Kevin Trudeau:  Official Request – Pardon Attorney’s Office

Kevin Trudeau:  Official Request – Pardon Attorney’s Office

Take a few minutes to read the true facts behind Kevin’s incarceration. These facts have been sent from Kevin directly to President Obama and also to President Trump. Prepare to be shocked at the true injustice of Kevin’s historic 10-year sentence

I was charged with “contempt of court” because I went on TV and talked about one of my NY Times bestselling books “The Weight Loss Cure They Don’t Want You to Know About”, and said that I personally did the famous and proven HCG Dr. Simeons weight loss protocol I describe in the book, and found it to be “easy”.
The judge said that this violated a settlement agreement (consent decree from an unrelated civil case), thus I was “in contempt”.

The background: 

A civil lawsuit brought by the FTC was settled with no finding or admission of wrongdoing. I wanted to fight the outrageous and libelous allegations made by the FTC in the civil suit, but the government agreed to “drop all the allegations with no finding of wronging” and we came to a settlement. The settlement agreement was negotiated by both parties and signed by the Judge. The Judge did not write it. It is called a “consent decree” and is also known as a “court order”.

In that agreement, I agreed that going forward, I would not “misrepresent the contents of a book in a TV commercial”. I agreed to this because I never had misrepresented anything in my 30 years of business worldwide, and had no intention to do so, as misrepresenting anything I promoted would be financial suicide and ruin my reputation with my loyal customers.

I have produced thousands of commercials (TV infomercials) for various books, all NY Times bestsellers over the years, since 1989.

Over 50 million people have bought books and products from me without incident and virtually no unhappy customers. In Australia for example, our company had the highest customer satisfaction rate with the Federal Dept of Fair Trading.

Since the above mentioned settlement agreement was signed, I produced dozens of commercials including TV infomercials for my various NY Times bestselling books (many of these are still running today and all have been deemed compliant).

In all of these “commercials”, I quoted the book being promoted, paraphrased the book, gave my opinions, shared my personal experiences and told stores about other people experiences.

I believed that this was 100% in compliance with the consent decree as did all the lawyers who reviewed in advance all the advertisements. This was also verified with the FTC and judge himself as I sent the books and infomercials to the Judge and the FTC (BEFORE any of the shows ran) and asked if these were compliant. The Judge and FTC said yes.

I was always diligent in making sure I was in compliant with the settlement agreement in all the infomercials I produced since the settlement agreement was in place. We spent millions on lawyers who were hired to review everything in advance, and communicate with the FTC on a regular routine basis (sometimes every day or every week), all in a diligent robust attempt to make sure every TV Infomercial and all advertising was in full compliance with the settlement agreement.

While in Europe researching data for upcoming books, I was introduced to the Dr. Simeons HCG weight loss method. I heard from people who actually did the protocol and lost weight. They all said it was so easy to do and the amount of weight loss was about 1 pound a day. This all sounded too good to be true.

But I heard these reports from everyone I talked to, including medical doctors. I got so excited about it. I decided that I would write a book about it IF it worked. Based on all the research I did on the method, it seemed that this was the real deal. I knew if it worked, the book explaining it would be a great seller and millions of people who struggled with weight, like I did, would be helped.

I struggled with weight my whole life and did hundreds of different methods to lose weight. I knew if this protocol worked for me, it could work for anyone. I did the protocol and to my surprise I found it to be very easy. I lost 45 pounds in 45 days. The Dr. Simeons HCG method was the easiest weight loss method I ever tried and it worked better and faster than anything I ever used. And I kept the weight off!

I got so excited about it that I rushed to write the book “The Weight Loss Cure they Don’t Want You To Know About” which describes the Dr. Simeons HCG protocol of losing weight. The book was written quickly. I did not edit it personally.

I then produced 3 shows for the book “The Weight Loss Cure They don’t Want You to Know About”.

I did the same thing on these 3 shows as I did in all the shows that the judge and FTC said was compliant with the order. Without a script, without notes, and without rehearsals, I talked extemporaneously about the book. I expressed my opinions, quoted the book, paraphrased the book, shared my personal experiences, and shared the experiences of other people. I was excited to share this weight loss method as I knew millions would be so grateful to me to exposing them to this “weight loss miracle” (and in fact millions HAVE been helped and so many have written personal “thank you’s” to me for introducing them to the HCG weight loss method).

I said in the infomercials that I personally found the weight loss method in the book “easy”, and other people I talked to also found it “easy”.

After the infomercials were shot, they went to the lawyers who reviewed them. They were to add any disclaimers or make any edits if needed. The lawyers “cleared” the show for broadcast saying that is was compliant just as ALL the dozens of other infomercials were compliant.

I wanted to send the 3 infomercials and the book to the judge and the FTC for them to review it as well, but the FTC said they would not comment on any other infomercials I sent them. They said that they have given us enough guidance. They also pointed out in a letter that they were not there to “help me”, but rather to “prosecute me” if I violated any laws.

The shows then aired. We told the FTC that it was airing and told them if they had ANY issue with the shows to contact use immediately and we would correct anything if there was anything that needed correcting. However, my lawyers told them that we believed that the shows were 100% compliant in the same way as the dozens of other infomercials were deemed compliant by the FTC themselves and in one instance the judge himself.

For over 12 months the 3 infomercials ran. During this time, other shows and advertisements were being produced and run for other books. My lawyers were in constant communication with the FTC on all kinds of compliance issues. I was being extremely diligent to make sure I was in compliance with the consent decree and all laws and regulations.

The FTC never brought up any issues with the Weight Loss Cure book infomercials. They remained silent. Little did we know, they were preparing to file a show cause order to hold me in contempt. They had to file for contempt and only contempt because there was no fraud, no violation of the FTC act, and no misleading advertising. If they filed for fraud, or a violation of the FTC act or misleading advertising, they would have to PROVE fraud and loss, and they admitted that there was NO fraud here at all and no loss as everyone got the book that they ordered.

The FTC filed a show cause order to hold me in civil contempt because I said the weight loss method was “easy” and that misrepresented the contents of the book.

(Note that the FTC did NOT file any criminal contempt charges, or any criminal charges. No law enforcement agency filed any criminal charges as there were never any customer complaints to and AG office, the Postal Inspector, or the FTC. And no CIVIL fraud charges were ever filed because there was NO fraud here).

The Judge held a bench trial for the civil contempt which was a sham.

The Judge said that he read the book, and the weight loss method could not be easy. Therefore I was in contempt for violating the settlement agreement (the “order”). He said the violation of the “order” was I misrepresented the contents of the book, even though It says IN THE BOOK, over 30 times it is easy, and it says it is easy right on the cover of the book! How could I misrepresent the contents of the book when what I said was IN the book!?

I was in fact accurately describing the contents of the book, but the judge (not any customers) saw if differently.

The judge said even if I read the whole book word for word on the infomercial he would have STILL held my in contempt for “misrepresenting the contents of the book”, because he DISAGREES with what I wrote in the book! This is crazy as the book and what it says is protected by the First Amendment.

The Judge said I was in civil contempt because I said the word “easy”.

5 years later as I continued to fight the egregious and unfair civil contempt case, I went on my radio show and was critical of the biased judge and his rulings. This “angered” the judge. He said he could not do anything to stop my First Amendment Right of Free Speech on my radio show, but he could add “criminal contempt” on top of the “civil contempt”. This was a vindictive act and retaliation for my exercising my Constitutional rights.

The judge now said he believed I violated his court order “on purpose” when I said the weight loss protocol was “easy”, thus was “willful” and thus should be held in “criminal contempt”.

(It is telling that the FTC which brought the civil contempt action, and no other law enforcement agency, ever asked for me to be charged with criminal contempt. It was only ONE vindictive judge).

The judge wrote a show cause order saying that this “criminal contempt” will be treated as a misdemeanor, and that he will impose a prison sentence of no more than 6 months. He asked me to plead guilty.

But I was not guilty. I was not guilty of civil contempt and I CERTAINLY was not guilty of criminal contempt. So I decided to fight. This angered the judge even more (and I would eventually be sentenced to 10 years in prison).

All I did in the infomercials was express my opinions quote the book verbatim, paraphrase the book, and share the personal experiences of my self and others. I used this exact same method on thousands of infomercials for decades without incident.

I always believed I was exercising my First Amendment rights to free speech. I said so many times on the actual infomercials.

At worst you could call what I said “puffery”. Look at all the other ads on TV for weight loss programs like Jenny Craig, Nutrasystems, and Weight Watches. They all say it’s “easy”!

So the bottom line is my “crime” was going on TV and talking about my book and expressing my opinions.

This is a brief summary. The “whole” story could be 50 pages long or more, but the essence is the same. Actually, the more of the story a person hears, the more outrageous this injustice becomes.

The reasons for seeking commutation of the sentence, and why the sentence SHOULD be commuted.

These are some of the reasons why my sentence should be reduced to “time served” (I have already served a little over 3 years in Federal prison).

I am a #1 NY Times bestselling author of 6 books with almost 50 million copies sold worldwide.

I have also been the host of the Kevin Trudeau Radio Show.

I am serving an outrageous 10 year Federal prison sentence for contempt of court simply because I went on TV and talked about one of my NY Times bestselling books.

This is the longest prison sentence ever imposed for contempt.

Contempt is not a felony and not even a misdemeanor. Contempt is not an inherent “crime”.

I has held in “contempt” because I said the Dr. Simeons HCG weight loss protocol I describe in one of my books was “easy”.

I am serving 10 years in prison because I said the word “easy” on TV when I promoted my book.
I am serving 10 years in prison because I gave my “opinion” on TV.

This is about a NY Times bestselling book, free speech, and government censorship.

If this happened to me in another country, the US Government would be screaming “human rights violations and suppression of free speech” and demanding my freedom. Amnesty International would be calling 10 years in prison for “contempt” an “outrage” and also demanding my freedom.

There is no dispute to these facts:
-people loved the book (the government said so at my sentencing)
-the Dr. Simeons HCG weight loss method described in the book works (the government agreed that it is extremely effective and it is being used at thousands of clinics all across America and the world as well as being endorsed by thousand of medical doctors)
-everyone who bought the book received what they ordered (and more with all the free bonuses)
-anyone who asked for a refund (less than 10%) received a refund as there was a 100% money back guarantee

The reason I am in prison is because the Judge did not like what I said IN the book and because he did not think the weight loss method was “easy”.

I was not charged with fraud or any “crime”.

ONE Judge filed a show cause order to hold me in “contempt” AFTER I talked about him on my radio show. This was obvious retaliation.

There is no dispute that there is no fraud here, otherwise I would have been charged with fraud.

It is agreed that there is not even one customer who “lost money” as everyone receive what they ordered or received a refund if they asked for one (customers paid between $19 and $39 depending on what they bought).

The book in question is “The Weight Loss Cure They Don’t Want You to Know about”. It, and all my books, are still being sold today all around the world. The books are loved.

My most successful book “Natural Cures They Don’t Want You to Know About” was #1 on the NY Times bestseller list for 26 weeks in a row.

I am a successful international businessman including being the co-founder of the Golf TV Channel UK.

Since 1989 I have been on TV and radio around the world promoting books, informational programs and products that positively impact people’s lives.

There have virtually never been any customer complaints and never a customer class action lawsuit.

Dr Phil’s book “The Ultimate Weight Loss Solution” was promoted in a misleading way, which resulted in a class action lawsuit and a $10 million judgment against Dr. Phil.

All the books and products I have promoted always had a 100% money back guarantee. The return rates were some of the lowest in the industry, usually under 10%.

I have never committed any customer fraud and there has never been a finding of any misrepresentations of products. I have a stellar reputation with customers.

Many of my customers buy whatever new product or book I offer, because they liked what they bought from me before, and had a good buying experience.

Only if a customer buys a book and likes it, will they then buy the next book.

If the customer feels that the advertisement misrepresented the book they bought, they will not recommended it others, and they will not buy the next book you sell. And, as in the case of Dr. Phil, they will file a class action lawsuits and there will be massive requests for refunds.

In order to stay in business you must deliver what you promise. In order to prosper in business you deliver more than you promise. I have followed this rule and the evidence is 30+ years of success and extremely happy loyal customers.

This 10 year prison sentence for CONTEMPT is a grave injustice and simply wrong. 10 years is TOO LONG for contempt and should be reduced.

I am 100% innocent. I did not commit contempt of court. I did not violate any court order as I did NOT misrepresent the contents of the book in the infomercial. Virtually every word in the infomercial is IN THE BOOK itself.

But this judge said that even if I read the whole book word for word on the TV infomercial, and said “buy this book and what is in the book is everything I just read to you”, he would have STILL said I willfully misrepresented the contents of the book, because he DISAGREES with what is stated in the book! This is censorship.

If I DID misrepresent the contents of the book:
-there would have been massive refund requests. There were not. Less than 10% asked for a refund
-people would not have recommended the book to others making it a NY Times bestseller
-people would not have bought more copies later to give as gifts, and they did in massive numbers
-those people how bought the Weight Loss book, would not have bought my other books (which they did!)

None of the above was allowed to be presented as evidence! The judge said it was all “irrelevant”.

And I surely did not “willfully” violate any court order by WILLFULLY misrepresenting the contents of the book.
I had no INTENT to violate the order which means I had no INTENT to misrepresent the contents of the book.

I had no criminal intent. I had no intent at all to violate the court order.

To the contrary, I did everything possible to make sure I WAS in compliant with the court order and that I accurately represented the contents of the book. I had lawyers review in advance the infomercials and “clearing” them, saying they WERE in compliance with the order and they DID accurately represent the contents of the book.

Misrepresenting the book (violating the order thus being in “contempt”), either by accident, being recklessness or on purpose (willfully with intent) would be insane for me to do as it would have ended my career. It would have been financial suicide. It would have ruined my reputation with my loyal customers. If people bought the book and felt misled, there would have been massive refunds, class action lawsuits, and people would never buy from me ever again.

Even if I was 100% guilty, a sentence of 10 years in prison for “contempt” is obscene.

This is the longest prison sentence ever imposed for contempt of court.

I believed I was exercising my first Amendment right of free speech. I said over and over again on the TV show that I was exercising my right of free speech.

I was not ordered to pay any restitution as there were no victims who lost money. The government even conceded at sentencing that people loved the book.

I was not fined.

There was not one person produced that said they saw the show, bought the book and felt mislead or did not receive a refund if they wanted one.

If I pled guilty the judge said and wrote in his order, that he would impose a prison sentence of NO MORE than 6 MONTHS! He also said and put in his written order that this was to be treated as a misdemeanor (which means no more than 2 years in prison). Therefore my 10 year sentence should be reduced.

The judge said my books (which are all NY Times bestsellers) are worthless. It is outrageous that a judge or the government can now determine what opinions are worthless and what opinions have value. This is a dangerous precedent.

I was taken into custody the day I was deemed guilty. I was not allowed to self surrender even though I am obviously not a threat to society and not a flight risk. Bail was denied. This was simply a judge who was a “hater”.

Both of my parents have passed away since I was incarcerated and I was not allowed to even go to their funerals (drug dealers and murders ARE allowed in many cases to go to funerals of parents). I have served over 3 years in prison. I have been punished enough.

I did not have any intent to misrepresent the book and certainly had no criminal intent. How can a person be incarcerated for 10 years without having any criminal intent or any intent at all to violate a court order? That is simple unfair, unjust and wrong.

Even if I did intend to violate the order (which makes no sense as doing so would end my career as an author), 10 years in prison is simply too much time to incarcerate someone for contempt. The penalty does not fit the crime.

There are armed bank robbers, rapists, and child molesters who are routinely sentenced to less than 10 years. Most get under 5 years in prison. There are people who “stole” millions of dollars in real “scams and frauds” where each of the victims lost thousands of dollars, who received prison sentences under 5 years.

There are corporations that are found guilty of criminal FRAUD and ordered to pay BILLIONS in restitution and fines, yet NO ONE ever goes to prison!

The judge would not allow me to put on a defense or present any evidence proving my innocence. He said my lawyers and I were not allowed to say the words “First Amendment” in the court and I could not use the First Amendment as a defense.

He would not allow any of the massive evidence I had proving my innocence from being admissible.

In my case there was NO evidence presented that showed I misrepresented the book (because I did not) and there was NO evidence presented that I had any INTENT to misrepresent the book (because my only INTENT was to adhere to and follow the “order” and be in compliance).

In my case not ONE person was produced who said they watched the show, bought the book and felt misled. Again, this is NOT a fraud case. No fraud was committed, and I was not charged with fraud. No one “lost money” as everyone got the books they ordered.

There were thousands of people who actually saw the show, bought the book, and loved the book, who wanted to testify that they did NOT feel misled. The Judge would not allow any of these witnesses because he said it was irrelevant! This would prove that I did not misrepresent the book and thus did not violate the order.

There were dozens of people who were willing to testify that I was extremely diligent in making sure that I was always following the order. The judge would not allow any of these witnesses because he said it was irrelevant! This would prove I certainly had no willful intent to violate the order. This would prove my innocence.

The lawyers who reviewed the shows and “cleared” them saying they were in full compliance with the order were willing to testify, but the judge would not allow it as it was “irrelevant”!

Even if I was guilty, a 10 year sentence for contempt is cruel and unusual punishment.

Remember, this is about a NY Times bestselling book that costs $19.

I am asking that my sentence be commuted to “time served”. I have already served over 3 years in Federal Prison.

Please correct this incredible injustice.

There could be 50 or more pages of additional information and evidence proving I am innocent. This is evidence and information that the judge would not allowed in court.

The more people look at this the more insane is becomes.