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Thoughts From KT July 2019

Everyone on earth has a general “nature”. For those who have kids, you know this “nature” starts from the moment children are born. Your children bring their general “nature” with them. Yes, environmental factors, such as where we grew up, the culture we grew up in, how poor or rich our family was, how are […]

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President Trump is commuting inmates sentences!

It is all over the news. President Trump is looking to commute the prison sentences of those unjustly jailed. Kevin just wrote to us and asked us to post this “call to arms”. Please share as widely as you can. …… The President is looking at inmates who were “treated badly, unfairly and unjustly” by […]

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Kevin Writes To President Trump 15 September 2017

Good morning Please find below KT’s most recent letter to President Trump. be sure to share on social media and keep writing to the President too! __________________________ Dear President Trump, This is #1 NY Times bestselling author, radio host, TV celebrity, natural health freedom advocate, promoter of free speech, and your loyal supporter Kevin Trudeau. […]

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Arrest of Journalists in Europe Quadruples

We have all seen the suppression of free speech in Kevin’s case first hand. Meanwhile all across Europe, arrests of journalists expressing their right to free speech are being arrested and thrown in jail at massive numbers. In fact, Mapping Freedom Media reports a quadrupling in numbers recently. You can read the whole report here: […]