Do You Need To Heal?


You hear a lot about needing to forgive and needing to “heal” if you truly want to have joy and happiness in your life. 

Thousands of books, authors and experts talk about the need to “heal oneself” of the “wounds” we have painfully endured in life, and all the suffering we have experienced. 

Is this true?

Consider this. When I was young I was introduced to a man who was going to “open my eyes to the truth of success”. I was looking forward to meeting a successful man who could tell me the secrets of prosperity and happiness. 

The man was not the kind of person I expected to meet. He was not “successful” as far as I could see. He lived in a small apartment. He did not have lots of money. He was not healthy. His life seemed tragic. 

Early in his marriage, his wife had unexpectedly left him and their daughter to be with another man, and cut off all communication with both of them. His daughter, his only child, was killed a few years later while she was driving a car drunk. He was a diabetic whose right foot had been amputated. 

Yet he was blissfully at peace with everything in his life. You could see it in his eyes. You could feel his inner sense of love, contentment, and fulfillment. He had a knowingness about him that was magical. He was at harmony with himself, his circumstances, and all those around him. 

I asked him about his tragic and painful life, how he could have such genuine happiness, and how he seemed to radiate authentic inner joy. 

He told me he had a realization early in his life that allowed him to see things from a different viewpoint and perspective. He clearly saw, with total certainty and knowingness, that he simply was experiencing his karma in this life. He said that after that “awakening”, he never suffered in life, he simply observed and witnessed what was occurring like watching a movie.

I asked him how he healed his wounds. He smiled and said that he never had any wounds to heal. This realization (that one never has any wounds to heal) he said, was the key to bliss. I asked him how he could forgive those who hurt him. He said there was no one and nothing to forgive, and there is never anyone or anything to forgive, as it is all just the perfect play of consciousness manifesting in the physical world for us to experience. This realization (that there is nothing ever to forgive) he said, was the key to bliss. 

I asked him how he endured pain and suffering. He said that while the body and mind can experience “pain”, the SELF that witnesses and observes this never suffers. Realization of this is the key to bliss. 

I asked “How does one get the realization of these things?” He said “grace” from a master. This “grace” is the transference of energy from one who has attained what you seek, to you, thus awakening the dormant energy within you. This takes you out of your “trance”. This takes you out of your “sleep”. This allows you to “see the truth” and experience true reality. 

You have asked, and therefore you have already received this “grace”.  Simply allow yourself to receive it. To receive the Grace, become a student in the Science of Personal Mastery Course by visiting and sending an email to Support to request more information. 

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