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Thoughts From KT July 2019

Everyone on earth has a general “nature”. For those who have kids, you know this “nature” starts from the moment children are born. Your children bring their general “nature” with them. Yes, environmental factors, such as where we grew up, the culture we grew up in, how poor or rich our family was, how are […]

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Ed Foreman releases dossier in Kevin Trudeau release case

This morning 4 letters were released from former congressman Ed Foreman highlighting the case for the immediate release of Kevin Trudeau. This dossier details the summary and timeline of how popular TV personality and whistleblower was targeted and unfairly incarcerated, where he has already served almost 5 years of a 10 year jail sentence. The […]

Free Kevin Trudeau

What You Can Do

If you feel that what has happened to Kevin Trudeau is wrong… If you REALIZE that the reality of this situation affects YOU and ALL of us all over the world… If you desire and are willing to do your part… Then please – Take a moment now and write a heart-felt letter to President […]