Persistence Pays: White House Acknowledges #FreeKevinTrudeau

Persistence Pays: White House Acknowledges #FreeKevinTrudeau

After literally thousands of letters, emails, tweets and phone calls The White House has taken the first step in acknowledging the Free Kevin Trudeau campaign (#FreeKevinTrudeau)

We have been provided with 2 (almost identical) replies from the White House acknowledging that correspondence is in fact being received.

While President Trump hasn’t address Kevin’s case or his own views in the communication, he does go on to thank the writers for their support for himself and his wife Melania.

You will be familiar with the Acres of Diamonds story, where people often quit just an inch from the goal. Remember, if this we are an easy task, it would have already been done by now.

Kevin’s opposition has been built up over 20 or more years and keeping him incarcerated suits a lot of these powerful organisations. We are merely a few steps along our journey in helping Free Kevin.

Many politicians and lobbyist that we speak to have huge sympathy for Kevin’s plight and it;s hard to find one that thinks his situation is fair. However they all listen to radio WIIFM – “What’s in it for me!”

With your support… your constant support,  in writing, tweeting, using facebook, sharing this website and talking to your local senators or officials and showing up at rallies and events where President Trump is attending with #FreeKevinTrudeau signs and banners, they’ll realise your support is whats in it for them. Come election time, that will be crucial

Here’s a copy of one of the replies.

president trump replies to #freekevintrudeau campaign

So, go and share this with your friends, family and supporters of Kevin and together we can make the reality happen at the right time

Update from Kevin

Kevin has asked me to pass on his extreme gratitude for all of your efforts, past and continuing.

He also stresses that he is very happy at the moment and unconcerned by timing or his incarceration. This campaign is far bigger than just Kevin, but is one of free speech for all.

When the time is right, things will move and happen in perfect synergy

Don’t lose heart, but know that each email, phone call, tweet and positive conversation is a step in the right direction.



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