Covid-19 Update #9

This is Covid 19 Update # 9

If you have not read the previous 8 updates, I highly encourage you to read them (CLICK HERE).

There is VITAL information in those updates, including the revelation of some of my “insider” sources. They are also available on this Facebook Page;;; and

All the predictions made in those previous updates are coming true. 

Most people have not paid attention to the ACTUAL words and what was ACTUALLY being said by the world’s health organizations, governments and media about this pandemic over the last few months. 

They gave no actual facts initially, except some deceptive, misleading information that was very vague. 

They were basically just screaming “the sky is falling”.

The first things they said were only extremely vague generalities about how bad this could be (this is a tactic of deception: not being specific).

The World Health Organization never gave any specific numbers as to how many people they anticipated would get infected and how many would die. They have all the “computer models” for all the other pandemics, so this would be easy for them to do. But they never said anything specific and refused to reveal what the actual models predicted, because it did not fit the story they were trying to sell us. 

Then the US Centers for Disease Control and the US Pandemic Task Force, only last week, said there could be as high as 90 million people in the USA infected and 500,000 deaths in the USA. 

This was immediately attacked by universities and experts around the world who do the modeling for pandemics, as being much too high and simply 100% a lie.

Then a few days later, those same people came out and said “if we did not do anything, and just let this play out, then we would have over 2.2 million deaths in the USA. BUT because we came to the rescue, it looks like the USA will have only about 100,000 deaths from this virus, and maybe less.” 

This is exactly what I said would happen. 

Consider that last year 300,000 people died in America due to Flu and other respiratory infections. 

But the numbers of infected, the number of deaths, and the fatality rate, are all misleading and false anyway. “They” are manipulating the data to make this appear much worse than it really is.

For example:

  • a doctor can look at anyone who dies and say “we ASSUME he died of the coronavirus” and add him to the numbers even though no test was performed to verify if that person even had the virus! FRAUD!
  • If a person dies of natural causes and HAD the virus and had fully recovered, he is still counted as being killed BY the virus instead of simply dying WITH the virus! FRAUD!

I predicted that the USA would more than likely report more people infected with this virus, and more deaths from this virus than any other country in the world. 

When I made that prediction, everyone said I was crazy. I was highly criticized by many “experts”. However, my prediction is sadly coming true. I explained why in the previous updates. 

In summary, the main reason that the USA will show more people infected and more deaths, is that the USA has the most people that are in the “High Risk” category. 

To be in the “High Risk” category, you have one or more of the following conditions:

1.) over 60 years old (China has the highest number of people over 60 years old)

2.) have ANY pre-existing medical condition including: asthma; COPD; any lung issues; are on Chemo, or radiation or any cancer treatments; need a CPAP (The USA has more people in this category than any other country in the world, as America is the “sickest” country in the world)

3.) have a compromised, weakened or suppressed immune system (America has more people in this category as well by far)

Number 3 is the BIG one for the USA. 

Americans consume 60% of all the non-prescription and prescription drugs in the world! American’s take drugs like candy. 

MANY of these drugs have as a side effect “Will increase your risk of infection and reduce your body’s ability to fight off infection”. 

This is what no one is talking about. America has a BIG problem. 

I talked about this in my #1 NY Times bestselling books, “Natural Cures They Don’t Want You to Know About” and “More Natural Cures Revealed“. I highly suggest you read them. Following the advice in those books could save your life right now.

While many drugs save lives in crisis situations (and thank God we have them), most drugs that are consumed are not “saving a life”, but rather are addressing some non-life-threatening, minor “condition or symptom”. The side effects of the drugs are worse than the condition or symptom that is being treated. 

In fact, those side effects are SO bad, that a former US Food and Drug (FDA) commissioner said, “Drugs kill more people than the diseases they are treating.” 

Most people don’t know that almost all drugs are made in China now. I talked to the president of one of the largest drug manufacturing companies in China and asked him if he or his family took any of the drugs his firm manufactured. He laughed and said smiling, “Kevin, these drugs are for selling, not for taking!”

I asked him why he or his family would never take the drugs he manufactured. He told me, “Kevin, I don’t knowingly put poison in my body.”

Think about this folks. 

Think about the fact that China has 1.8 billion people yet has less than 100,000 people that tested positive for the virus and less than 9000 deaths. Perhaps China is lying about the numbers. My sources on the ground say that this is true, but not to a major extent.  

In any case, if we look at the published numbers, compare China to America: 380 million people live in America, and there are already OVER 200,000 people that tested positive vs. 1.8 billion people living in China with WELL UNDER 100,000 who have tested positive, and this has been going on in China since last December compared to this being in America only for the last few weeks. 

Are the numbers showing clearly that the virus is spreading FAST in America? Actually no. America is simply testing more people each day compared to the last, so the numbers will go up each day. The Virus IS hitting the high risk group hard (meaning lung issues and many needing to be in a hospital on a ventilator).

One reason for these very high numbers is that America is testing MORE people, so America will have more “confirmed” cases. But this also means we have one of the lowest “fatality rates” of only 1.5%. 

The bottom line is this:

Over the next few months, the number of NEW confirmed cases in America and around the world will go up dramatically. This is mainly because the number of tests are going up dramatically. The more people tested, the more confirmed cases. It is that simple. 

This is GOOD news. Because then, we will also see the “fatality rate” go down. In actual fact, the fatality rate is MUCH lower than the numbers being presented. This is because the fatality rate being told to us is simply the number of “confirmed cases” divided by the number of confirmed deaths. 

All the experts at the CDC and the WHO say that the actual number of people that had and have the virus is anywhere from 10-30 times the number of the “confirmed cases”. This means that right now today, about 3 million people in the USA have been infected or currently have the virus. The virus WILL spread and this number WILL grow. 

Again, this is GOOD news because it shows that over 95% of people who do get infected, never show any symptoms, and we are creating “herd immunity” for the future.

These numbers are based on the “models” those health organizations use to determine the number of people they “think” get infected with any kind of virus, and thus come up with a GUESS as a fatality rate. 

So, consider following the steps I suggested in previous updates about what to do to dramatically increase the power of your immune system, making it less likely that you get infected. And if you do, you will have a strong enough immune system to fight it off so that you experience little or no symptoms. 

Again, this is a bigger economic issue than a health issue. No one is saying this, but this is the fact based on the REAL facts.

I have more updates coming very soon with very important information including:

  • the financial opportunities this worldwide “crisis” is creating (massive prosperity awaits you)
  • WHO started this and why (I have the information now and it is mind blowing!)
  • the “other wonderful opportunities” that this global crisis has created (with lockdowns, restricted travel, loss of jobs etc.)
  • how this is going to affect your job, your finances, your standard of living and quality of life.

There is no need to be stressed, worried, anxious or nervous. 

All around the world, governments, central banks, and industry are extremely well-capitalized and will continue to take aggressive measures to make the “financial pain and suffering” as minimal as possible and last for as short amount of time as possible.

Think about this: When you get on a plane, you relax, even though you don’t know who the pilot is.

When you get on a ship, you relax, even though you don’t know the captain.

You get on a bus, a train, or in a taxi and feel totally at ease and safe, even though you don’t know who is doing the driving.

Then why don’t you relax RIGHT NOW and feel safe and at ease, knowing that the loving “Creator” is totally in control and all this is just a play of consciousness? 

All is VERY well indeed my friends. 🙂

Think about this.

Most importantly, always wash your hands well. And every time you do, remember whose hands you are in! 

You are loved and protected by a loving benevolent “Creator” who has everything under control.

Your friend in light, love and consciousness, 

Kevin Trudeau

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