The letters are published in the Latest documents area of KevinTrudeau.com and pdf versions have been provided so that readers can re-post and publish on their own websites, social media profiles and of course mail to influential figures around the world.

Today we call on President Trump to immediate commute Kevin’s sentence and correct this travesty of justice that commenced prior to the current administration.

Here are the documents

Ed foreman explains why Kevin Trudeau should be freed (Click to download or here to read it now)

Who is Kevin Trudeau? (Click to download or here to read it now)

Summary and Timeline of Kevin Trudeau Jail Sentence  (Click to download or here to read it now)

The motive behind Kevin Trudeau’s jail sentence (Click to download or here to read it now)

Top 10 reasons for Kevin Trudeau’s release (Click to download or here to read it now)

To keep up to date in real time on the #FreeKevinTrudeau campaign, join 1000’s from around the world and sign up to our Final push petition


9 thoughts on “Ed Foreman releases dossier in Kevin Trudeau release case”

  1. Sandra Park says:

    Release Kevin Trudeau from prison he is innocent

  2. DAN BRIDE says:


  3. Brett Cook says:

    Kevin Trudeau is a POLITICAL PRISONER! We do NOT have RIGHTS! Only TEMPORARY privileges!

  4. Hermille Catzalco says:

    May justice prevail.

  5. Anita Dalton’ says:

    Please President,this is a gross injustice

  6. MARY R JONES says:

    Please release Kevin Trudeau.
    America is a land of free speech.
    He has helped many people be able to make wise decisions for themselves.
    Thank you.

  7. Hermille Catzalco says:

    Free K. T.

  8. Carlos A. LLorens says:

    Dear reader,

    I am super excited to see the efforts being employed to have Kevin freed from prison, Mr. Foreman is definitely a hero in my book, these honest efforts to have Kevin freed, appeases the sadness that I am sure that a lot of us feel by knowing the inhumane motive that put Kevin in prison, and the injustice of such a sentence that 10 years in prison is for such a reason, and in particular, to a person like Kevin, someone that has helped so many people around the world, like very few ever have. My most honest, and sincere THANKS to Mr. Foreman, and everyone who is assisting to see that Kevin is released



    1. Lee Kenny says:

      Thank you Carlos.

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