A Message From One of Kevin’s Friends

A message from one of Kevin’s Friends:

I am a friend of KT for many years. I went to visit him recently. I flew halfway around the world to see him, as I live in Asia. So many people want to visit KT, yet he is mostly in “isolation mode” as he calls it.

Rather than having visitors, he has focused on working on himself, The Science of Personal Mastery Course, and other advanced training materials that he will release sometime in the future.

Many people are a little concerned about KT and how he is dealing with prison. I can assure you all that KT is doing better than good. He is actually doing great. He is really having a wonderful time. He looks better than ever. He is totally relaxed and at ease. He is totally blissful and happy.

He just oozes joy. He is completely content. I have never seen him in such great shape, looking so good, and radiating such happiness, peace and love. I talked to other inmates in the visiting room and asked about KT. They all said the most positive things about him. They are all in awe of him.

KT is living in the moment and enjoying every minute. During our visit, KT talked so much about all of you. He talked about the members of GIN, the students of the Success Mastery Course and The Science of Personal Mastery Course. He talked about the members of the Alchymist Society and the people who have sent money to his commissary account. He talked about all the people who have sent him letters and cards.

He glows when he talks about you. He loves each of you. He is so thankful and grateful for all of you. He is so proud of you. He talks so highly, with so much affection for all of you. He said so many positive things about you.

Know that he is so proud of you all and so happy for all of your success in life. I left not feeling sad for KT, but rather almost envious of his living situation and his ability to turn what others call adversity into a major positive experience.

KT is living in paradise, because paradise is within.

Please know that KT is so thankful for all of you, all of your good thoughts, and all your support and is constantly sending his love.

~ A Friend

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