Covid-19 Update #7

This is Kevin Trudeau’s “Coronavirus Update #7”

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There are many people posting my updates on their websites and social media accounts. Thank you all so much. However, some very well-intentioned people have perhaps a little too enthusiastically claimed that I endorse or recommend various “videos” and “products”.  While some videos and products might be very good, I have not endorsed or recommended anything as of now. 

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There are other “positive Kevin Trudeau” websites and social media accounts run by wonderful people who post these messages. In some cases these terrific people have been a little over zealous and posted videos saying “Kevin wants you to watch this”, or “Kevin suggested this and recommends you watch it”. 

Some of the videos have been transcribed and the transcripts were sent to me. Some of the information is accurate, and some is misleading, and some is outright false.

One particular video talks about the “Illuminati” and the “Bilderberg Group”. 

All I will say to the people who made these videos, claiming that they “know all about these groups” is this: 

When I was at the meetings, I did not see YOU there.  

And based on what you are saying, you clearly don’t “know” what you are talking about. 🙂

Enough said on that. 🙂

If I do suggest something, it will be on or The Official Kevin Trudeau Fan Club Facebook page, or through the GuruKev Gold Email List

If it is not there, then I did not suggest it.

As I have stated in previous updates, my “sources” are extremely, deeply embedded in the United Nations; World Health Organization; Centers for Disease Control and many other groups and organizations (CLICK HERE to get a partial list of my sources).

As of today, here is a summary on the Virus:

-this virus is NOT deadly

-98% of people who have tested positive for this virus will NEVER feel it and NEVER show any symptoms

-this virus is spreading in the same manner and speed as a regular flu

-the “high risk group” will have a high percentage (around 5-10%) that experience severe symptoms and have a higher fatality rate (around 1-3%) than everyone else (these numbers could change)

-the high risk group includes anyone who: 

  • is elderly and has pre-existing medical conditions 
  • has asthma 
  • has any kind of lung or respiratory issues 
  • has a compromised or weakened or suppressed immune system 
  • is a heavy smoker 
  • is on chemotherapy 
  • takes ANY prescription or non-prescription drug that has as a side effect of “increases your risk of infection” and/or “reduces your ability to fight off infection” 
  • has COPD
  • has heart disease

-the number of people that actually had or have the virus is between 10-50 times higher than the number of “confirmed” cases (This is very good news, as this means the overall fatality rate is MUCH lower than it appears.)

-the Centers for Disease Control issued a “worst case scenario”: 

By July 1st – 80 million Americans infected and 500,000 deaths (about 2/10ths of 1% of the US population, which is extremely low)

-this virus is “nothing” compared to: 

  • The Plague (40-50% of the world’s population died)
  • The Spanish Flu of 1918 (3-5% of the world’s population died and it had a 10-20% fatality rate) 
  • The Hong Kong Flu of 1968 (15% of Hong Kong’s population died) 
  • The 1960 China famine (over 20% of the Chinese population died of starvation)
  • The American Civil War (2-3% of the American population died) 
  • World War II (3-5% of the world’s population died, plus all the massive, unprecedented devastation in terms of completely destroyed infrastructure such as bridges, roads, factories etc. in Europe and Asia)

The world not only survived these devastating times, but afterward, THRIVED. 

After each of these events, there was a SURGE in prosperity.

In fact, the last 4 massive crashes in the stock market (of 20-60%), ALL came back within 2 years, and the worst rebound came back fully in 15 years (making 15 years the one-time, worst-case scenario ever). But they ALL came back and so did the world’s economies. 

MOST IMPORTANTLY: This virus will pass without a worldwide fatality rate anywhere close to the above horrific numbers. 

When this is over, there will be a global SURGE of prosperity and health. 

There are financial opportunities all around the world now like I have never seen in my life. People will look back and say “I wish I lived in 2020 when all the great opportunities were just lying around for the taking”.

Last note: So many people are asking me about:

-Is Martial Law coming?

-Will our guns be confiscated?

-One world government?

-One world police force?

-One world currency?

-No cash?


-Global depression?

-Bank failures?

-Massive devaluation of money?



-The politics of this “crisis”

-Was the CIA involved and was this virus planted in China to destroy the US economy and get Trump out of office?

-Did the Chinese do this on purpose so their currency can become the new world’s reserve currency and they can take over the USA?  (Since the virus is over in China, and they had only 8000 deaths with a population of 1.8 billion, it appears that they will be hit the easiest with less deaths than even a small country like Italy.)

-Will there be internment camps?

-Will the economy bounce back or will there be 20-40% unemployment?

I will be releasing some updates answering these questions. 

But in brief: Members of “The Global Information Network” will get complete details and “insider information”. 

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Check here often for more updates coming very soon with more revelations and blockbuster “truths revealed”. 

Your friend, 

Kevin Trudeau

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