Covid-19 Update #2

This is “CoronaVirus Update # 2”

I previously posted “CoronaVirus Update # 1“. If you have not read that yet, I suggest you do. I will be posting more messages about the virus here, so keep looking for updates.

I am not a doctor, but I am in contact with doctors and medical researchers all around the world and am sharing information I am getting from them as well as my own personal opinions.

The big question that SHOULD be asked is: “Is this virus DEADLY?” 

No one is asking this question or explaining WHY we all should be so deathly afraid of “catching the virus”.

The media is creating the illusion that if you get this virus, you have been given a death sentence. This is a lie. The media is being completely irresponsible creating mass fear, panic and hysteria. 

So, IS this virus “deadly”: Based on all the available data, absolutely NO. This virus is NOT deadly.

In fact, the “fatality” rate of this virus is very similar to the normal flu. It may be higher among older people or other certain “groups” as I will share, but overall, based on the data we have now, the fatality rate is VERY, VERY low.

This is NOT a deadly virus. There are MANY other viruses that ARE in fact “deadly”, but this is NOT one of them.

You are being misled by the mainstream media. You are being lied to by “omission” of key facts.

Think about these questions:

Q.) How come the media has stopped mentioning the number of new coronavirus cases and deaths in China and South Korea?

A.) Because the facts don’t fit the story they want to tell. In both countries, the number of new cases are GOING DOWN. And the number of deaths are going down. This is VERY good news, but NOT being reported. 

Q.) How come the media never talks about the common denominators of those people around the world who have died of the virus?

A.) Because the facts don’t fit the story they want to tell you. The facts are: those who have died are either very old; have a compromised, suppressed immune system due to chemo, illness or prescription drugs; have respiratory issues such as asthma, or from very heavy smoking. This is also VERY good news. It means that unless you fall into this very small category, you have an almost zero chance of “death”. And if you DO fall into that category, the fatality rate is STILL VERY LOW (no one knows for sure, but the reports are between .05% and 3%. While that is a big spread, it is still a very very low number).

Q.) Should you be afraid of “catching” this virus?

A.) No, you should never be afraid. Fear itself will suppress your immune system. You should be concerned only if you are over 70 years old and are sick; are currently ill; are taking prescription drugs that have as a side effect “increases your risk of infection; are or have been a heavy smoker; have asthma; are on chemo or recently had chemo; have a compromised, suppressed or weakened immune system for any reason; or are grossly overweight. People who fall into these categories are more likely to get the virus, and if you do get the virus, you are more likely to have more severe symptoms. It does NOT mean you will die. Again, the fatality rate even among these high risks groups is still VERY low. The Spanish Flu was MUCH MUCH higher as was smallpox. 

Q.) What if I don’t fall into the above high risk categories, shouldn’t I still be concerned about getting the virus?

A.) 95% of people who have been “confirmed” to have contracted the virus, all had only MILD symptoms. Only about 5% of confirmed cases show “severe symptoms”. These are the facts and this is very good news. And, the news gets even better. Consider that so few people have been tested. There are probably MANY, MANY more people around the world that already “got the virus” or currently have the virus, but have such mild symptoms, that they don’t even know it and will never get tested to find out. If you add all those people into the numbers, the “fatality rate” is even MUCH lower than the already LOW fatality rate being quoted.

Q.) What is the fatality rate?

A.) With normal healthy people…almost ZERO. With those who fall into the “high risk categories”, the numbers coming out from various world health organizations vary from as low as .05% to as high as 3%. No one knows for sure. We DO have the number of people who have died from the virus, but we don’t have the total number of people who actually HAVE or have HAD the virus, because of lack of testing. As the number of confirmed cases goes UP, the fatality rate goes DOWN. Good news. But as more testing is done, more confirmed cases will be announced, thus making the fatality rate LOWER. This should be reported by the press as GREAT news! But it won’t. They will make it appear as HORRIBLE news and try to create even more panic.

Q.) What can I do to improve my immune system so that I am less likely to get the virus and if I do, the symptoms will be mild?

A.) Here is what I am doing with my limited resources: I take 1 gram of Vitamin C with bioflavonoids 3 times a day; I take 5000 international units of vitamin D3, 4 times a day; I take cal/mag daily; I go out in the sun for 1 hour with very little clothes on for more vitamin D3 and the solar energy of the sun; I eat raw garlic daily (allicin in garlic is anti-viral); and I continue to walk for several hours a day outside, meditate 2 times a day, exercise daily, do yoga postures daily and I have added 3 scheduled times a day to laugh out loud very hard for 5 full minutes! This is great to reduce stress and strengthen your immune system. I eat healthy foods (no fast food or junk food), and drink pure water. 

Q.) Kevin, are you nervous about getting the virus?

A.) No! I would love to get it to show the world the hysteria is out of control. The sky is NOT falling. Look at those famous people like the Prime Minister of Canada, Justin Trudeau’s wife, Sophie, who tested positive, and Tom Hanks. Both reported MILD symptoms and no problems at all. In fact, they said that it was much more mild than a flu, and more like a regular cold and not even a bad cold. 

Friends, consider that when HIV (AIDS) first came out, the media said that if you contracted the HIV virus, it was a “death sentence”. Well, they lied. We now know that some crazy low number of people who get HIV actually have any symptoms and die. The media predicted hundreds of millions worldwide would die of HIV. They mislead the public. What they did then, and are doing now, is irresponsible and only being done for ratings and a globalist political agenda. 

The media created the same hysteria with SARS, the Asian Bird Flu and Swine Flu. In each of those situations, the media predicted hundreds of millions of deaths around the world. They misled the public then, and they are doing it again now. 

The sky is NOT falling. 

There IS something that the media and the US Government knows that they are NOT telling you.

I will reveal that in my next message. Keep posted here for this HUGE revelation. 

Smile, all is well, and this too shall pass. 

Much love.

Kevin Trudeau

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