Covid-19 Update #13

This is “Covid Update #13”. If you have not read the previous 12 updates, I highly encourage you to read them, as they contain very important and valuable information that can really help you in many ways. CLICK HERE to read them. 

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 What I have predicted about the coming suppression of Free Speech rights is happening right now.

Governments and big business monopolies like Google, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, TV stations, Radio stations, Banks, magazines, and newspapers are all now engaged in full-on censorship.

The ways they are censoring the free-flow of information makes it appear that no censorship is being done at all.

Here is what is actually being done right now.

Everything on the internet is “screened” by sophisticated algorithms that determine if the content is “acceptable” and is in-line with the position of the “elite ruling class”.

If anyone says something that goes against what “they” want presented to the public, the following methods of censorship are activated:

1.) The content is simply deleted from the net. Your account might be cancelled or blocked as well. Therefore you no longer can say anything on the net because all your social-media accounts, websites, podcasts, and posts have been “blocked”.

2.) The content is actually CHANGED! This is being done all the time without anyone noticing, because once you post something, very rarely do you read it again and again to verify that nothing was changed.

3.) Your web page or content is put very far down on the search engine results. This means that instead of being on page one near the top of search results where you should be, you will be “magically” put on page 2 or 3 or 4, or in some cases, I have seen people moved to page 100!! This effectively stops people from ever seeing your content, thus suppressing your free-speech rights.

4.) They will put a “notice” on your content saying that it is WRONG or inaccurate or false or untrue or a lie or misleading. They will simply use their power to discredit you and your content and make you look “bad” and unreliable. They will say you cannot be trusted, you are a scammer, a fraud, a snake oil salesman, or a con man.

5.) They will work with the credit card processing companies to cancel your credit card merchant accounts, or PayPal accounts. This makes it impossible for you to do business on the net and sell your information, thus effectively suppressing your free speech rights.

6.) Banks will close your accounts arbitrarily (as they legally can do without any cause) making it impossible for you to sell and disseminate your information (books, audios, videos, etc).

7.) Amazon and all the major online retailers will simply stop selling your products.

8.) If you are still allowed to sell your books or products online, there will be a “negative comment” campaign organized so that “magically” hundreds of negative comments are posted about your books or audios or videos, or you personally, giving you very low ratings, thus discrediting you and your material and effectively “shutting you down”.

9.) TV and Radio stations, as well as newspapers and magazines will not take any advertising from you for your products. They will also run “negative stories” about you and your products.

10.) Google and other internet companies will not accept ads or ad words from you anymore.

All the above things have happened to me, so I know this first-hand. I also know many people personally that had many of these things happen to them as well. This is real and happening right now.

This is “book burning“.

This is having the “Thought Police” who monitor how you THINK, what opinions you have, and what you say. If you go against the “party-line”, there will be a price to pay.

In my case, the Federal Judge actually said on the record, “I am putting Mr. Trudeau in prison for 10 years to send a message to others who THINK LIKE HIM! Trudeau’s books are worthless and his opinions are dangerous.” 

Imagine that in the United States of America?! 

It sounds like Iran, North Korea, China or Russia.

This is the beginning of totalitarianism.

HOWEVER, this is also nothing to be stressed about, anxious about or depressed about. Everything is unfolding in life as it will. Everything is Divinely guided. Everything is simply the “Play of Consciousness” manifesting as it always does, in cycles.

There is never anything to fear.

Throughout history, there have been times such as the Dark Ages, or the Nazi Germany rule, or when other Dictator-type regimes ruled that suppressed the free-flow of information. This is not new. This too will pass.

Every time there has been a suppression of free speech, “secret societies”, private clubs, and associations have been established so that there is a “mechanism” for free speech to flow and keep people “in the know”.

Being a part of such a group is now more important than ever. It will be even more important in the near future.

Most importantly, don’t take everything so seriously. Take this situation and all situations lightly. Everything is transient. Everything goes in cycles. Everything is always very, very well.

Smile, relax, and feel good now. Take this current situation as an exciting adventure. This is simply a journey of wonder and awe. Embrace it. Enjoy it. Never fear it.

When your mind is still and quiet, you can tap into the Universal Consciousness. Then you will KNOW that all is perfection, even among the imperfection.

Much love always.

Your friend,


6 thoughts on “Covid-19 Update #13”

  1. Hamed says:

    کویین من از ایران هستم خیلی دوست دارم مارو آگاه کردی

  2. Roger says:

    Je n’es pas lu pour être honnête, c vrai que depuis que je ré-intéresse ô enseignements de KT, j’attendais de trouver ce type d’article.
    Me concernant, je ne crois pas ô Covid, malheureusement, des sacrifices humains, c un égrégore.
    Bien Cordialement.

  3. Gaetano says:

    Kevin non vedo l’ora che finisca la tua prigionia, mi piacerebbe tanto ascoltarti di persona, sentire la tua energia positiva. Grazie per tutto quello che stai facendo.

  4. Argyro says:

    Thank you KT for your amazing support for soul and mind liberation. Love you

  5. Jef Honkavuo says:

    Love you so much KT!! <3 <3 I will ! Thanx a lot my friend! See you on the beaches and the best ship on earth, soon!!

    1. Behzat says:

      Thank you for your being on the planet earth..İ am very happy to know you.

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