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Sign up to our Final Push Petition

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  • Carlos

    Kevin has been a great inspiration to ne and my family. I have been listening to him daily for 5 years now. He promotes health, wellness, prosperity and freedom. He does not deserve to be in jail. #FreeKevinTrudeau

    • Lee Kenny

      Thank you Carlos!

    • Peter Kuesters, Germany

      My greatest gift in my life is to be in contact with the energy of Kevin Trudeau. His messages, servants and philanthropistic attidute to the mankind let me becoming happier, more free and thankful every day more and more. Everything has changed so positve in my life!

      Thank you, Thank you, Thank you so much!! I`m felling humble from the bottom of my heart.

      • Lee Kenny

        Thank you Peter

    • Angel Huerta

      Kevin Trudeau you have helped thousands and thousands of people you being free is of benifit to the people of the World! You have cured many people from many diseases such as obesity, allergies, colds and so on. You have helped many many people become financial free. Who ever chooses to release you is giving the people of the World a greater opportunity for success and happiness.


    Please, free Kevin Trudeau.
    He deserves to be free!

    • Lee Kenny

      Thank you Brice

  • Avni Thaqi

    Kevin Trudeau saved my family just with one audio course called: Your wish is your command. Imagine that He can save more lives than anyone in this planet. #FreeKevinTrudeau

    • Lee Kenny

      Thank you Avni

  • Char Tomson

    Free Kevin Trudeau! He has helped me and my family with all his research and sound advice.

  • Char Tomson

    I want Kevin Trudeau and the government to know that I bought the weight loss cure book and did receive the federal refund cheque in the mail. I never cashed it and threw it in the garbage. What they are doing to Kevin is wrong. Free Kevin Trudeau.

    • Lee Kenny

      Way to go Char! Well done.

  • Maxime Nardini

    Kevin’s situation seems to be the reflection of our beings towards Truth and Freedom.

    They’ve been in jail for too long, locked in inside our core, and it is finally time to let them shine, let them flow and let them thrive.

    So, as we are all connected and you are a part of myself, I am sorry Kevin for having let you play this role for so long, please forgive me, I Love you.

    Freedom is already here and has always been there.

    I am looking forward to celebrate Your Freedom, Our Freedom.

    Maxime Nardini,
    The Wild HarmonY.

    • Lee Kenny

      Thank You Maxime

  • Deanna Brinkley

    From the love and support that Kevin has given to me and my family life has become “Easier” (that BAD word) Because of Kevin’s genuiness of wanting to help the “Planet,” making it a better loving place, my life has been enriched. Sharing his life experiences and having a passion to up lift mankind is NOT a crime! It is ONLY a crime for those who see it as a road block to their programming of the masses to be Uneducated and Frightened! Kudos to KT for continuing to FIGHT on ALL of our behalf’s! He IS NOT done and he is UNSTOPPABLE!! Thank You Kevin and we WILL see you on the beaches of the World SOON!!

    • Lee Kenny

      We appreciate your support Deanna
      Thank you!

  • lee

    Kevin has been a positive influence in my life since 2011. He has shown me the ways to wealth, health and love. Thanks man.

    • Lee Kenny

      Thank you Lee!

  • Tyrel Stevenson

    Kevin Trudeau is an amazing person that has helped so many! Including myself! This man deserves his freedom! I have seen thousands of people thank Kevin for the many different ways that he has helped them in there lives. I believe that he has been a life saver to some or even many! This is not a man that deserves to sit in a prison! Free Kevin Trudeau!

    • Lee Kenny

      Thank you Tyrel!

  • Alain

    Merci Kevin, pour avoir créé ce mouvement qui amènera un changement de paradigme
    merci merci merci

    • Lee Kenny

      Merci Alain

  • Kristi Roomets

    Kevin have changed me and my family’s life. Absolutely Amazing How one knowledge what he have shared in his CD ” Your wish is Your Command ” can change the all life and understanding about your life! Thank you Kevin and Thank you Mark who have introduce Kevin Trudeau to me!
    Free Kevin Trudeau!

    • Lee Kenny

      Thank you Kristi

      With your help spreading the word, we can make this happen

  • Marjana

    Free kevin trudeau

  • Endri Orgocka

    Free Kevin Trudeau

  • Marsida

    Hello Everybody!

    Kevin is pure love,light,and the smartest person I’ve known.My life changed through his audio programs.He saved me and my family.I love him from my bottom of my heart.People all over the world need for his lessons same as their breath.Freedom its on the way and we are going to celebreate our victory soon!

    Thank you!

    • Lee Kenny

      Thank you Marsida for spreading the #FreeKevinTrudeau message. Please keep on letting people know about the site

  • Amanda M

    Thank you, KT for being there for me in spirit and for the Nuggets of Gold newsletter. I have received countless benefits.

    • Lee Kenny

      Thank you Amanda and for your efforts in the petition too. It is very much appreciated!

  • Pierre Quirion

    May I please say recognition is a foundation of a system
    Congratulations Kevin on your positive experience you had in the past and the positive experience you will have in the future

    • Lee Kenny

      Thank you Pierre

  • pascale barril

    An enormous thank for KT and what he does…..Love.

    • Lee Kenny

      Thank you Pascale!

  • Karen Hansen

    What other authors has the FTC put in jail?

    What other authors has the FTC required any author to provide evidence for any claims they have made.

    Does the FTC endorse any diet programs? A y special foods medicines.

    Does the FTC endorse fast foods? Soda? High fructose corn syrup?

    Does the FTC consider the Atkins diet more or less safe than the diet advice Kevin gave?

    • Lee Kenny

      The FTC doesn’t appear to give any pro-active guidance, even where they feel it would benefit the consumer. You have to understand it is only financially viable to close down companies and people who have success. This way they keep any fines levied.

  • Karen Hansen

    Does the FTC have plans to censor Trudeau’s books?

    • Lee Kenny

      They have already been proven to have done that as well as intervene with media agencies to request them not to run materials they “don’t like”

  • Carlos A. Llorens

    Not too many people impact so many people positively and change their life’s for the better, I have read Kevin’s books and listened to his audios for some time now and Kevin has nothing but transformed my life, from loosing weight and having a full of energy and vibrant body to incredible success in my business life, I have only a genuine and profound gratitude for Kevin. Thank you so very much, Kevin didn’t have to go out the comfortable life to help anybody and to expose the wrong doings of others, for the benefit of many, but he did and for that, I am eternally grateful and instead of gratification, he is imprisoned for doing something so beneficial, that doesn’t make any sense, Kevin deserves to be freed and he must be freed, freeing Kevin is the correct justice and the ethical thing to do. Once again, thank you

    • Lee Kenny

      Thank you very much Carlos

  • Leo Rhodes


    Much AppreciLove and Strength to All the Beautiful Human Beings coming together to see Kevin Trudeau free to build and grow this Terrifc Life Experiemce!

    My life continues to get better, better, better everyday! Kevin Trudeau is one of the most important Human Beings alive in this time space. Abundance is our natural birth right. The lessons that I gained in my experience through the teachings of Kevin Trudeau cleansed and purified my existence.

    I ask that all who are applying the technology of this physical body, see Kevin Trudeau free to go where he wants when he wants enjoying this life experience with laughter, joy, happiness, prosperity.

    Infinity Blessings of Divine White Light, Love, and Strength

    • Lee Kenny

      Thank you Leo!

  • Carlos A. Llorens

    A few years ago I bought Kevin’s book “Natural Cures they Don’t Want You to Know About” and lost 28 Lbs in very little time, I not only found it healthy but also VERY EASY, to me, it really isn’t difficult at all. I do not understand how can it be that the definition of “EASY” would not apply to this book!!!!! Is it that there are other definitions to the word “EASY” that the rest of the world is unaware of them? When I consider what Kevin represents, what I see is a person with an incredibly enormous heart, that without having to do so, shares his success experience with others, a very successful businessman that sells beneficial knowledge to others that decide to benefit from that knowledge, turning each experience into a win – win situation, in my view, not only the “Natural Cures they Don’t Want You to Know About” but everything that I have applied that comes from Kevin, I have found out that Kevin makes everything much easier to understand and apply, he knows how to take anything and turn it into something magical and better, an outstanding problem solver!!! Thank you Kevin

    • Lee Kenny

      Thank you Carlos and congratulations!

  • Kirsty Pickard

    Kevin is a massive inspiration to so many people. This chap has opened up lives and peoples minds. He speaks out for what is right & should not be in jail. He’s a massive inspiration to me and my life and I can only imagine what he’s going through in there, he’s coped so well with the last few years and my heart goes out to him. He’s intelligent, he speaks the truth and stands up for what is right. He’s been banged up to shut up but it hasn’t worked, he still has a voice and always will…….FreeKevinTrudeau!

    • Lee Kenny

      Thank you Kirsty!

  • Phil Papadopoulos

    I want to simply say “FREE KEVIN!”
    I support all he’s books because we become better human beings among one another and feel good about ourselves and about each other.

  • Varnan

    I’m thankful, grateful and appreciative for Kevin to rise above himself for the greater good for all!

  • Elvio Esteban

    Please free Kevin Trudeau, a real teacher, a real inspiration. Even though I haven’t meet Kevin yet, I feel that I know him through his writings and tapes. Everything he teaches on his writings is not different than Tony Robbin’s or Grant Cardone’s or Zig Ziglar’s or any one of the top influencers or our time. It is quite obvious that he is behind bars due to the hatred and abuse of power by those who want to silence the truth. Please free this selfless man, please free Kevin Trudeau.

  • Michael Uruski

    Kevin has brought great values to the world and has enhanced my life, that of my family and thousands of people that I know of. It’s time for him to be freed from this injustice.

    • Lee Kenny

      Thank you Michael

  • Tanya H

    You have changed my life and I am sure the life of millions more.
    We need you here. Free. Doing what you do. You are an inspiration to the the world.
    You helped so many to wake up. You gave us hope and encouragement. You helped us to realize that there is much more to learn and discover. That not everything is lost in humanity.
    Don’t despair. We are united in a strong mighty force and in a movement to raise our voices to help you get back to freedom. We love and trust you and we know that you can survive.
    You are a great soul and you can endure suppression. You are a great Spirit. We love you . You are the voice of Freedom of Speech and Choices…..Be strong….. We will see you soon on our screens.
    The truth prevail… We will see you soon and even stronger and more powerful…
    We love you…

    • Lee Kenny

      Thank you Tanya!

  • Jodi graesser

    Free Kevin trudeau, bc he’s Ben wrongfully imprisoned, and I want him free now! Thank u!

    • Lee Kenny

      Thank you Jodi!

  • Robert L Taylor

    Thanks to the Book Natural Cures TDWYKA i changed the direction of my health, and Thanks to inspiring words from Kevin and others in his circle my outlook on life changed. It became more scary, clear, and wonderful in that order. I do not make millions or even financially independent as i thought i wanted to be. I am Happy i don’t struggle to live or find purpose. This is what knowing Kevin has given me. I do not know him personally, I just listened, read, and learned.

    • Lee Kenny

      Thank you Robert!

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