A Short While Back…

From a Friend of Kevin’s, Jon Denny

A short while back, I had the pleasure of seeing my dear friend Kevin at his present address at the Federal facility in Montgomery, Alabama. I’ve known KT since 1996, so I guess we celebrated our 20th anniversary of friendship that weekend in the deep South.

Prior to my visit, I had a sliver of unease about seeing him; it had been a couple of years since I’d seen him last. But I was immediately put at ease when Kevin appeared in the common meeting area of the facility. He looked thin and well – in fact, in better shape than I’d ever seen him. His eyes were clear and spirited. 

We spent hours talking, sharing news, disagreeing (profoundly) over Presidential politics, reminiscing, laughing.

Kevin has always been a remarkably positive person in my life; I owe him a great deal relative to my career and to my own personal growth. We’ve also had an incredible range of experiences together.

What I always loved about Kevin was his indomitable mettle, and sense that everything – energetically, spiritually and in physical, tangible ways – would be fine, as long as you projected that to the universe. “You are what you think”, I recall KT saying. “Go as far as you can see,” he said, “and when you get there, you’ll see further.”

Even given his present circumstance, Kevin still sees further than most. He remains steadfast in his belief that everything that has transpired in his life was meant to be. He sees his current state of affairs as life lessons, teaching him what he needed most. 

Equally, he remains the same hopeful, powerful and spirited force that he always was – even more so. I laughed when he said that he used to spend tens of thousands of dollars to go to fancy yoga and meditation retreats (we’ve been to a couple of those in our day!) – but now, he gets it all for free. He seems relieved that his life has become more simple but somehow even richer.

I wasn’t surprised that a couple of Kevin’s new acquaintances inside the facility credited him with helping them not only endure, but thrive. KT’s gift as a teacher and sage has only grown over the past couple of years. 

There is not an ounce of “victim mentality” about him. 

If “life is but a dream” – an old song lyric I recall him particularly liking (and occasionally singing) – then his present situation is not a predicament, but a moment in time – a unit in time – that is giving him greater illumination and self-knowledge. 

In that way, and many others, Kevin Trudeau is more unfettered than most of us. In fact, he may be the most free man I know. That’s why his teachings and insights are so valuable to me personally – and to us all.

I look forward to seeing him again soon, wherever the universe, and his incredible life-force  takes him. 

~ Jon Denny

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  1. Carmen says:

    Ter a mente livre e um grande milagre,a verdade liberta e a mentira escraviza,peco a Deus que continue abencoando todos que amam e lutam pela verdade

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