Happy New Year

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Happy New Year to all! The best year in your history is about to start. Everything in your life is going to be better than ever before. How do I know this is true? Because I know if you are reading this, you are special and different. You will do something this year that most people won’t do. You will find the secret of life this coming year. You will find it, because I am going to tell you where … Continue reading “Happy New Year”


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From Kevin: Throughout history, many men and women who thought differently than others, who challenged the status quo, who dared to do great things, risking their own fortunes and reputations, were often called: Con men; Scammers; Frauds; Charlatans; Rip Off Artists; Liars; Narcissists and even worse names.  Today we call these same people Geniuses, Visionaries, and Dreamers. Some who have been called these exact names by the media, government officials, business leaders and other influential and powerful people include: -Andrew … Continue reading “CON MEN”

The Trip Is Short

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A wonderful woman from South America sent me this and I thought it was beautiful. ~Kevin “The Trip Is Short”An old woman got on a bus and took her seat. At the next stop, a strong, grumpy young woman got on and sat down abruptly next to the old woman, beating her with her numerous bags. Seeing that the old woman was silent, the young woman asked her why she had not complained when she hit her with her bags? … Continue reading “The Trip Is Short”

A Letter

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FROM Craig Griffiths, I am a qualified Chartered Accountant from London. I have read all of Mr Trudeau’s books, and in my opinion, they offer sound advice. It is clearly an absolute travesty of justice the way he has been treated by the American judicial system. I am further disheartened as I fear it unlikely that President Trump will take the time out of his day to read the letter outlining his case. I don’t know how Mr Trudeau manages … Continue reading “A Letter”

Do You Need To Heal?

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FROM KEVIN: You hear a lot about needing to forgive and needing to “heal” if you truly want to have joy and happiness in your life.  Thousands of books, authors and experts talk about the need to “heal oneself” of the “wounds” we have painfully endured in life, and all the suffering we have experienced.  Is this true? Consider this. When I was young I was introduced to a man who was going to “open my eyes to the truth … Continue reading “Do You Need To Heal?”

Real Freedom

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FROM KEVIN: Real “freedom” is when external circumstances have no effect on your natural inner state of peace, joy and bliss.  Real “freedom” is when other people or outside conditions have no effect on your natural inner state of contentment, fulfillment and satisfaction.  Real “freedom” is when things that happen to you have no effect on your natural inner state of unconditional love and total appreciation.  When you have any “attachments” you are not free, you are a slave. Most … Continue reading “Real Freedom”

The Ultimate Goal of Existence

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FROM KEVIN: You can be wealthy, rich, make tons of money, be successful in life, have all the “toys” that money can buy, have prestige, status, and be powerful and famous.  All you need is to engage “correctly” the Law of Attraction (which I teach in my Science of Personal Mastery Course), AND have the right karma. You do need both.  However, the good news is even if you have the wrong “karma”, by engaging and using the Law of … Continue reading “The Ultimate Goal of Existence”

A Short While Back…

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From a Friend of Kevin’s, Jon Denny A short while back, I had the pleasure of seeing my dear friend Kevin at his present address at the Federal facility in Montgomery, Alabama. I’ve known KT since 1996, so I guess we celebrated our 20th anniversary of friendship that weekend in the deep South. Prior to my visit, I had a sliver of unease about seeing him; it had been a couple of years since I’d seen him last. But I … Continue reading “A Short While Back…”

Can You Be Rich And Happy?

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Yes, you can be rich and be happy!  And yes, you can be rich and be miserable.  You can be poor and be miserable too, and you can be poor and be happy.  But you must learn to be happy NOW no matter what the situation or condition is, even if you are totally poor.  Money/riches will not make you happy. If you seek money first while you are miserable, you may end up with money, but you will still … Continue reading “Can You Be Rich And Happy?”

Who Can I Trust?

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Many people still ask…how do I know which group to join, teachings to embrace, or person I should trust, believe in, and/or follow?  First, you can never be wrong. No matter what you do or choose, you will simply create something that allows you to define more clearly what you do want, and you can then create that. Take life lightly. Care, but not that much!  When you are READY, you will attract into your experience, and you can and … Continue reading “Who Can I Trust?”