Covid-19 Update #8

This is Coronavirus Update #8

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I get thousands of questions about how this pandemic, and the media creating mass panic, relates to a possible “Globalist Agenda” and a potential “One World Government and One World Currency”.

The answer is they are related in some ways. 

However, they are just part of a very large mix of pieces of a very large puzzle. This is a LONG-TERM process where changes happen slowly – so most people don’t notice.  

Most of what you read about and hear on certain videos, on podcasts, radio shows, and in books about the “end of the Cabal” and the coming of global anarchy are simply not true. These same people, while very well-intentioned and in most cases, very good people, have been predicting doom and gloom for decades. 

Yet none of their predictions about “total government control” or other such things, have come true in any form. 

Several radio hosts and authors have been saying for decades that billions of people around the world will be killed by their own governments because of a globalist plot to depopulate the earth. They talk about US “Internment camps” set up by FEMA with tens of millions of “coffins ready to go”. 

Well, they have been saying this for over 30 years, and the world’s population keeps going up, and those “coffins” must be getting pretty rusty by now. 

Every one of their predictions has proven false. Yet, people still believe their “next prediction”. 

One example is this: 8 years ago, these people were saying, “gold is going to $10,000 an ounce by 2015 and the stock market will crash by 80% or more”. 

This did not happen. Actually the reverse happened. 

Another example is this: Many have been saying for over 15 years that the Iraqi Dinar (their currency) is going to be devalued and if you buy Dinar, you will get rich. 

Nothing but a big scam. It never happened, did it? 

So why listen to these people who always get it wrong?

I suggest you read the Lessons of “Who do you Listen To?” by CLICKING HERE (they are available at

You will learn that most people “know about things”, but very few KNOW things. There is a HUGE difference. 


“Knowing about” comes from simply reading what others say and repeating it. 

What you are getting here is first-hand, personal knowingness. Not theory or guesses or “sound good” information. 

If I don’t KNOW, I say “I do not KNOW”.

There is no need to fear, panic, stress, or have anxiety about anything to do with this pandemic or any “Globalist Plan”. 

Things are unfolding as they will. It is useless to “resist” what IS. Doing so will only make you miserable and make you suffer. Being in a state of “allowance” and “flow” releases you from the effects of what is happening. 

Seeing the perfection in the imperfection is why “Masters” always are in bliss. They see through the illusion. 

Let me explain in broad strokes, what is happening. 

There is a “Class” of people all around the world known as “The Parasitical-Elite Ruling Class”. This group produces nothing, but lives off the production of others (most politicians and lawyers fall into this category, as do royalty). 

Think about the Royal Family in England. What value do they add to society? Nothing. They simply TAKE from the working people and live “like Royalty”. LOL 

They are “parasites”. They are not value producers. They take, they do not add to society. 

This “Elite Ruling Class” of people in effect, “rule” the world from behind the scenes. 

Everyone in this group is a “Globalist”, but most “Globalists” are not in the “Elite Ruling Class”. 

The Elite Ruling Class believes they are “better” than everyone else – smarter and genetically superior. (That is correct. They are extremely “racist” in this regard.)

“They” have an agenda, called the “Globalist Agenda”. They say it is designed to reduce poverty and starvation; increase the standard of living of more people around the world; and reduce wars and conflict. 

Sounds good so far, right?

It also is designed to INCREASE their own power, control, and wealth, and keep it in their family lines for generations to come. 

Their “plan” is to:

– have open borders in all countries so people can live anywhere they want (thus NO independent countries)

– have a one-world currency (so there is no more currency manipulation). This would be similar to the Euro, where all the countries in the EU gave up their currency (except England), and would also eliminate all cash.

– have mass migration where people from all over the world intermarry, and thus eventually eliminate all “races”, as everyone becomes a “mixed-race” person

– eliminate all religions by the same mass migration method and intermarrying

– have a “one-world government” of unelected officials, similar to the European Union

– have a “one-world police force” (similar to Interpol)

– reduce the world’s population from the current 7.5 billion to around 3-5 billion people (Ted Turner, George Soros and many others have said publicly that there are billions of “useless eaters” in the world that need to be eliminated.)

– keep the world’s population totally under control by mass consumption of pharmaceutical drugs, infecting the air and water with specific agents that suppress a person’s “motivation, drive and aggressiveness”, and genetic modification of the food supply. This is all designed to make the world’s population docile, subservient and “follow orders”. “They” need people to believe what “they” say, and do what they are told to do. The idea is to keep everyone in a “trance” and virtually “hypnotized” and “doing what they are told by authorities without question or resistance”.

– monitor every person 24/7 by recording all communications (already being done), all movement (already being done), all financial transactions (already being done with the exception of some cash transactions, which is why cash will be eliminated), so that everyone will “stay in line and do what they are told” therefore creating “sheeple”. 

– create 3 classes of people: 

1.) The Ruling Class (them) 

2.) The Sheeple (almost everyone else) 

3.) The FREE  (About 5% of the population will be “FREE” people who happily live outside of the “control matrix”.)

I am just stating facts that have been published, verified, documented and substantiated. These are also from my own personal, first-hand experience, and that of my “sources” (CLICK HERE FOR A PARTIAL LIST OF MY SOURCES).

This is not my theory or opinion. This is not something I “know about”. This is something I “know” intimately well. 

Many may call the agenda “racist” or evil. You can debate that. The above stated “agenda” is not “conspiracy theory”, it is published information and everything stated above is actually already in the public domain. 

“Leaders” from around the world have gone on record declaring the above agenda-points at all the major economic forums and conferences around the globe, such as “The Council on Foreign Relations Conferences and The G-7 Economic Summits.

It is also spoken about in groups like Yale’s Skull and Bones. 

This “Agenda and Plan” has been talked about openly and publicly by the Rockefellers, Rothschilds, and many others for over 100 years. It is a plan that will more than likely happen eventually. 

But it also might not happen. Maybe it will happen in the next few years, maybe 20 years, maybe within the next 100 years. 

Maybe never. 

“Their” plan was actually to have the Nazis win WWII, but that failed to happen. 

So this “plan” might or might not become reality. 

BUT, it does not matter. There is no need to fear IF this happens or not. 

The key is being able to live and have your “consciousness” and physical body, out of this “matrix”. You need to be “awake” and totally informed. You need to stay out of the “trance”. Then you can live your life with complete freedom and without fear. 

You will prosper in every area of your life. 

You will be part of the “Third Class” of people: Those who are FREE. 

And in this case, you will live better than you have ever lived in your life. You will be happier and more at peace than you could have ever imagined. You will be free on all levels and all dimensions. You will be “liberated” and more “conscious” than ever before. 

Many will reach “enlightenment”. 

You will experience the best physical health you could ever imagine. You will prosper and thrive in ways that you never dreamed possible. 

This is one reason why being a member of The Global Information Network will be so valuable. 

Members will know how to live out of the “matrix”. 

Members will not be walking around in a “trance”, virtually hypnotized by the “powers that be”. 

Members will be left alone and allowed to prosper. 

In fact, Members will be HELPED to prosper and be given many advantages. 

Members will “see everything” and be “totally aware”. 

I encourage you to read about this CLUB by CLICKING HERE

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This “Coronavirus (Covid-19)” hysteria is a trial run for more “centralized control” by attempting to destroy the world’s economy, thus creating an urgent “need” for more governmental power, thus eliminating more of our freedoms. 

The MAIN reason for this Virus hysteria, however, is to destroy the US economy and get Trump out of office so that the Globalists can take over again. 

As the government tries to take more control, it will be touted as “For Your Own Good and Safety”. In fact, people will DEMAND giving up their freedoms out of irrational fear.

The basic method to take away our freedoms and give governments more power and control is always the same:

– THEY create a problem (real or illusionary, such as this pandemic)

– the media creates a crisis and panic by misleading the public and twisting facts

– the PEOPLE demand HELP because of this mass fear and panic

– THEY then come to the rescue and implement the solution

-the solution is always taking AWAY freedoms and rights of individuals and instituting MORE centralized control

This INCREASES power and control of the “ruling class” and takes away freedoms and rights of individuals.

It also makes the rich even richer and the poor even poorer. It also makes it harder to get rich (but not for those 5% who are FREE and KNOW what to do). 

But, there is still no need to fear, panic, or have stress. Even if all of this comes to pass in a “worst-case scenario” there is still no need to have any anxiety. 

I suggest you get my Suggested Book, Video and Course List (CLICK HERE

…and take some time to train your mind, so you can always stay out of the “control matrix”. 

Listen to the audio course “Your Wish Is Your Command”. 

Take my home study course “The Science of Personal Mastery Course”.

See if you can join The Global Information Network (GIN) and go through my “The Success Mastery Course”.

Many people now want to join GIN and become a member for obvious reasons. Your application may not be accepted as the Club is now being very selective as to who they allow to be members. 

If you are accepted and do become a member, the Club retains the right to cancel your membership if you are determined not to be “right” for the Club. It is an exclusive Club for qualified people only, and is not for everyone. Soon, it may be harder to gain membership in the Club as so many people will want the benefits of membership. 

In future updates, I will be talking about some of the economic and financial opportunities this current “crisis” has opened up. When you are “in the know” you have major advantages. Every time there is a “collapse” of some sort, the financial opportunities are the greatest for those who are not fearful. 

Check here often for more updates. Go to the websites listed below and get on the email lists, because these messages will probably be censored soon by Facebook and Google. Being on the mailing list may be the only way to get these updates. 

More detailed updates will be given exclusively to GIN members. 

(Contact Tonya or Rahelios for more information

I am sending you lots of love and positive energy. 

SMILE… all is VERY, VERY WELL, and everything that is unfolding is Divinely guided.

Much love.

Yours in consciousness and freedom (smiling, happy and in total peace), 

Kevin Trudeau

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