Covid-19 Update #4

I have released 3 extremely urgent and important “Covid-19 Updates” over the last few days. If you have not read them CLICK HERE

They are available on this message board/blog and also on

I will be releasing more updates every few days. 

I have access to information directly from high-level sources that is not being revealed in the main-stream media. This is extremely urgent information that “they don’t want you to know about”. 

The internet is now censoring information about the virus. The “truth” and “real facts” are now being blocked. I highly encourage you to go to the websites listed above and get on our email list so that you will be able to get vital updates on the virus and the economic situation going on around the world. 

I have sources in the United Nations; The World Health Organization; America’s National Institutes of Health; The USA’s Food and Drug Administration (FDA); The USA’s Centers for Disease Control; other health organizations from several other countries; several current and past Prime Ministers of various countries; members of several Royal Families, including a King and a Crown Prince; members of The Bilderberg Group, Bohemian Grove, Council on Foreign Relations, and Skull and Bones; and many other high-level sources in the European Union and the global banking industry, including the US Federal Reserve, International Monetary Fund, and World Bank. 

I also am in direct contact with several “Gurus” who can “tap into the ether/universal field” and access and download “information”. 

There are also other sources I am in direct contact with that I cannot mention here. 

Check here often as there are several extremely important updates that I will be revealing. 

Members of the private club, “The Global Information Network”, have access to this information, and most importantly, are part of a worldwide global support group that is vital in situations like this. If you are not a member, consider joining, as membership can be a critical part of prospering in times of crisis like this. Having access to ‘insider info” before others can give you a major advantage in life. Having a support network of people helping people around the world who are upbeat, positive and have been trained to use the “Law of Attraction”, can mean the difference between success and failure. Go to for details. 

If you would like to speak to Tonya or Rahelios personally about The Global Information Network, you can contact them here:  

Look for updates coming very soon with major news. Remember, this too shall pass and all IS well. 

Kevin Trudeau

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