Covid-19 Update #1

I have been flooded with mail asking about the COVID-19 virus pandemic. 

First, know that “this too shall pass”. The sky is not falling.

Let’s look at the facts of this virus and compare it to the annual Flu; Sars; Asian Bird Flu; Swine Flu; and the Spanish Flu of early 1900’s. 

1.) COVID-19 spreads the same way as the flu or common cold (which is also a coronavirus like COVID-19). This means that about the same amount of people will probably get this virus.

2.) As of today, there are about 5000 or so worldwide deaths attributed to this virus. This number is growing daily. But at the same rate as that of the annual flu.

3.) In Italy, the average age of those who have died is 82. And those people were also sick before they got the virus. This is the same all around the world. This is extremely important. Those who are dying from this virus are: very old; currently sick; have a suppressed or weakened immune system due to chemo, cancer or prescription drugs; and/or very heavy smokers. 

4.) 98% of those who have tested positive, have experienced mild cold-like or normal flu-like symptoms, NOT severe symptoms. MOST people who get this virus will never even know they got it, as the symptoms will be very mild.

5.) Every year, around 1 million people die of the flu. 

6.) Look at how many people die each year of heart disease; cancer; and accidents…tens of millions. 

7.) FEAR of this virus is the real problem, not the virus. 

8.) Consider that during the American Civil War, over 2% of American citizens died. If the same amount of Americans died of this virus, that would mean 700,000 people will die. No one is even considering that 700,000 Americans will die because of this virus. Every year almost 100,000 Americans die of the flu and about 1 million die of the flu globally.

9.) 100 million died during the second world war, which is around 5% of the world’s population (there were only 2 Billion people on the planet at that time). Today there are close to 8 billion people. If 5% died because of this virus that would be 400 million people. No one is even considering that number. So WWII was a REAL problem, not this virus. And the world made it through that war and recovered. 

10.) The number of new cases in China and South Korea have been going DOWN every day for many days. And the number of deaths in those countries have been going DOWN daily.  This means that the death rate of this virus in those countries will be lower than that of the normal annual flu. 

11.) The “claimed” fatality rate of this virus is false, because the officials have not tested very many people for this virus. So the number of people who “have” the virus is actually MUCH higher than stated which means the fatality rate is MUCH lower than stated. This is good news. It means the virus is NOT a major killer. Yes, you will probably catch this virus. But you probably won’t even know it, because the symptoms are so mild for 98% of people. Remember, the only people who have died from this are the very old and those with weakened immune systems. 

So, the bottom line is that this virus is very similar to the flu in terms of the number of people who will get it; the symptoms (although this virus causes much more mild symptoms than the flu for 98% of the people); and the fatality rate. 

The media is hyping this in a way that is extremely misleading. 

Many wonder if this is some kind of “plot” by world governments.

Look at the globalist agenda:

  • eliminate all borders on all countries so people can move around the world and live and work anywhere without passports
  • eliminate all sovereign countries, and have them in name only
  • have mass-migration of people so that eventually there are no more “races” as everyone has intermarried, and also no more religions
  • create a one-world government run by unelected officials of the elite, parasitical ruling class
  • create a one-world police force/army
  • create a one-world currency
  • monitor every person’s communications, all movement, all financial transactions and every word a person says, even in the privacy of their home, 24/7

Could this virus be a “trigger” so that a “national emergency” is announced giving governments unlimited power and control? 

That has just happened this week.

Could this hysteria cause a global economic collapse, millions of bankruptcies and governments defaulting on debt, creating that the “only solution” is a new, one-world currency and global government so that “this never happens again”?

Could this create the “need” for “martial law” to “protect” citizens, thus giving the government TOTAL power and control? 

Maybe. Or maybe this is just a trial run for the future. 

These things will eventually happen. Maybe in our lifetime, maybe the next generation. 

This is just one reason why being a member of the Global Information Network ( is so important. 

When these things happen, members will get the real insight from the “insiders”, not the propaganda machine called the “news”. 

(You may click below to contact Support if you’d like to speak to Tonya or Rahelios about becoming a member.)

Consider that this virus came from the same city in China where the Chinese military has their “biological warfare” lab, which works on VIRUSES and genetic and DNA manipulation and cloning. Was this virus man made? Probably. Was it put into the public on purpose? Probably. 

The good news is this. Look at all the people, including “famous” people that have tested positive for the virus. They all say the same thing: “I felt a little sick, like a cold, for a few days, but now I am fine”; or “I felt like I had a mild flu, but that only lasted less than a week, and now I feel fine.”

The majority of people (98%) will only show mild cold-like or flu-like symptoms and probably not even realize they have the virus. 

This too shall pass.

Consider building up your immune system and keeping it strong. Take 5,000 IU of vitamin D3, 3 times a day, and 1 gram of vitamin C with bioflavonoids, 3 times a day. 

I am not a doctor, but medical and health experts around the world make these very good suggestions. 

There are many more “anti-viral” things you can take such as allicin (from garlic), hydrogen peroxide (35% food grade, but it MUST be diluted in water. Get instructions and be careful with this), red marine algae, propolis, honey, and many other things that you can find online easily. 

Be positive and don’t panic. 🙂

The way this is being reported is misleading. The facts are being ignored. You might remember how the media and the World Health Organizations spread so much fear around the world about HIV and AIDS, SARS, Asian Bird Flu, and Swine Flu. Go back and look at what they predicted…hundreds of millions WILL die! None of those apocalyptic predictions came true. 

Remember, every year around 1 million people around the world die from a normal flu. Perhaps more will die from this virus, perhaps less. Time will tell. But, even if this virus is 10 times worse, that means 10 million worldwide will perish. As a total number and as a percentage of the world’s population, that is a fraction of the death rate of the Spanish Flu in the early 1900’s. 

The world will easily survive this my friends. 

Keep a positive attitude, because as you know, THAT will help keep your immune system strong as well. 

I am sending you all my best. 

Your friend, 

Kevin Trudeau

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