Covid-19 Update #11

This is “Coronavirus Update #11″.

If you have not read the previous 10 updates, I highly recommend you read them! They contain extremely important information. All my predictions in those updates have proved to be true and came to pass, or are in the process of coming to pass. CLICK HERE to read the updates. 

They are also available on this Facebook Page and, and

As I have stated in a previous update, we are on government “lock down”. This means I have VERY limited time to write updates. I am restricted to email access of only 15 minutes at a time with lines over 1 hour to get to an email terminal.

I will continue posting updates as best as I can with the limitations I am now under.

Bottom line:

Everything is fine. All is well. The sky is NOT falling.

This “pandemic” is real, in the sense that a new virus is spreading across the globe quickly.

But there is zero evidence that this virus is more contagious or has a higher fatality rate than other viruses that have spread around the world. This is the most important, real, authentic, verified, documented and substantiated-by-all-the-evidence “fact”.

So “hundreds of millions” will not die.

Consider that China has 1.8 billion people, and this pandemic is over in China with less than 4000 deaths.

Think about that.

NO new cases and no new deaths are being reported in China. They totally stopped the spread weeks ago.

The normal flu killed over 300,000 people in China this year! 

Yes, China is manipulating the numbers, but not to a major degree.

South Korea, Italy, and all over the world, the virus came and spread quickly like every other virus. Some people who were ALREADY sick with pre-existing medical conditions, died from the virus. Then it was over (basically over as all the numbers are coming way down fast).

The facts are being manipulated by the media.

Yes, be smart and be aware. But you don’t need to be frightened about this. If you become infected, the published facts on the CDC and WHO websites say that you have a 99% chance of survival. 

More importantly, if you get infected, you have an over 80% chance of never showing ANY symptoms or mild symptoms and only a small chance of showing severe symptoms.

Even so, the “facts” are being “manipulated” to create a manufactured “panic”.

People who die, in many instances, are not being tested, but rather just “assumed” to have died of the virus! This is artificially putting the death toll numbers higher than they really are, and they are STILL only a fraction of the total flu and other infectious disease deaths that occur EVERY YEAR.

In a few months, watch what the announcement will be:

“We saved humanity from extinction!”

“If we didn’t do what we did (destroy the USA economy), millions would have died.”


And what will be the end result? The same as with every “crisis”: 

More government control. 

More government surveillance. 

Bigger government. 

More government agencies. 

More bureaucracies. 

More government employees. 

More regulations. 

More red tape. 

Less freedoms.

But don’t worry or fret about this. Everything goes in cycles and everything is really OK. Relax. Your standard of living and quality of life is going to be just fine and as always, it will continue to improve all around the world for more people.

Look for and find the “gold” in this situation, and the current and future circumstances.

People ask: What about the young healthy people that are dying of this virus?

The answer is this is simply not true. Yes, some young people who APPEAR healthy have died, but very few. What about the healthy young people that die of the flu?  Think about the professional athletes and young high school and college athletes that drop dead every year by the hundreds around the world. They are all “healthy” and young. People do die every year who appear healthy. This is not unusual.

The point is that all the “deaths” attributed to this virus are being over blown. The numbers are NOT horrendous. Young “healthy” people die as well in life.

But most of these “healthy” people are actually not healthy. They may be taking ibuprofen which now is proven to make this virus VERY deadly if you are taking it or HAVE taken it. Most of these young “healthy” people may be taking prescription drugs, smoke pot and take other recreational drugs, eat junk food and really are not healthy at all.

America has more high-risk people like this than other countries, which is why I have said that the numbers will be worse in the USA than other countries (but still not “horrendous” compared to other “killers” such as cancer and heart disease).

The mainstream media is frightening the American public on purpose and are being totally dishonest.

I have confirmed the following:

A group of media executives in America were caught saying:

  • “We can get the public to believe anything.”
  • “We need to kill the US and world economy as best as we can.”
  • “We can convince the stupid public that the earth is flat if we want.”
  • “This is our chance to change society into what we want.”

People, you are being lied to, deceived and misled by the mainstream media.

This is “Chicken Little” (read the story).

Prince Charles (71 years old), Vladimir Putin, Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau’s wife; a 104 year old man; Tom Hanks; Chris Cuomo (of CNN); NBA stars and the list goes on….all tested positive for the virus and all had either NO symptoms or very MILD systems (like a MILD cold) and all got over this virus without any issues at all.

How come the media is not focused on these facts?

How come the media is not focused on the fact that over 80% of people who get this virus NEVER show ANY symptoms?

Think about this.

Most importantly, let’s put this into perspective.

  • If this was as bad as the Plague, there would be over 3 billion people worldwide dead and over 150 million dead in the USA.
  • If this was as bad as the Spanish Flu of 1918, there would be over 500 million dead worldwide and over 15 million dead in the USA. (The Spanish Flu WAS a very deadly virus as was smallpox, as both had high fatality rates that were real and affected young healthy people.)
  • If this was as bad as WWII, there would be over 700 million dead worldwide, and in addition, all of Europe and Japan and many other countries would have their infrastructures completely wiped out. THAT was a REAL disaster. Covid-19 is NOTHING compared to the global devastation of WWII, and the world came ROARING back from that disaster.

So, this is NOT as bad or horrific as the media is claiming. 


The 2 main issues:

  • There is NO evidence that this is more contagious than other viruses.
  • There is absolutely NO evidence that Covid-19 has a higher fatality rate than other viruses.

These are the facts based on the REAL numbers that the World Health Organization and the USA’s Centers for Disease Control have published – and the numbers from every other country’s health organizations that are publishing the numbers.

But no one is pointing this out. The journalists are a joke and never ask the real questions that they should be asking.

They are all afraid to suggest anything other than the “party line”, otherwise they will be attacked.

It is the same with global warming. If you simply ask a question about how the ‘facts” are generated or question anything, you are attacked as being “in denial” and “evil”. A discussion is never allowed. 

The same is going on here. Simply believe what “they” say without question, or you are an “evil denier” putting the world at risk! 


Many have said that “this is our opportunity to make laws and change society into what we want”. THIS is the “scary” part.

Every time there is a catastrophe such as WWI, WWII. 9/11, and now this, there is always a loss of freedoms, and an increase in the size of government and more government control. There is always a “land, money and power grab”. This is also happening right now.

But after every catastrophe, MASSIVE growth, expansion and a better life for more people does and did always happen.

Again, there is still no need to panic or “worry”. Everything always sorts itself out. Being “in the know” gives you major advantages now.

I know WHO started this pandemic and released the virus into society. CONFIRMED

The virus was man-made ON PURPOSE. CONFIRMED

I know WHY it was started. CONFIRMED

I know the amazing opportunities coming very soon that you can take advantage of.

I will be releasing this to GIN Members at some point in the near future, as I cannot reveal everything in this public forum.

If you are not a GIN member, CLICK HERE and read about The CLUB Dream:

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Am I “just promoting and selling GIN”?

No. I certainly am promoting GIN, and certainly encourage everyone to consider applying for membership. But I get nothing if a person joins GIN. 

Think of it this way: Everyone in my view is on the Titanic, but no one knows it is sinking. 

I am in a lifeboat and have a helicopter ready to take me to complete safety. 

Should I encourage people to get off the Titanic and into the lifeboat with me? 

Of course.

GIN, in my opinion, is the lifeboat. 

It is my obligation and responsibility to encourage people to “get off the Titanic” and into a lifeboat. 

But that is your choice. It does not matter to me at all if you become a member or not. GIN is not for everyone.

I am still going to be updating everyone as best I can on this forum. But as you know, things are being censored by the powers that be. Check here often. 

Ideally, go to the websites and get on our email lists. This way, when, not if, the censorship of the internet and these messages happens, if you are on the email list, you will still get the updates uncensored.

In fact, I was basically told, “Kevin, stop talking about the virus. If you know what is good for you, stop doing updates that go against the mainstream positions. It is in your best interest to stop telling people what you want to tell them. It will be better for you if you just shut up and keep a low profile.”

Censorship and suppression of the free-flow of information is going to become more and more “normal”, with Google, Facebook, and the governments simply wiping out anything on the net that they deem to be “dangerous speech”. This is part of the reason for this “crisis” – to create laws that take away Free Speech on the internet.

Lastly, I saw clips of the Queen of England’s remarks about this current situation. They were excellent. She has been through WWII and many other crises. I have not seen the entire speech. CLICK HERE to view it. What I saw was very outstanding.

Smile, and know that all is well and the future IS bright for you.

Expect a Miracle.

God loves you and so do I.

Much love to everyone.

Your friend in love, light and consciousness.

Kevin Trudeau

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