Covid-19 Update #6

This is “Coronavirus Update #6”

If you have not read the previous 5 updates, I highly encourage you to read them in order to get all the facts. CLICK HERE for those updates. 

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In update #4 I give my “sources”. This information is authentic and documented. 

The media is lying to you, misleading you and deceiving you. They are being totally irresponsible.

A conference call was held with several of the top executives of the mainstream media outlets including CNN; ABC News; NBC News; The NY Times; and several others. 

Here is what was said on the call:

“We all need to work together to create as much fear and panic as possible. We can shut down and kill the US economy and make sure Trump is not reelected. If we create enough destruction to the economy, we can get the end result we want even if Trump stays in office.” 

I will explain the “reasons” why this virus is being touted as a “global emergency” in a moment. First let’s look at the facts.

As of today the facts are still the same:

-This virus is spreading the same as a normal flu, it is not spreading “faster” or in ways that will make hundreds of millions more people get this virus as compared to a regular flu (check out my last update where I explain the city of Vo Italy and the Diamond Princess cruise ship that proves this is true)

-This virus is NOT deadly. The fatality rate is about the same as a regular Flu (slightly higher for those who are “high risk” and LOWER for 99% of people”)

-This virus does NOT cause worse symptoms than a regular flu. In actual fact, over 90% of people that have tested positive never show any symptoms. The only people that show severe symptoms are those with pre existing medical conditions. If you get this virus, unless you are in a high risk category, you will show MUCH milder symptoms than if you got the regular flu or cold. This is very important and good news.

-The Italian government announced that 99% of all deaths in Italy were people with pre existing medical conditions. In fact they said that most of these people died of OTHER causes, NOT the virus. They did not die because of the virus, they died and HAD the virus. 

-The number of deaths in Italy in Jan, Feb, and March of last year was the same as the number this year. This means that the very old and very sick people in Italy that have died (and had the coronavirus), were already so sick they were already about to die. The virus did not “kill them”. 

Fred Smith, the CEO of Federal Express was interviewed on CNBC. He stated that FedEx has over 700 full time employees in Wuhan China. This is the city where the virus started. All FedEx employees were tested. Only 7 tested positive. Here is the best part….NO ONE showed ANY SYMPTOMS. This is very good news. Again this is evidence that the virus spreads the same as a regular flu, is NOT deadly, and most people will NOT show any symptoms.

The media is making people believe things that are simply not true. 

Why are they doing this? Over the last few days I have talked with many of my global sources (see update #4 for a partial list of my sources). Here is what I have been told.

“As soon as Trump won the election, a worldwide effort of the Globalist Elites has been put together to get him out of office. The idea was to actually get him out of office by making him quit, forcing him out, or at least damage him so he would not win another term.

First it was to make the repeated claim that Trump worked with the Russian Government to rig the election so he would win. That was proven to be 100% false, but “they” thought that it would damage Trump enough to make him quit or hurt him enough so that he would have no chance of winning another term. But the plan failed. 

Within a few weeks after the Russia investigation was over, impeachment was put into full swing. This also failed. In fact, Trump was strengthened by both of these ploys. 

Within just a few weeks after the impeachment ended (and Trumps approvals at all time highs), the next ploy was initiated: Destroy the US Economy. 

The plan is simple. Destroy the US Economy and therefore Trump has nothing to run on. Hopefully, Trump will not handle the crisis well and that can be used against him as well. This way Trump will lose the election.”

There is much, much more to this that I will be revealing exclusively to members of The Global Information Network. Contact Tonya or Rahelios to learn more about becoming a GIN Member here: 

The bottom line is this: This will pass. Yes, America is much more vulnerable than other countries for many reasons as I talked about in previous updates. The main reason more people will get very sick and die here in America than in other countries is because Americans consume 60% of all pharmaceutical drugs. Think about that! American’s take more drugs, more frequently than any other country. We have the highest rates of every major disease including obesity. Many of these drugs (like any and all steroids people take for pain), increase your risk of infection and decrease your ability to fight off an infection. 

This means that America has more people that are susceptible to getting this virus and more people that will not be able to fight it off. This means America will get hit hard with lots of cases and lots of deaths, but it will still be in line with the regular Flu and other outbreaks. 

I encourage you to read the #1 NY Times bestselling book “Natural Cures They Don’t Want You to Know About” and “More Natural Cures Revealed“.

In my next update, I will talk about the economic impact, more about the Globalist Agenda, and any other new news that I get (and I get information daily). 

I am also going to be revealing all the financial opportunities that are becoming available. This is the greatest time in the last 50 years to make money, build a business and create wealth. But you must know what to do and where to do it. 

Don’t be frightened, or panic. Look for the gold, look for the silver lining and find the “good” in this. 

Oh, one more thing. You might have heard about Senators selling all their stock (tens of millions) right before the ‘crash”. How did they know?! I will tell you. In fact, MANY insiders all around the world were “tipped off” to what the media was preparing to do to “kill the stock market and economy”. Those “insiders” all got out of the market when the DOW was at around 28,000! This and much more evidence I will release shows that this is all being staged and orchestrated for a specific political agenda. 

Smile. Be happy. This will pass and things will BOOM like you have never seen in your lifetime. 

Much love, 

Kevin Trudeau

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