Covid-19 Update #12

This is “Coronavirus Update #12”

If you have not read the previous 11 updates, I suggest you read them. They contain VERY important facts and details that will help you in many ways. CLICK HERE to read them.

They are also available on This Facebook Page, as well as;; and

You may have noticed that all the predictions I have made in those updates and other communications have come true or are in the process of coming true. All I have stated has proven to be correct and true (unlike the mainstream media).

I have gotten thousands of communications from people all over the world who have been so amazed by the uncanny accuracy of my predictions about this “pandemic”. Many are asking if I am some sort of “mystic” or “psychic” or have powers to see the future. Many ask if I am “channeling” some “higher entities” or “ascended masters” or “tapping into the Ether, Universal Field, Akashic Records or Universal Consciousness”.

Others ask if my former membership in certain “societies” still gives me access to people that have direct first-hand knowledge of what really goes on in the power circles around the world, and things that are hidden “behind the curtain”.

People ask me if certain current “insiders” actually “leak” secret information to me so that I can disseminate it.

The answers to the above questions are two fold.

1.) First, I do have first-hand insiders as some of my “sources”. I have mentioned in previous updates who some of my “sources” are, and that I almost always use exclusively “first-hand” sources.

A first-hand source is the person who actually said the thing or did the thing. If I do not have a first-hand source, I always use a person who was actually there and witnessed the thing being done with their own eyes or heard a thing said with their own ears.

I still must have at least 2 other independent sources before I will report something. Second and third-hand sources are only used to verify, document and substantiate something. I authenticate everything before reporting it. I do not spread “rumors” or speculation or theories.

2.) Next, I do also “tap or plug into the Field”. Some call this channeling.

You may hear of someone who channels “entities” or “frequencies” such as Esther Hicks who channels the group of entities called “Abraham”, or Paul Selig who channels a different frequency thus a different group of “non-physical entities”. But I do not tap into a specific frequency or group of entities. Rather I tap into the “entire Field” all at once. This “one Field” is the “one SELF”.

One of my closest friends is an Enlightened Perfected Being, a “Guru”, and is called a “Saint”. We were talking about this as we both do the same thing when it comes to “plugging into the Ether”. We discussed that the highest “frequency” is the ONE SELF. All frequencies are contained in the ONE SELF. Thus, when we “channel”, we channel “our SELVES”. We are not on a “lower frequency” or a “single band” of frequency. We are getting all frequencies ALL simultaneously. Therefore, I channel my “SELF”.

This is important to understand. When someone “channels” a particular frequency, it is like getting a report from a person who is up on a mountain side. They have a much better view than you because they are higher up the mountain. They see more.

But a person high on one side of the mountain can only see the view from that side. Another person higher up on the same side will have a slightly different report, as they can see more and have a more complete view. Yet another person on the other side of the same mountain might have a very different report, because they are looking in a different direction.

This is why authentic “channellers” sometimes deliver different or conflicting messages from each other.

But the person on the very top of the mountain or in a helicopter hovering over the mountain has ALL views, of ALL sides and a COMPLETE and TOTAL perspective. They can see that all the “channelers” are giving accurate information from their limited perspective, but do not see the “Big Picture”. They do not have a totally integrated view of EVERYTHING at the same time.

This total, all-encompassing “knowing” is the ONE SELF. This is what I “channel”. I channel my SELF, not someone or something else.

So with both of these “Sources”, 1 and 2 above, you can now see why the data being reported here and in the other trainings I have produced are so accurate.

As I predicted, the worldwide numbers for this “created” horrific, global pandemic are a big nothing burger.

And the numbers for the USA are worse than other countries for the reasons I outlined previously, but still a big nothing burger.

Compare the number of “deaths” caused by this virus to the number of deaths caused by other health issues and viruses, and you will see that the media and governments around the world have misrepresented the facts and totally mislead everyone.

To get the real death numbers of other viruses and health issues to compare and see for yourself, go to these websites:

World Life Expectancy Website

World Health Organization (WHO) Global Health Data Repository

Centers for Disease Control (CDC) FastStats (USA Data)

Our World In Data – Causes of Death

And of course, to get the “official” data on Covid-19 deaths, all you have to do is Search online for “Covid-19 Deaths”.

You can also see that several countries such as Mexico, Brazil and others did not do ANY social distancing and did NOT shut down their countries. They stayed “business as usual”. Their countries operated completely normally without changing anything. They did not buy into the big lie.

What happened? NOTHING! No “mass deaths” as the “experts” predicted. The funeral homes and morgues were NOT filled with dead people from Covid-19. Hospitals were NOT filled. Everything was exactly the same as it always is. Every day people die from a variety of things. Nothing changed. NO spike in deaths.

Covid-19 was nothing more than a “bad-flu-year” in those countries, and in most areas, Covid-19 was not even as bad as a normal flu. This shows that all the mass hysteria about “if we don’t shut everything down, millions will die” was simply a BIG LIE. IT DID NOT HAPPEN in those countries that did not shut anything down and everyone went on living their lives as normal.

As I stated previously in other updates, I am being severely restricted now. My “voice” and Free Speech expression is being suppressed once again. I cannot say certain things on this public forum. This is one of the reasons why a “private club” is so vital and important now and in the future.

Only through a private club, like GIN, will people be able to share information without censorship or fear of retaliation from powerful organizations, internet monopolies, and government. That is why the Global Information Network (GIN) is so important, and why it has “Information” in its name.

This is also why it is SO important that you go to the websites listed at the bottom of this page and get on our email lists. This way you will always be informed no matter how much censorship is being done. There is a LOT to be informed about in the coming months and years. You NEED this “insider” info for many, many reasons.

Now some of you “understand” why I have been mentioning GIN for such a long time and in my previous updates.

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I am sending you all my love and blessings.

All is VERY well in the world. Good things are happening. The best is yet to come for all of you.

Smile, “The Creator” loves you and so do I! So be happy NOW!

I will see you all at the TOP very soon (stayed tuned, as I will be updating all of you on my release back into the free world, which should be coming sooner than anyone thought!)

Yours in consciousness, prosperity and abundance of all that is “good”.

May you never be the same.

Much love,

Kevin Trudeau

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