America Sentences Best-Selling Author To 10 Years in Prison For Writing A Book

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The hypocritical US government lectures the world about free speech, human rights, and a fair legal system. Yet, America is one of the most blatant suppressers of opposing opinions and routinely censors the free flow of information. America is known for throwing in jail authors, radio hosts, and journalists who go against the “main stream party line”.

American’s are not free to express their opinions.

In one of the most outrageous examples of American suppression of free speech, #1 NY Times bestselling author and radio host Kevin Trudeau, a distant cousin to Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, has been sentenced to 10 years in a US Federal Prison for writing books the government says are “worthless”. The American government is now determining which books are worthless and whose opinions are allowed to be expressed in public. Trudeau, a free speech and natural health advocate, has been an outspoken critic of the Pharmaceutical, food, and banking industries for decades. His books have sold nearly 50 million copies worldwide. With tens of millions of loyal supporters behind him, Trudeau has for 30 years exposed the corruption between America’s politicians and their big business and big money donors. This has angered the “establishment” making Trudeau a political target of the US government.

Sources say that former Presidents Obama and Clinton had Trudeau on their “hit list” for years. Hillary Clinton, while Secretary of State for President Obama, reportedly called Trudeau “politically dangerous” and “must be silenced”. The Obama administration has been one of the most egregious offenders when it comes to censorship, attacking free speech and persecuting political foes. Dozens of “political enemies” of the Democrats have been targeted and violently attacked by the government over the years, all in an attempt to silence and intimidate opposition.

Trudeau was never charged with a “crime” yet remains in Federal Prison. In a bizarre quirk in the American legal system, one Judge, at the Judge’s sole discretion, can hold any person “in contempt of court”, and impose a prison sentence of up to life in prison. Contempt is not a felony and not even a misdemeanor. It is inherently not a crime.

America has one of the highest percentages of its population incarcerated compared to any other country in the world. With only 5% of the world’s population, America has 25% of the world’s prison population. It is believed that over 35% of American’s have some kind of “criminal or legal record”. America is without question is the world’s worst powerful police state.

Those living in the US are constantly under the threat that the government can arrest anyone, at anytime, without any crime being committed. A senior source at the US Dept of Justice said “Americans live in fear. They fear the power of the Federal Government. They fear being thrown in prison even though they have never committed a crime. Our citizens know the government can put anyone in prison anytime the government wants and convict anyone of anything the government chooses.”

The Federal Government has a 90%+ conviction rate. Another US government source said “Once you are arrested by the US government, you have no chance to a fair trial. The Judges, government and even the defense lawyers all are officers of the court and work together to convict the accused. The government has unlimited resources and wins over 90% of trials. The government protocol is to force the accused to plead guilty by threatening them with 20 or more years in prison if they go to trial or with threats of charging family members as well. The accused in America have no chance.”

US law also allows the government to confiscate any and all of a person’s money and property without ever charging them with a crime. Billion’s each year are “legally” confiscated by government officials. Many times American’s are simply stopped by the police and all the money they have in their possession is simply taken away. Their cars and other personal property such as jewelry and watches are also confiscated on the spot. The citizen must then file a lawsuit to try to recover their money and property, which takes years and huge legal fees. The majority of people who do try to get their money and property back are almost always denied outright.

America is probably the only country in the world that can put someone in prison for life, if they simply “thought about, or talked about” maybe committing a crime in the future. This is called “conspiracy”. In these cases although a crime was never committed, a person can be found guilty if just one “witness” says that person was “thinking about a crime”. These “witnesses” are paid by the government to testify as the government wants.

Hundreds of thousands of Americans are or have been in prison under this “law”. America is not the land of the free. It is the land of the oppressed, run by a suppressive political system that is run by corrupt politicians and their super rich donors.

The American government maintains control by instilling fear in those who live there, and punishing with imprisonment and worse those who dare to criticize government or big business.

Trudeau has appealed to President Trump asking for clemency. White House sources would not comment on Trudeau’s situation, but say President Trump is a champion of free speech and is doing everything he can to stop “fake news”, the dishonest media machine, and government suppression and censorship of opposing opinions.

Trump is said to very aware of former President Obama’s horrible treatment of US citizens such as Trudeau, and is working of “making things right”. Read more at

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  1. TrudeauxTruth says:

    Congratulations TT.
    U Deserve 2B Free. Atleast they didn’t treat you like they did Dr.Sebi and hundreds of other Dr.s and Natural Healers. Smile and Have Hope.

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