Covid-19 Update #5

This is “Coronavirus Update #5”

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My last update revealed some of my “sources”.

If you are a hammer, then everything looks like a nail. Think about this. If you are a weather reporter, then anytime you can create a possible worst case scenario, you do so. Every time there are wildfires, or hurricanes, or floods or earthquakes, all the “weather experts” get the spotlight. They are so happy to be the center of attention. They spread fear into everyone always predicting the worst-case scenario. 

Think about all the wildfires that just happened in California and Australia. Everyday that is all they talked about. They created mass hysteria. Then one day they simply stopped saying ANYTHING about the fires. 

What happened? Well, the end of the world did not occur. 

The journalists and mainstream media want everyone to always be fearful and to come to THEM for “news” and answers. They desperately need to be relevant. This is true now, more than ever because their power and influence is weakening because of the internet. 

They desperately need viewers and will do anything to increase ratings. They therefore use words like “Breaking News”; Crisis; Urgent; Disaster; Pandemic; OUTBREAK; and DEATHS. 

To the mainstream media, it is vital for their survival to have a “stop the presses” story. They do this all the time. They cry wolf over and over again saying the sky is falling, but it never does. Yet everyone keeps falling for it. 


Now the medical community, that rarely gets the spotlight, is the center of attention. These well intentioned people get “high” on possible “outbreaks”. They are actually “excited” about Covid-19. They “love” a “good pandemic” because they get all the attention and get to “save the day”. 

Oh yes, they will certainly save the day. 

Watch for the big announcement in a few months: “If we did not take the action we took, this would have been a global catastrophe with hundreds of millions dead. But because WE were here, the world and humanity has been saved from destruction!”

The mainstream media is making you believe this virus is deadly and will kill hundreds of millions of people worldwide. 

People are scared thinking “if I get the virus, I will die!”

The media is being totally irresponsible.

The facts do not match up with this hype and hysteria. 

No one actually says that hundreds of millions will die. They just mislead you into thinking that. In fact the US CDC released a statement saying that they believe that approximately 90 million American’s will get this virus, but most will never know they have it and never show any symptoms, and about 500,000 will die (mostly those with a pre existing medical condition or a compromised immune system).

Even if that worst case scenario happens, and we all hope it does not, it is not horrific. Yes, it is horrific for the families of those who die. But every year on average 300,000 American’s die from lower respiratory infections including the Flu. So the “worst case scenario” is really not a “the sky is falling” event. 

Let’s look at the actual, verified “death rates” of those who “get the virus”. This will make you all feel MUCH better. 

As of today, there are approximately 400,000 confirmed cases around the world. This means that about 400,000 have tested positive for the virus. The World Health Organization says that for every confirmed case, there are probably 10-20 more people that have the virus but show no symptoms and may never be tested and thus not counted. 

This means that in reality, there are about 4-8 MILLION people with this virus right now. 

The number of confirmed cases will go up dramatically and quickly, NOT because more people are getting the virus, but because more people are being TESTED for the virus. So when you see the number of new cases spike over the next few days and weeks, this is not a bad thing. It is mis-information. 

4-8 million people already have the virus now. Over 90% will never show ANY symptoms, ever. This is very good news.

There are approximately 15,000 deaths attributed to the virus. This is a “false high” number. The Italian health minister and other various experts say many very ill and old people have died of natural causes and also had the virus. They were counted as people who “died OF the virus”. This is false. They simply died and also HAD the virus. The virus did NOT kill them. 

One man was hit by a bus and died, but because he had the virus, they counted him as dying BECAUSE of the virus. No, he died BECAUSE he got hit by a bus!

Let’s assume this 15,000 dead number is correct (and this number will continue to go up, as does the number of Flu deaths, but no one is counting them…and yes, during this same period 50,000 people have died from the Flu but no one wants you to hear that).

Thus the “fatality rate” is about 4% if you use the number of confirmed cases, or about a quarter of 1 % if you use the real number of people who have the virus. 

Even the US CDC (Centers for Disease Control) AND the World Health Organization at the United Nations are estimating a lower than 1% fatality rate. This means that the REAL fatality rate is about the same (maybe a little higher) than a regular flu. 

So everyone, relax.

Even though this virus is transmitted exactly like a normal flu, they DO expect more people to “get this virus” because it is new and humanity has not been able to build up a natural immunity to it. 

But this is only a theory, and the facts say otherwise, as I will show you below.  As you can see, these “worst case scenario” numbers are still only very slightly higher than a regular, normal, seasonal flu.

Nobel Laureate for Chemistry while with Stanford University School of Medicine, Dr. Michael Levitt said that “the end of the pandemic is very near in China” with LESS than 10,000 deaths. Consider that EVERY YEAR in China over 200,000 die of the Flu. This year alone, already 150,000 have died of the Flu in China and only 10,000 from Covid-19. It is interesting that no one created any hysteria over the 150,000 deaths in China because of the Flu, but the media is screaming the sky is falling with less than 10,000 Covid 19 deaths (closer to 8000 actually).

Levitt is one of the experts that claim that there are right now, 10-20 times more people who had or have the virus than the current number of about 400,000 because 90% of people who get this virus will NEVER show ANY symptoms and never know they were infected. The body’s natural immune system simply fights it off and eliminates the virus. This again is very good news. 

This leads us to the 2 big questions:

Q 1.) Is this virus spreading more rapidly than a normal flu?

A.) NO. It is spreading SLOWER than a normal flu and spreads exactly the same way.

Q 2.) Is this virus more deadly than a normal flu. 

A.) For 95% of people, this virus is LESS deadly than a normal flu and 95% will never experience any symptoms. But it IS more deadly for those people who fall into the “high risk” categories. This includes any person over 60 with pre-existing medical conditions; those who are taking any kind of steroids or prescription drugs that “increase your risk of infection” and “lower your ability to fight infections” (this is MOST pharmaceutical drugs); people with asthma; anyone with lung or respiratory issues; heavy smokers; those who are on chemo or have a compromised or suppressed immune system; those that are currently ill, weak and dealing with malnutrition. This virus causes more problems for this group as compared to a normal flu.

Let’s look at some very important facts that are GOOD NEWS REPORTS:

-It has been reported that there is a small northern Italian town of Vo close to where the outbreak first emerged. In this town of only 3300 residents, EVERYONE was tested for the virus. Only 3% tested positive, but over 95% of those who tested positive showed NO symptoms. Those who did have symptoms, showed only MILD symptoms, similar to a MILD cold. The town ordered all residents to stay in their homes for 2 weeks. No one needed to go to the hospital as no one ever got any serious symptoms (only 5% of those that tested positive EVER showed any symptoms and they remained VERY mild). Then everyone was tested again. Only a few new people tested positive and still NO ONE had any major symptoms and no one died. 

This is GREAT news and shows that isolation stops the spread of the virus and it also shows that the virus is NOT deadly.

-In Iceland 3,787 people were tested randomly and 218 tested positive. Of those 218, half had NO symptoms and never experienced any symptoms at all. The other half had only MILD, cold- like symptoms. No one died and no one needed to go to a hospital or needed a respirator. VERY GOOD NEWS. Again, more evidence that the virus is NOT deadly.

-Fred Smith of FedEx said that his 700+ employees in Wuhan China were all tested and only 7 came up positive. They stayed at home for 2 weeks. No one else got infected. Those 7 employees showed NO symptoms and all were totally fine. MORE evidence that the virus is NOT deadly.

-THIS IS THE BEST EVIDENCE SO FAR: The Diamond Princess Cruise ship represented a worst-case scenario in terms of disease spread. The ship is the perfect place with the ideal conditions for a virus to spread from one person to another. Everyone on board (passengers and crew) were exposed to the virus. BUT only 20% actually became infected and tested positive! This is the SAME as with a normal flu!! The experts say that “based on this and other data, most people simply are naturally immune and even if exposed, will NOT be infected”. No one on the cruise ship who got the virus ever got seriously sick and no one died. Again MORE positive news that the virus is NOT lethal.

-GREAT NEWS! This outbreak is virtually over in China and South Korea. NO or very few new cases and no or very few new deaths. My people on the ground there tell me that things are getting back to normal slowly with manufacturing plants bringing back their workers and running 24/7 shifts. 

There is NO need to panic. 

As I mentioned in previous updates, America does have a bigger issue than other countries because America has more “high risk” people with suppressed immune systems because Americans take pharmaceutical drugs like candy. More Americans have the prescription drug side effect of  “increased risk of infection and lower ability to fight infections”, thus America’s numbers may be a little worse than other countries. 

Even so, there is nothing to fear, except fear itself. Fear will suppress your immune system. 

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In life, all things must be put in perspective. 

Consider that EVERY YEAR:

– 1.5 million people die of diarrhea!

– 3 million people die from lower respiratory infections (like this coronavirus and the flu)!

– 10 million die from coronary artery disease!

How many will die of this coronavirus (Covid-19)? A fraction of those combined numbers. 

Whey the hysteria then? Hmmmmmmm, many, many reasons. I will reveal the REAL reasons the mainstream media, the United Nations, The European Union and other governments are creating this mass hysteria and panic. Check here often for more updates coming soon. 

All is well my friends. Be calm. Be centered. Be at peace. Never resist what IS and what you cannot change. Know that the sky is not falling. In fact, there are MANY GREAT things and financial opportunities that will come out of this and very soon. I will talk about them in future updates so stay tuned to this page!

I WILL see YOU at the TOP very soon!

Your friend (smiling and happy), 

Kevin Trudeau

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