President Trump is commuting inmates sentences!

President Trump is commuting inmates sentences!

It is all over the news. President Trump is looking to commute the prison sentences of those unjustly jailed. Kevin just wrote to us and asked us to post this “call to arms”. Please share as widely as you can.


The President is looking at inmates who were “treated badly, unfairly and unjustly” by Federal prosecutors and Judges. He is looking at commuting the sentences of inmates that “simply got too much prison time for the crimes they committed”.

My petition is one of those.

You can help tip the scales and get President Trump to grant my petition for a reduction of sentence and have me immediately released.

Write, call and email President Trump and tell him you want him to grant my Petition. Tell him how you feel about they way I was treated by the judicial system.

Tell him what you think about my books and anything else you feel like telling him. Do the same to Justin Trudeau, the Prime Minister of Canada as well as Sergio Mattarella the President of Italy and Giuseppe Conte the Prime Minister of Italy (as I have Canadian roots and am also an Italian citizen).

Encourage people to go to for all the details. You will find the email addresses, telephone numbers and mailing addresses for all of these men.

You can make a difference.

Now is the time to act and let these powerful people know the TRUTH.

All they have heard is the Fake News about me and all the lies the government and media has said about my me, my books, and my businesses.

Thank you for all your help!

Whatever the outcome, everything is Divinely guided and will all be perfect for the highest good of everyone!

Much love…your friend, KT

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