Covid-19 Update #3

This is “Coronavirus Update #3”

If you have not read my Updates #1 and #2, I suggest you read them. They are on this blog. 

There is a “secret” about the coronavirus that “they” don’t want you to know.

“They” know something that they are not telling the public. 

I am going to reveal it to you now. 

In America there is a MAJOR problem that “they” are not telling you.

America has the highest percentage of its population taking prescription drugs on a regular basis of any other country in the world. We also have the MOST people taking prescription drugs on a regular basis. If you are over 60 years old in America, you take an average of 5 prescription drugs on a regular, routine basis.

One of the major side effects of MANY of these drugs is “will increase your risk of infection”. Just watch the drug ads on TV. Almost every one of them says “taking this drug will increase your risk of infection”. 

This is because the drugs suppress your immune system. The prescription drugs weaken your immune system. 

This means that America has tens of millions of people that are HIGHLY susceptible to catching this virus (getting an infection). 

It also means that these same people, because their immune systems are so weak, will develop severe symptoms. The severe symptoms include having a hard time breathing. This is because this virus attacks the respiratory system. When this happens, the patient needs to be in a hospital and on a ventilator until their body fights off the infection (virus) and the person recovers. 

But, BECAUSE of the prescription drugs that so many have taken that virtually “wipe out” your immune system, it may be hard to recover. 

This is the big secret about America that is not being told. 

IF the spread of the virus goes up dramatically, then America will not have enough hospital beds and ventilators to handle the massive numbers of people who are experiencing severe symptoms. 

THIS is the big problem. 

Because of this, look for a form of “martial law” being announced by individual States where the National Guard will be patrolling the streets. Also look for a Federal announcement where US Army and Reserves will be patrolling the streets for a short time making sure curfews and other orders are being followed. They will also be patrolling to prevent looting and rioting and keeping everyone safe. This is not a horrible thing. 

BUT, this WILL pass. This virus WILL pass. Tens of millions will NOT die. 

Last year, 2 million people on the continent of Africa died due to starvation because of a locust infestation. No one talked about that. 

Consider that the worldwide panic about the coronavirus does not agree with the facts. 

First, there is really not a worldwide ‘Panic” among normal people. 

Only in certain countries, did the mainstream media outlets create a panic. This created panic is for OTHER reasons. 

Mostly this panic is designed to create a global economic disaster that leads to:

-a resetting of all debt

-a one world currency

-a one world government of non-elected officials (like the European Union)

-a one world police force

In America, there IS panic among the majority of citizens. But even with the data I revealed at the beginning of this message, there is NO reason to panic about the virus, OR the economic “disaster”. This will all pass as other MUCH more catastrophic events have all not only passed, but created a BOOM in the world economies and an INCREASE in the standard of living and quality of life for more people all around the world. Just think about what happened AFTER WWII.

The world became a MUCH better place for a much higher percentage of people. 

But people have been brainwashed and hypnotized by the misleading media. 

Ask someone, “What are you afraid of about the coronavirus?” The answer is, “I don’t want to die”. 

This means that most people have been misled to believe that if you get the coronavirus, you will die. This is false. 

The actual numbers ARE available from the various Health Organizations around the world including the UN’s World Health Organization. These numbers are being updated daily. I will give you a breakdown in the next few days and tell you where you can get the data anytime you want. 

When you simply look at the REAL number of deaths and the REAL number of people that have or had the virus (MUCH, MUCH higher than is being reported), you will see in black and white that this is NOT a deadly virus and has a normal fatality rate for a “virus” or compared to a flu. 

Check back here often. I will give my next update shortly with the REAL numbers and where you can see them online. THIS data will make you feel MUCH better. I will also talk about the economy and how this media hype will affect your financial situation. I will also share more about “who” is behind this and “why”. 

Don’t worry, you are not going to lose your house and become homeless and be without food. All is well my friends. 

Remember, all you have to fear, is fear itself. All is well and most importantly, this ‘event” will be a trigger for a better world for more and more people. 

Much love.

Your friend, 

Kevin Trudeau

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