Covid-19 Update #10

This is “Coronavirus Update #10”

If you have not read the previous 9 updates CLICK HERE and read them. 

They are also on this Facebook Page,, and They contain VERY valuable information and revelations.

I now have extremely limited email time as we are “locked down”. So updates will be short. Keep checking here often. I have so much, very detailed information from all over the world about this “virus pandemic” that you need to know, that “They” are not telling you.

Remember, my sources are mostly first-hand sources, not second-hand or third-hand. 

Let me explain the kind of sources;

1.) First-hand. This is the actual person who said the statements or did the action.

2.) Second-hand. This is the person that heard the first person say the statements or saw the person do the action. They can report it because they saw it with their own eyes or heard it with their own ears.

3.) Third-hand. This the person who talked to someone, who talked to someone, who was a second-hand source. This is not good unless you have at least 3 of these that are independent. And even then, this kind of source is STILL not as good as the first 2 kinds of sources.

In today’s journalist-world of fake-news, almost ALL stories come from only 1 third-hand source. Nothing is verified.

All the information in my updates is coming from First-hand sources, or at least 3 Second-hand sources. I do not use third-hand sources other than to verify the data even further.

So you are getting REAL news here.

More updates are coming soon here on this message board.

The bottom line is this is a MANUFACTURED “fake” crisis.

YES, people are dying. But more than 99% of those who have become infected have NOT died and will not die.

MORE people are dying of the Flu and other infectious diseases during this same time period. This is SERIOUS, but this is NOT the Plague, or the Spanish Flu of 1918, or as deadly as MERS or SARS.

The virus WAS man-made.

(More on this in future updates… This is CONFIRMED.)

Trying to destroy the US economy and getting Trump out of office IS ONE of the main reasons for this (there are NEW calls from the LEFT to impeach the President AGAIN!)

There are several other reasons why this whole thing has been orchestrated. I will reveal this shortly.

There is NO need to worry or panic.

Millions died because of a locust infestation over the last 12 months and no one ever reported it.

Hundreds of thousands died in the last 5 months from Malaria! No one reported this horror either.

3 million died last year of flu and other respiratory infections.  

YES, this virus is deadly to a VERY small group of HIGH-RISK people. But just watch! The death numbers are all artificially high because many who die are just “assumed” to have died of the virus and are included in the numbers. The fatality numbers will be around the same numbers as a bad flu year. 

(Around 3 million people die of the Flu and other infections of the lungs every year!)

Check back here often. All is WELL. This IS passing. SMILE, you are loved.

“God” loves you, and so do I.

Your friend,

Kevin Trudeau

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